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ness, hoping that it will be equally acceptable
with those which have preceded it.

The principal design of this work is to suggest
ideas to those Preachers whose situation renders
it impracticable for them to peruse those works
from which a great part of them are extracted ;
being fully persuaded, that if read with prayer
and meditation, they will be of service to them-
selves, and a blessing to others.

That the whole may be rendered useful, espe cially to YOUNG MINISTERS, for, whom it principally, designed,. is the sincere wish of

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Their companion in tribulation, in the


kingdom and patience of Jesus,


Feb. 8, 1818.


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The Goodness of God.
There is none good but one, &c.-Mark x. 18.

The Dominion of God.

And his kingdom ruleth over all.-Ps. ciii. 19. ·

The Perfection of the Scriptures.

But thy commandment is, &c.-Ps. txix. 96.

The Excellency of the Scriptures.
We have also a more sure word, &c.-2 Pet. i. 19.

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The Moral Perfections of God.

The Knowledge of God by the Light of Nature.
The living God which made, &c.-Acts xiv. 15-17.

• 103

Of God, and his Natural Perfections.

God is a spirit-John iv. 24.

The Lord hath prepared, &e.--Ps. ciii. 19.

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