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A. No: Sometimes the Infinitive Mood stands for the Nominative Word; as, To lie is shameful. And sometimes a whole Clause aforegoing; as, to rise betimes in the Morning, is the most wholjom Thing in the World.

Q. If two, or more Substantives Singular come together, bow must be Verb be put ?

's. In the Plural Number; as, Peter and John Fight.

Q. What Number is the Verb put in, when it follows Noun of Multitude ?

A. It may be put in the Plural, whea Circumstances absolutely determin the Case to be more than one; but it is most commonly of the fingular Number ; as, the Multitude is very noisy. The Heap is removed.

Q. Of what Cafe muft those Nouns be, which follow Verbs, and are governed by them?

A. Sometimes the Genitive; as, Take Pity of me: Sometimes the Lative; as, I gave a Book to the Master : And fometimes the Accusative ; as, I love my

Mafter. Q. What is the Construction of the Vocative ?

A. The Vocative is no Part of the Sentence, but only the Person to whom the Sentence is address’d; and is always of the Second Person Singular or Plural; as, John! where bave you been, that you have staid fo long? Ladies ! Why do ye not mind your Writing?

Q. Of what is the Ablative Case govern'd?

A The Ablative is always governed of some Preposition, expresfed or underitood ; such as, in, with, through, for, from, by, and than; as, He took it from me. He went

with you.


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HAT is Transposition ? WH

A. It is the placing of Words out of their natural Order, to render the Sound of them more agreeable the Ear.

Ex À M P L E. be avoided, but that Scandals will arise, arid 21 grow

in the Church' of God, so long us ress on Earth, or Malice in Hell.

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T R A N S POS e D. It cannot be avoided, so long as there is Wickedness on Earth, or Malice in Hell, but that Scandals will arise, and Differences will grow in the Church of God. N'te, Where the natural order of the Words is smooth and

grateful to the Ear, they ought not to be transposed, unlefs in Poetry, and there only, when the Neceflity of the Verse requires it.

Of the ELLIPS I S.
HAT is an Ellipfis ?

A. The leaving out of Words in a Sentence.
Q. Upon what Account may Words be left out ?

A. 1. When a Word has been mentioned just before, and may be supposed to be kept in Mind. Therefore in a Relative Sentence, the Antecedent, or foregoing

Word, is feldom repeated ; as, I bought the Books, which Books I read.

2. When any Word is to be immediately mentioned, if it can be well understood, it ought to be left out in the former Part; as, Drink ye Red Wine) or White Wine.

3. When the Thought is expressed by some other Means; as pointing to a Man, you need not say, Who is that Man? but, Who is that?

4. Those Words, which, upon the mentioning of others, must needs be supposed to be meant, may be left out; as; When you come to St. Paul's [Church] then turn to the left [Hand).

5. Thing and Ad, are frequently left out when they may be understood; as, It is hard, [i.é a hard Thing] to travel through the Snow. It is easy, [i. e, an easy Thing or A&t] to do so.

6. The Conjunction that, is often left out in a Compound Sentence; as, I desire [that] you would write for me.

7. The Relatives, that, which, who, whom, may be left out; as, There goes the Man. [that or whom] I beat Yifter. day. Is this the Man ye Spoke of? i. e. of whom ve spoke

8. Sometimes a whole Sentence is left out; as, It is our Duty to pay a Respect and Deference, as to all those that are Virtuous and Couragious ; fo [it is our Duty to pay a Respect and Deference] to those also, who bear any Office or Command in the State.


A: A. B: Artium Bacca

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Clem. Clement
A. B: Artium Bacca Co. or Comp. Company
laureus, Bachelor of Arts Col. Colonel, Celosians
Abp. Archbishop

Com. Commisioner
Abr. Abraham

Corn. Cornelius Acct. Account

C.P.S. Cuitos Privati Sigilli, A. D. Anno Domini, in the tise Keefer of the Privy-Seal Year of our Lord

C.S. Cuitos Sigilli, Keeper of Adml. Admiral

the Seal Adnirs. Administrators Cr. Creditor A. M. Artium Magiiter, Cur. Curate Master of Arts: Ante Meri D. in Number, fo'o diem, beforeNoon: and Anno Dr. Dofter, Debtor Mundi, in the Year of the Dan. Daniel World

D.D. Doctor Divinitatis, Dora Amit. Amsterdam

tor of Divinity Anab. Anabaptift

d. denarius, a Penny Anth. Anthony

dd. delivered Ap. Apoftle

Dec. or rober. December Apr. April

Dep. Deputy Alt. Alligns

Devon. Devon biri Alt. P. G. C. Astronomy-Pre- Deut. Deuteronoir*

felor of Grelham College Do Ditto, the famo Atto. Attorney

Dukm. Dukedom B. A. Bachelor of Arts Earld. Earldom Bart. Baronet

Edm. Edmund Barth. Bartholomew

Edw. Edward B.D. Baccalaureus Divinitatis E. g. Exempli gratia, as for Bachelor of Divinity

