Sivut kuvina
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16. At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Paterson, merchant, Edinburgh, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr James Reid, merchant, Edinburgh.

17. At Laggan, the Rev. Mr Lachlan M Pherson, minister of Knockando, to Miss Penuel Grant.

20. Dr Robert Benstead Wright, of Southampton, Jamaica, to Nicola, eldest daughter of the late Mr James Watson, writer to the signet.

20. At Mousewald Place, the Rev. Thomas Inglis, minister of Lochrutton, to Janet, youngest daughter of the late Robert Henderson, Esq. of Cleugh-heads.

21. At Chester, Lord Charles Bentinck, son to the Duke of Portland, to the Hon. Miss Seymour. After the ceremony, his Lordship received orders to proceed to Yarmouth, to embark with the expedition to Spain.

22. At Coldstream, William Scott, Esq. writer to the signet, to Miss Jordan of Edinburgh.

23. At Inverness, the Rev. Dr Griffith, master of University College, Oxford, to Miss Ironside, daughter of the late Rev. William Ironside, and sister to Mrs Grant of Rothiemurchus.

[blocks in formation]


12. The Rev. Henry Grey, minister of Stenton, to Miss Grey, eldest daughter of the deceased Mr Grey, of Millfield-hill.


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12. At Aberdeen, Mrs Beaumont, of the Theatre Royal, Glasgow, a daughter.

14. At Kelso, Mrs A. Ballantyne, a son. 15. At Perth, the Lady of Lieut.-Colonel Macquarrie, 73d regiment, a daughter. 23. At Craigforth, Mrs Callander, a daughter.

26. At Leith Fort, the Lady of Brigadier-General Laye, commanding the Royal Artillery in North Britain, a daughter. 26. At Hermitage Park, near Leith, the Lady of J. A. Borron, Esq. a son.

27. At Kilmarnock, Mrs Gregory, a son. 28. At Edinburgh, Mrs Grant, wife of Mr James Grant, writer to the signet, a


At Aberdeen, the Lady of Capt. Russell, of the Royal Navy, a daughter. At the Grange, the Lady of Lord Henry

Stuart, a son.


1807. Oct. 17. At Calcutta, after a pe dence of 26 years, Capt. Henry Th Spence, of the Diamond Pearl, country s sel. This gentleman left Edinburgh it in early period of life, and, after serving win reputation 13 years in the British ar went to India, where he acquired: has some fortune.

At Camberwell Grove, the Lady of tain Honyman, Royal Navy, a son. At Ayton, Mrs Fordyce, jun. a daugh


At Clayhill, the Hon. Mrs Wedderburn, a daughter.

Oct. 3. At Kelly, the Lady of the Hon. Major Ramsay, a son.

4. At London, the Lady of John Spalding, Esq. of Holm, a son and heir.

18. The Lady of Dr John Hume, of Hamilton, a son.

19. At Newbottle, Lady Harriet Ancram, a daughter.

20. At Castlecraig, the Lady of Sir Thomas Gibson Carmichael, of Skirling, Bart. a daughter.

20. At Blairadam, Mrs Anstruther Thomson, Lady of John Anstruther Thomson, Esq. of Charleton, a daughter.

24. At Edinburgh, the Lady of David Boyle, Esq. Solicitor-General, a daughter.

1808. Jan. 8. At Onore, Lieut. Spets woode Lawson, of the 14th regt. Madr native infantry, second son of the late W.liam Lawson of Cairnmuir, Esq.

July 16. At Montreal, Mrs Ewer Jane Richardson, wife of Alexander Au jo, Esq.

20. At Kingston, Jamaica, General WE liam Anne Villettes, Lieutenant.Gorent and Commander in Chief of the forces that island.

At his estate in Berbice, Alexand Bruce Morris, Esq.

At Sierra Leone, Capt. Wm. Murra the Royal York Rangers, commande the detachment in that colouy.

