Sivut kuvina
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To perpetuate to distant Ages,
The Deeds and the Memory
Of this Gallant


May 15. On board the Baring East Indiaman, off the Cape of Good Hope, Mrs Roxburgh, a daughter.

Aug. 6. At Malta, Mrs Somerville, wife of William Somerville, Esq. D. I. H. a son. Sept. 24. At London, the Lady of David Maxwell, Esq. of the Guards, younger of Cardoness, a son.

25. At Newbottle Abbey, the Countess of Ancram, a daughter.

25. At the house of the Countess Dowager of Galloway, in London, the Lady of the Hon. E. Stewart, of a still born child.

At Portumna Castle, in Ireland, the Countess of Clanricarde, a daughter.

At Broomfield, Surry, the Lady of W. Wilberforce, Esq. M. P. a son.

25. At Kensington Lane, Newington, the Lady of Mr Wylde, two girls and a boy.


23. At the seat of the Earl of Uxbridge, Anglesea, Lady Caroline Capel, a son. 24. At London, Lady Foley, a daughter.


And to stimulate Posterity to emulate his Her Ladyship is sister to the Duke of Lein


Erected this Column,

A. D. 1807.

25. At Ashley Park, Surrey, the Lady of Sir Henry Fletcher, Bart. a son and heir.

- At Worthing, the Lady of Lieut.Colonel Cumming, of the 11th Light Dra goons, a daughter.

-. At Bath, Lady Charlotte Drummond,

a son.

Oct. 3. At Minto, the Hon. Mrs Elliot,

a son.

4. At London, the Hon. Mrs Buchanan, a daughter.

4. At Alva, Mrs Johnstone of Alva, a daughter.

6. At Farnham Royal, Bucks, Mrs Clephane, wife of Col. Clephane, M. P. a son. 6. The Lady of Charles Granville Stuart Menteath of Closeburn, Esq. a son.

13. At Kerfield, the Lady of Major Dunsmure, a son.

15. At Rasay, Mrs McLeod of Rasay, a

3. At Callendar House, the Lady of W. Forbes of Callendar, Esq. a son.

3. At Edinburgh, Mrs Kerr of Chatto, a


18. Mrs Park, of Ancrumwoodhead, a daughter.

20. At Dalhousie Castle, the Countess of Dalhousie, a son.

22. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Colonel Lauriston, a daughter,

23. At ditto, Mrs Skene of Rubisław, a

26. At Old Aberdeen, the Lady of Col. Arthur Forbes, a daughter.

26. At Lansbridge House, Bath, the Lady of C. H. Fraser, Esq. a son.

31. At Crailing House, the Lady of Jas. Paton, Esq. a daughter.

31. At Edinburgh, Mrs Hamilton, wife of Dr James Hamilton, a daughter.

- At Eccles, the Lady of John Maitland, Esq. of Eccles, a daughter.

Vov. 1. At London, the Lady of Lieut.Col. Goldie, of the 6th Dragoon Guards, a

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Dec. 1. At Dorrator, near Falkirk, the Lady of James Brown, Esq. a daughter.

2. At Edinburgh, Mrs Parker of the Olympic Circus, a son,

5. At ditto, Mrs Dennistoun, younger of Colgrain, a daughter.

6. At Edinburgh, Mrs Carlyle Bell, a daughter.

7. At ditto, the Hon. Mrs Capt. Hun

ter, a son.

8. At Letham, the Lady of John Buchan Hepburn of Letham, Esq. a son.

9. At Dee Bank, Mrs Anderson, a son. 11. At Cluny, the Lady of Col. Macpherson, a son.

16. At Eslemont House, Mrs Gordon of Hallhead, a daughter.

17. At his house, Leith Walk, Mrs Allen, wife of Samuel Allen, Esq. Royal Navy, a daughter.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Bruce of Symbister, a son.