Example Benj. Benjamin

Eliz. Elizabeth Bp. Bijhop

Eng. English, England
B. V. Blessed Virgin

Ep. Epistle
Bucks. Buchinghamshire Eph. Ephesians
C. Cent. Centum, an Hun Ela. Efaias

Esq. Esquire
Cant. Canticles, Canterbury Ex. Example
Capt. Captain

Exo. Exchange Cat. Catechism

Ex?. Executor Chap. Chapter

Exon. Exeter Chron. Chronicles

Feb. February Cit. Citizen, City, Citadel Fr. France, French, Francis, Cler. Clericus, Clergyman and Frances F.R.S.

of Laws

of the Seal

", R. S. Fellow of the Royal | L. D. Lady-day Society

Lev. Leviticus Gal. Galatians

Lieu, Lieutenant Gen. Gentfis

L.L.D.LegumDoctor, Doctor Genl. General Genmo. Generalifim L. S. Locus Sigilli, The Place Gent. Gentleman Jeo, George

Lond. London Gosp. Gospel

Ldp. Lordship G. R. Georgius Rex, George Morn. Morning. the King

m. manipulus, a Handful Greg. Gregory

M, A. Magifter Artium, Hants. Hampshiro

Master of Arts Heb Hebrews

Ma. Madam Hen. Hinry'

M.B. Medicinz Baccalaureus Hier. Hieronymus, Jerom Bachelor of Pbyfic Honble: Honourable

Mty. Mizjesty Hond Honoured

Mar. March Hon's. Honours

Marm. Marmaduke Holl!. Holland

Mart. Martin, Martyr ibid. ibidem, in the fame Place Mat. Mattheru Hum. Humphrey

Math. Mathematics Hund. Hundred

Meff'rs. Gentlemen I. in Number, I.

Middx, Middlesex Id. Idem, the same

M. D. Medicinæ Doctor, i. e. id est, that is

Doctor of Physic
J. H. S. Jesus Hominum Mich. Michael, Michaelmas

Salvator, Fefus Saviour of Min. Minister

M. S. Memoriæ Sacram,

Sacred to the Memory Ja. James

Mr. Maffer Jac. Jacob

Mrs. Mistress J.D. Jurium Doctor, Doktor MS. Manuscript of Laws

MSS. Mamefcripts Jer. Jeremy, Jeram

N. Note jno. John

Nat. Nathanie, Nativity Jof. Joseph

N. B. Note bene, Mark well Joh. Tojibua

Nic. Nicodemus, Nicholas Km. Kingdom

n. l. non liquet, it appears not Kt. Knight

Nov. or gber. November L. in Number, 50

N. S. Neru Stile Ld. Lord

Num. Number I. liber, Book, ani'libræ, Pounds Ob: Objection Lam. Lamentations

Obt. Obedient


Ifa. Ifaiah


O&t. or 8ber. Odober Rev. Revelation, Reverent O.S. Old Siile

Rt. Wpful. Right IVorshipful Oxon. Oxford

Rt.Honble. Right Honourable Par. Parish

Szlop. Shropshire Parl. Parliament

S. South; and Solidus, e SbilPent. Pentecoft

ling Per Cent. per Centum, by Sr. Šir the Hundred

St. Saint. Pet. Peter

Sept. or 7 ber. September Phil. Philip

Serj. Serjeant Philom. Philomathes, a Lo-Servt. Servant

ver of Learning ; or, Phi- Sol. Solution lomathematicus, a Lover S.T.P. Sacro-sanctæ Theoof the Mathematics

logiæ Professor, Profeffor P. M. Poft Meridiem, After of Divinity

Tho. Thomas
P. M. G. Profesor of Music Theo. Theophilus

at Gresham College Theff. Thesalonians Prof. Th. Gr. Profesor of Di- V. vide. jee, Verse, Five

vinity at Gresham College Viz. videlicet, that is to say P.S. Poffcript

Will. or Wm. William Pl. Pfalm.

Wilts, Wiltfrire Q. Question, Queen

Wp. Worship q. d. quasi dicat, as if he Wpful. Worshipful pould say

Xn. Christian qe hel. quantum libet, as much Xpher. Christopher as you please

Xt. Christ
l. quantum fufficit, a fuf- ye. the
ficient Quantity
Regr. Register
Regimt. Regiment

yr. your
Regt Regent
Reg. Prof. Regius Professor, yu. you or hou
King's Profelor

&. et. and Rel. Religion, Relation &c. et cætera, and so forth

yn. then
ym. them

vs. this

Note, These Contractions ought to be avoided as much as

possible, unless it be for one's own private Uje, and where it would be ridiculous to write them at length; as, Mr. for Mafter, and Mrs. for Mistress, &c. It argues likewise a Difrespect and Slighting to use Contractions to ox Betters, and is often puzzling to others.

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