Aug. 2. At Riga, aged 25, Mr Ge Forbes, eldest son of Mr John Forbes Upper Boyndlie. He was unfortunate! drowned while bathing in the river ther

4. At Charlotte Town, Prince Edwati Island, in Nova Scotia, Mr John Gray merchant there, aged 24 years, eldest of Mr William Grinly, broker in Leith

5. At Clifton, Bristol-Hotwells, twenty seven years, Hugh Mair, Eq of Friday Street, London, merchant, your est son of John Mair, Esq. of Plantas. near Glasgow, after a severe protracted ness, which be bore with exemplary nation to the divine will, and whose mains are deposited in the Cath Church, Bristol, where a monuments Cap-recting to the memory of this exclus

young man.

15. At Greenock, Mrs Flora M'All wife of Mr John McAllister, merchant, daughter of Alexander M'Allister Esq, Strathaird.

Sept. 4. On board his Majesty's Phipps, Colonel Charles Williamson, on s passage home from the Havannah with is portant dispatches for Government.

11. At Dundee, Agnes Gibson, p of Patrick Macvicar, one of the mas of Dundee, and daughter of John Gal minister of Mains, aged 34.

13. At Bridgend of Dumfries, Mr M thew Jardine, farmer, late in Brecca

13. At Edmonston, Laurence Br Esq. of Edmonston, in the 84th year his age.

from his horse, Lieut.-Colonel James Ca 14. At Carlisle, in consequence of bell, inspecting Field Officer at that place

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Sept. 14. At Knightsbridge, the Rev. Dr ohn frotter, of the Scots Church in Swalow Street, London, in the 81st year of his ge, and 57th of his ministry.

17. At Glenkin, Argyllshire, in the 90th ear of his age, Thomas Harkness, Esq. of lachaig. Mr Harkness was thrice married, nd has left behind him fourteen children, mirty-seven grand- children, and sixteen reat grand-children, in all sixty seven decendants now living. He had the merit of eing the first who introduced the present ystem of sheep-grazing into Cowal. This node of farming, with a very inconsiderale capital, enabled him to amass so ample fortune, that by his death, five of his sons re become landed proprietors in Cowal, nd a suitable provision is also left for the ther members of his family. His industry, implicity of life, and strict attention to ecoomy, were remarkable-his integrity, chaity, and unaffected piety truly exemplary. is tenants, by whom he was deservedly dored, requested and obtained from the eirs permission to be exclusively the bearers f the corpse of their respected master to he place of interment; but, from the concourse assembled, from various quarters uJon this occasion, this arrangement was unvoidably broke in upon.

18. At Pinnacle-hill, Robert Davidson,

[blocks in formation]

23. At Hawick, Mr Samuel Hoy, whitesmith, aged 67.

23. At Leith, Mr Matthew Comb, sen. aged 70

27. At Stirling, Mrs Rind, sen.

27. At Cameron Bank, near Edinburgh, Alexander Crawford, fifth son of Mr Crawford land surveyor.

27. At London, aged 54, Mrs Fyers, wife of Colonel Fyers.

27. At Edinburgh, Mr Charles Innes, writer to the signet.

28. At Linlithgow, Miss Jane Campbell, daughter of the late Rev. Mr Hugh Campbell, at Islandrie.

28. At Durham, Mrs Elphinston, widow of Alexander Elphinston, Esq. advocate.

28. In the Fleet Prison, London, where he was confined for a libel on Mr Aris, governor of Coldbath Fields, Mr Dickie, late of the Strand, a steady supporter of Sir Francis Burdett and his party. The jury found him liable in 7007. damages, for which he was imprisoned, being unable to pay it. Mr Dickie had been confined five years.

29. At Bath, George Donaldson, Esq. town-clerk of Haddington.

At Gijon, the Hon. Capt. Herbert, son of the Earl of Caernarvon, who had gone out as a volunteer to Spain; and Mr Creed, son to Mr Creed, Navy Agent. The Swallow brig having arrived there with some vessels to take on board 2000 Merino sheep, presented to his Majesty by the Junta of that Principality, a boat put off from her, having on board these gentlemen and cthers, but upset on the bar, and Capt. H. and Mr C. perished. The rest were picked up by boats from the shore.