21. At Barrock House, Caithness, the Lady of John Sinclair of Barrock, Esq. a son. He was baptized, William Henry Charles James Fox Erskine.

23. At Coolhurst, Sussex, the Countess of Galloway, a son.

24. At Leith, Mrs Ker, wife of Mr Wm. Ker, merchant, Liverpool, a son.

30. At Delvine House, Lady Muir Mackenzie, a daughter.

Jan. 3. Mrs Duff of Muirtown, a daugh


4. At Freeland House, the Hon. Mrs Hoare, a daughter.

4. At Knowle, Sussex, the Lady of Col. Beatson, Governor of St Helena, a daugh.


5. At his house in Downing street, London, the Lady of the Right Hon. Robert Dundas Saunders, a daughter.

7. At Sundrumm, the Lady of John Hamilton, Esq. younger of Sundrum, a daugh



June 7. At Vizagapatam, Madras, Thomas Scott Jackson, Esq. only son of the late Thomas Scott Jackson, Esq. one of the Directors of the Bank of England.

April 27. At Prince of Wales's Island, James Heriot, Esq. acting surgeon of that settlement.

Aug. 20. At Kingston, Jamaica, David Innes, Esq. naval officer.

21. At Zante, Captain Robert Smith, of

the brigantine Harmony of Aberdeen. He arrived at Zante in perfect health, and, while on shore upon business, caught a malignant fever, which cut him off, after a very short illness, in the 42d year of his age.

Sept. 19. At Trinidad, John Stuart, Esq. of Nickerie, Surinam, eldest son of the late Mr William Stuart, Kirk of Forgue.

At Nassau, New Providence, Charles Findlay, Esq.

Oct. 7. At Scarpow in Shetland, Mrs Ross, sen. of Scarpow, in the 67th year of her age. She was greatly beloved for her charitable and humane disposition, and is justly regretted.

17. At Holm Castle, Westmoreland, Jamaica, William Dunbar, Esq of Holm Castle, fourth son of the late Alexander Dunbar, Esq. of Boath,

27. At Lansquinet, Trelawney parish, Jamaica, aged 22, Mr Adam Hay, youngest sou of the deceased John Hay, Esq. late at Braco, Banffshire.

At Charlestown, Mr Andrew Bell, partner in the house of William Marshall and Co.

Nov. 3. At Kingston, Jamaica, Mr Thomas Shaw, of Dumfries, surgeon of the ship Alexander.

Dec. 2. At London, Miss Crawfurd Hamilton, of Gloucester Place.

3. At London, Mr Thomas Ostell, bookseller, aged 32.

6. At Dumfries, Mr William M'Naight,


7. At Totness, aged 42, Thomas Watts, Esq. one of the Directors of the Sun Fire Office.

8. At London, suddenly, in his 74th year, Daniel Robinson, Esq. of Gray's Iun.

8. At East Kilbride, much regretted, the Rev. William Crichtone, preacher and schoolmaster of that parish more than thirty years.

10. At Stapleford, in Leicestershire, aged 40, the Right Hon. Philip Sherard, Earl and Baron of Harborough, and Baron of Leitrim, in Leitrim.

10. At Clifton, in the 47th year of his age, after a long and painful illness, Col. the Hon. William Monson, of his Majesty's 76th Hindostan regiment.

10. At Dundee, aged 91, Mrs Fairweather, relict of Mr Fairweather, with whom she had been married for upwards of 60years. They were both born on one day.

11. At Clackmannan, aged 84, Mrs Robina Edmondstoune, relict of Mr James Stewart, and last of the family of John Edmondstoune, Esq. of Cambuswallace.

11. At Selkirk, Mr John Henderson, aged 87.

11. At Aberdeen, aged 80, Mr David Tyrie, late of Dunnydeer.


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19. At Edinburgh, Robert Semple, Esq. younger of Earnock, Advocate.

