Biological Systems in Vertebrates, Vol. 1: Functional Morphology of the Vertebrate Respiratory Systems

Science Publishers, 10.1.2002 - 171 sivua
In this first volume of a new series, Maina (School of Anatomical Sciences, U. of the Witwatersrand) discusses the morphologies of vertebrate respiratory organs and structures, explaining the differences among functional designs and strategies that have developed in order to facilitate the acquisition of molecular oxygen and elimination of carbon dioxide. Geared towards a wide range of readers (students of biology, experts in zoology, physiology, morphology, biological microscopy, biomedical engineering, paleontology, ecology, etc.), the first chapter outlines fundamental factors that prescribed the design of the gas exchangers and the principles upon which the constructions were founded, with subsequent chapters sequenced to show the progressive developments in the evolution of vertebrate respiratory organs approximately in the order in which they occurred. Illustrated with 97 full page b & w images, a four-page section of color photographs, and several b & w drawings. Distributed by Enfield. Oversize: 9x12". Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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Summary and Conclusions

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