Lately, at London, Richard Porson, A.M. Greek Professor of the University of Cambridge. He was one of the best scholars in Europe, particularly in Greek lite


[blocks in formation]

At Northbar, Mrs Elisabeth M Gilchrist, aged 93, daughter of the late James M Gilchrist, Esq. of Northbar.

Oct. 1. At Cromarty, Mrs Allan, aged


1. At View Park, Bruntsfield Links, Miss Jane Inglis, eldest daughter of the late Mr Jas. Inglis, merchant, Edinburgh.

3. At Winterfield, near Dunbar, Major General John Forbes, late of the Hon. East India Company's service

4. At Garthamlock, Mrs Christian Campbell, widow of Alexander Buchanan, Esq. of Auchmar.

5. At Mid shiels, Mrs Johnston, wife of John Johnston, Esq. Queen Street, Edinburgh, and eldest daughter of Archibald Douglas, Esq. of Adderston.

6. At Strathaven, Mr Thomas Duncan, surgeon there, a gentleman highly respected for his professional abilities and private


[blocks in formation]

son, 12 days, who died on the 2d, at the age of 97.

15. At Westham, Essex, James Anderson. L.L.D. of Mounie, in the county Aberdeen. He was the author of several works on Agriculture, Political Economy, and other subjects of general interest.

17. At Wilmslaw, Cheshire, on his way to London, Lieut.-Colonel James Paterson, of the Hon. the East India Company's ser


19. At Musselburgh, Capt. John Jetz ston, barrack-master.

At Glasgow, in his 90th year, Mr Deniel Cullen, one of the linen stamp-mastes of Glasgow, and brother of the late De William Cullen, Professor of Medicine z Edinburgh.

At Summerlee, Mr Donald McBray late of the East India service.

At Lower Tooting, Captain King, R. X. Governor of New South Wales.

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We are much obliged to Timon for the information he has given which we shall carefully avail ourselves; though, from different consideratices it does not appear necessary to communicate it to our readers.

We shall avail ourselves, in part at least, of the communications of Glutin
The Poem on Arthur Seat is unavoidably postponed till our next.
R. will not suit our Miscellany.



Edinburgh Literary Miscellany,




Register of the Weather for Nov.. 802
High Water at Leith for December,
Description of Blackfriars Chapel, St.





Proceedings of the Wernerian Natu.


ral History Society,.. Monthly Memoranda in Natural His




Query respecting, Dr Nisbet, ..
Particulars respecting Mungo Parke, 807
Memorial concerning the late Gene-
ral John Forbes,
A Journey through the Highlands and
Western Isles, in the Summer of
1804. By the Ettrick Shepherd, 809
Translation of the Scriptures into
Indian Languages,
Sketch of the Rise and Progress of
the British Navy....
On the foundation of Virtue,
Account of the Application of Gas
from Coal to economical purposes, 819
Account of Books committed to the





Flames, suppressed, or censured, 823 Character of the late Sir William For•, 825

bes, ...


Evidence collected at Bristol on the
subject of the Slave Trade,
Memoirs of the Progress of Manu-
factures, Chemistry, Science,
the Fine Arts,


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813 815


[blocks in formation]


Lines, written beneath the Brow of
Arthur's Seat,.


Song, for the Perthshire Florist and
Vegetable Society,.
Inscription on Nelson,
The Bee,

Lines, addressed by an Officer to a
Young Lady in Dumfries-shire,
To Craigmillar Castle,、

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors]

Conferences at Erfurth,
-Overtures for Peace,
Naval Intelligence,
Convention of Cintra,
Dreadful Fire in London,
Ireland, ...

-Trial of Major Campbell,




[ocr errors]

Births and Deaths,

Stocks and Markets,

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[ocr errors]
[ocr errors][ocr errors][ocr errors]





-Treaties between France and Spain,858



[ocr errors]



[ocr errors]




[ocr errors]



[ocr errors]




Court of Session

Court of Justiciary,
Synod of Glasgow and Ayr,
Dreadful accident,

Civil and Military Appointments,.

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[ocr errors]



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380 State




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