19. At London, Emma, Countess Dowa ger of Mount Edgecumbe.

19. At Eslemount, the Hon. Charles Napier, of Merchistonhall, formerly Capt. of the Royal Navy, and uncle of Lord Napier.

20. At Great Ealing, after a lingering illness, Francis Stephens, Esq. F. R. and A. S. and late one of the Commissioners for Vic tualling his Majesty's Navy, aged 68 years.

21. At Dumfries, Mrs McKie, widow of the late Patrick M Kie, Esq. of Drumboy.

23. At Edinburgh, Mrs Agnes Auchenleck, daughter of the deceased James Auchenleck, Esq. of Woodcoekdale.

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2. At manse of Dron, the Rev. David Dow, in the 78th year of his age, and 50th of his ministry.

3. At his house at Morar, aged 79, John Macdonald, Esq. of Morar.

5. At Ely House, Fife, Sir Philip Austruther, of Anstruther, Bart. He is suc ceeded in his title and estate by his brother, the Right Hon. Sir John Anstruther, now of Anstruther, Bart. late Chief Justice of Bengal.

8. At Edinburgh, in the 23d year of his age, Lord Alexander Gordon, second so of his Grace the Duke of Gordon, and Major of the Aberdeenshire militia, to the great grief of that noble family. The fi mily burial place being in the venerable Cathedral Church of Elgin, the funeral piccession commenced on the 11th. The compairy assembled at Oman's Hotel, St An drew'

drew's Square, consisting of the Marquis of Huntly as chief mourner, and a great number of Noblemen and Gentlemen, who occupied 10 mourning coaches, and 24 private carriages. The company only proceeded about two miles, when they returned to town. On Friday the 15th, the hearse and attendants arrived at Aberdeen, and passed through that city, to the end of George's street, attended by the Magistrates, Professors of the two Colleges, and many of the principal Gentlemen of the town; the Argyleshire militia, and first regiment Aberdeen volunteers, lining the streets. When the remains of Lord Alexander arrived on the property of his noble father, they were met by the friends and tenantry of his Grace, who accompanied them to Gordon Castle, where the body lay in state during the night. On the following morning, January 19. an immense assemblage of mournful spectators appeared in front of the Castle; and as soon as the noblemen and gentlemen of the neighbourhood and adjoining counties had arrived,the whole moved in solemn procession to the burial place

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of the family, in the old cathedral at Elgin. The funeral service was performed in the most affecting manner by the Rev. Mr Buchan. It is unnecessary to attempt to describe what were the feelings, at this mo ment, of the illustrious Duke, his father, and of his noble brother, the Marquis of Huntly, as well as of all those who witnessed the awful scene. Major General MacDonald, commanding the northern district, accompanied the funeral to Elgin,whither he had previously ordered a detachment of 200 men of the 42d, or Royal Highlanders, the Marquis of Huntly's regiment, with the volunteers of the county; the former marched from Fort George, and paid the last military honours over the body of this young and much lamented nobleman, who had just entered his 23d year.

Jan. 20. At Amisfield, of the gout in his stomach, aged 59, the Right Hon. Francis Lord Eicho, only son of Francis Earl of Wemyss. His Lordship has left an only son, Francis, now Lord Elcho, who married Miss Campbell, Shawfield, and who is now heir apparent to the Earldom.

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The curious communication of Mr Weber, in reply to Mr Henderson, will appear in our next; as will Amyntor, and Mr H's paper. Albert.-A. M. M.-A Professional Man.-J. M., are received. We regret that, from the pressure of other materials, the continuation of Glendonnen is unavoidably postponed till our next.

Errata in last volume.-P. 656. for mutari, read mutare.-P. 658. for 24d. read· 21. 10s.-P. 659. for from dung, read from culprits and from dung: for and fines, read, and to arbitrary fines.-P. 673. dele first line.-P. 848. c. i. l. 30. for rureant,

read recreant.



Edinburgh Literary Miscellany,



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