Correspondence Relative to the Case of Messrs. Mason and Slidell, Nide 1


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Sivu 4 - Government are unwilling to believe that it could' be the deliberate intention of the Government of the United States unnecessarily to force into discussion between the two Governments a question of so grave a character...
Sivu 12 - The four persons in question are now held in military custody at Fort Warren, in the State of Massachusetts. They will be cheerfully liberated. Your lordship will please indicate a time and place for receiving them.
Sivu 3 - ... be the deliberate intention of the government of the United States unnecessarily to force into discussion between the two governments a question of so grave a character, and with regard to which the whole British nation would be sure to entertain such unanimity of feeling.
Sivu 2 - McFarlane and Eustis, and that he had sure information of their being passengers in the Trent. While some parley was going on upon this matter, Mr. Slidell stepped forward and told the American officer that the four persons he had named were standing before him.
Sivu 4 - Her Majesty's Government, therefore, trust that when this matter shall have been brought under the consideration of the Government of the United States, that Government will, of its own accord, offer to the British Government such redress as alone could satisfy the British nation, namely, the liberation of the four gentlemen and their delivery to your lordship, in order that they may again be placed under British protection, and a suitable apology for the aggression which has been committed.
Sivu 6 - I am not aware of any case in which the question has been agitated ; but it appears to me, ON PRINCIPLE, to be but reasonable that. whenever it is of sufficient importance to the enemy that such persons should be sent out on the public service, at the public expense, it should afford equal ground of forfeiture against the vessel that may be let out for a purpose so intimately connected with the hostile operations.
Sivu 1 - I have / never for a moment believed that such a recognition could take place without producing immediately a war between the United States and all the recognizing powers. I have not supposed it possible that the British government could fail to see this ; and at the same time I have sincerely believed the British government must, in its inmost heart, be as averse from such a war as I know this government is.
Sivu 7 - Tli3 law is so very liberal in this respect that when contraband is found on board a neutral vessel, not only is the contraband forfeited, but the vessel which is the vehicle of its passage or transportation, being tainted, also becomes contraband, and is subjected to capture and confiscation.
Sivu 4 - Her Majesty's Government, bearing in mind the friendly relations which have long subsisted between Great Britain and the United States, are willing to believe that the United States...

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