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LESSON V. Go from that Man, who will hurt you ; and hurt no Man thy self.

AllMen gooutoftheWay,and do notmindGod,
God doth see us, and all that we do.
I will sing of the Lord, all the Day long.

LESSON VI. With my Lips do I tell of the Law of God; and I will talk of his Word.

I will run the Way of thy Law; O help me in it.

I am glad that the Lord doth lend an Ear to me: For this, will I call on him, and pay my Vow.

Words of Four Letters, viz. Two Consonants and

two Vowels; the latter Vowel serving only to
lengthen the Sound of the former, except where
it is otherwise mark’d.
ABE. Robe. Face lace mace race. Dice lice

mice nice rice vice. Fade jade made wade. Hide ride side tide wide. Rude. Safe. Life wife. Cage page rage fage. Huge. Bake cake make rake fake take. Like pike. Joke poke yoke. Duke puke. Gale pale tale tale vale.

File mile pile tile vile wile. Hole mole pole. Mule rule. Cane dame fame game lame name fame tame. Lime time. Come some fome home. Fume. Bane lane mane pane. Dine fine kine line mine pine vine wine. (Done! (gone) (none). Bone hone tone, Tune.


Cape rape tape (gape). Pipe ripe wipe (type). Cope hope mope pope rope fope. Care dare fare hare mare pare. Here mere (were). Dire fire hire mire fire tire wire. Core gore more pore sore tore wore. Cure pure sure. Bale cafe. Rise (rise wise). Dose (dose hose lose nose rose).

Use (use muse). Else. Bate date fate gate hate late mate pate rate. Bite kite nuite rite. Dote mote note vote. Lute mute. Cave have pave rave fave wave. Dive five_hive (give live sĩve). Rove (dòve love) (nove). Gaze maze, Size. More easy Lessons on the foregoing Tables, consisting of Words not exceeding Four Letters.

OD doth mind all that we say and do.

This Life is not long; but the Life to come has no End.

We must love them that do not love us, as well as them that do love us. We must pray for them that hate us.

We must do to all Men, as we like to bedane to,

The Lord he is God; it is he that hath made us.

He must live well, that will die well.
He doth live ill, who doth not nend.

A bad Life will make a bad End.

We must let the Time past put us in mind of the Ill we have done.

In the Time to come we must do ill no more.
Be kind to all Men, and hurt not thy felf.




LESSON IV. Wo be to me if I live not well.

We can hide no Work from God; for the Lord he is God, and he is Lord of all.

Mind what is beft; do all that is just; and love all whom you have to do with.

LESSON V. He that doth love God, God will love him. One God doth rule all. The Lord is God. None is like to God, and we are all in his Hand.

The Lord is my King; he is Lord of all: And by the Word of the Lord all was made.

LESSON VI. God is the most high God; he sets up Men, and he doth help them that are just.

Go not far from me, O Lord my God.
The Time will come when all Men must be

put in the Dust.


TABLE. VII. Words of Four Letters, viz. Two Consonants

and a Diphthong AID maid paid. Fail jail nail rail fail tail.

Maim. Fain gain main pain rain vain. Fair hair pair. Bait wait. Void. Soil toil. Coin join. Daub. Thou. Loud. Foul soul. Pour four (your). Gout rout. Flee free knee thee tree. Deed feed heed need seed weudi.

Beef. Leek meek seek week. Feel heel reel. Seem. Been keen seen. Deep keep peep weep. Deer. jcer leer peer. Feet nieet. Gjoc hoodwčod. Hoof roof. Book cook hook look tools (reol). cool fool Pooltool (wool). Doon: room. Mcon noon foon. hoop loop loop.


(Door) poor. Foot (foot). Boot hoot root. Flea plea. Ease. Dead head lead read bead lead rēad. . Deaf leaf. Leak reak weak. Deal heal meal feal. Beam seam team, Lean mean wean. Heap leap reap. Bear tear wear (dear fear hear near year). Heat meat feat. Load road toad. Loaf. Soak. Coal goal soal. Foam roam. Roar. Boat coat goat moat, Oath. Coax,

Chaw draw flaw gnaw spaw thaw. Dawn fawn lawn pawn. Brew knew few stew (shew). Lewd. Blow crow-How glow grow know now snow ftow (plow brow). Bowl fowl howl. Down gown town. Bray clay dray fray gray play pray Nay stay fway. Grey they whey. Lieu. Vieu. Sloe (shoe). Clue glue true. More easy Lessons on the foregoing Tables, consisting of Words not exceeding Four Letters.

HEN we go out, and when we come in,

we are not our of the Eye of God. When we pray to God with a pure Mind, he will hear us and help us : But if our Mind be not | pure when we pray to him, then he will not hearus.

All the Day long, God does mind what we do with our Time.

LESSON II. The Word of God is true; it is gone from his Lips, and will come to pafs.

He that took on him the Form of Man to save us, is God, and canie down from God.

This is he, who, when he came, did Thew to us the Way of Life, that we may work the Work of God,

B 2




LESSON III. All my Joy is in the Lord, and in them tha: love his Ways.

The Lord is nigh to all them that call on him

It is good to draw near to God, that he may draw near to us.

I will call on the Lord for help, that I may be safe from them that hate me.

The Ways of God are notlikethe Ways of Man.

The Lord God, is God of gods, and Lord of all.

Just and true are thy Ways, O Lord God: Thy Word is true.

I am the Lord; I AM that I AM; this is ray Name.

LESSON V. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.

None but God can tell what is to come.

I must not do in ill A&; if I have done it once, I must do fo no more.

No Man can say, he has seen God; for none hath teen him, and none can see him.

LESSON VI.. He that doth love God, will keep his Laws.

All ye that love the Lord, see that ye hare Sin.

I will love thee, O Lord, as long as I live. Keep me, O God, for my Hope is in thee. My Son! call on the Lord for Help, that you qy be safe fwm them tha i hate you.

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