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TABLE VHI. Words of Five, Six, &c. Letters, viz. One Vowel,

and the rest Consonants. HROB. Scrub shrub. Shred thred. Sprig.

Scrap strap. Scrip ftrip. Sprat. Spiit sprit. Sirut: Dlack clack brack crack knack lack mack nack stack track. Check ipeck. Brick chickítick thick trick. Block clock crock ilock frock knock Thock stock,

Chuck clack pluck truck struck. Trad. Striet, Didít midst. Chaff staff. Cliff skiff tiff whiff, Seoff. Bluff gruff fnuff stuif. Craft graft shaft. Cleft theft. Drift shift fivift thrift. Flight light might night right sight bright flight friglit Night. Child. Scold. Chalk stalk.

Shall imall stall scrall. Dwell shell fnell fell swell. Chill skill spill still frill. Pfalm. Whielm. Whelp. Shalt. Smelt spelt. Spile stilt. Plumb thumb. Cramp stamp. Shrimp. Plump itump thump trump. Nymph. Brand grandstand strand. Blend spend. Blind grind.

Bring Aing sting Twing thing spring string. Thong strong throng wrong. Tongs. Lungs. Blank Aank frank plank prank ihank thank, Brink chink drink shrink stink think. Drunk trunk. Chant grant plant Nant (scănt). Scent fpent. Flint print. Front.

Blunt bruntgrunt. Third. Sword. Scarf (dwarf wharf). Scurf. Spark stark. Shirk. Stork. Twirl whirl. Churl. Charm (swarm). Storm. Stern. Scorn thorn. fhörn sworn). Churn spurn. Sharpe Chirp. Smart start (thwart). Fiirtshirt skirt. Sport (short snort). Blurt spurt,

C. B 3

Clash Nash gnash Nash trash. Flesh fresh threfa. Swish. Blushflush plush brush crush thrush. Flask. Brisk whisk. Claip grasp. Crisp. Brass glass grass (clăss). Bless dress press stress. Blifs. Cross dross (gloss) (gross). Truss. Blast. Blest chest drest. Twift wrist. Ghost.

Crust trust thrust. Smith. Broth cloth froth (noth). Truth. Birth. Forth (worth.) World. Hanch lanch branch ftanch. Bench tench stench drench wrench. Arch march parch starch. Perch. Birch. (Põrch) torch scorch.Lurchchurch. Corps. Harsh marsh. First thirst.

Burstcurft durst. Batch catch hatch latch match patch snatch thatch (watch). Fetch ketch sketch. Ítch ditch hitch pitch Aitch stitch twitch (which). Botch notch scotch. Crutch. Length strength. Tenth. Ninth. Fifth fixth.


Sonne casy Lessons on the foregoing Tables, consisting of Words not exceeding Six Letters.

OVE not the World, nor the Things that

are in the World ; for all that is in the World, the Luft of the Flesh, and the Luft of the Eye, is not of God, but is of the World.

In God I have put my Trust, I will not fear what Flesh can do to me.

LESSON II. Thou Malt love the Lord thy God with all thy Mind, and with all thy Soul, and with all thy Might.

All Things wax old, and fade; but God is, and will be the fame: He hath no End.

The Son of God came to wash us from all Sin, that he might save us, I will be glad in his Name.


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LESSON III. Let us all do that which is the best, and this will be the way to make God love us.

The Lord God shall bless ine, as my rightWay has been seen by him; and as my Hands have fi been pure, fo shall he fave me.

The Way of the Lord is pure, and so is his Word : He helps all them that trust in him.

LESSON IV. Some Men will pass by an ill Act, and some will not; but if we will fear God and keep his 1 Word, he will not cast us off.

Let all the World fear the Lord.
Flee from Vice, and love that which is good.
The Fear of God is with them that love him,

We have one God, by who are all Things
The Works of Man, are not like God's Works,

Mind what the Man of God says, for he shews to you the Way of Life.

God shall rid me from my strong Foes, and from them which hate me ; for they are too strong

for me.

LESSON. VI. God hath made my Feet like Harts Feet; and he hath fer me up on high.

O my God, I cry to thee in the Day-time, but thou dost not hear; and in the Night Itake no rest.

We will call on thy Name, O Lord, so shalt thou save us ; we will put our Trust in thee, and thou wilt keep us.



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Words of Fire, Six, &c. Letters, viz. Two Vowels

and the rest Consonants; the latter Vowel ferving
only to lengthen the Sound of the former, except
where it is otherwise mark’d.
RIBE-tribe scribe. Globe. Brace chace grace

place space. Price slice spice thrice twice. Sluce spruce. Blade fhade spade trade. Chide pride Nide stride. Chafe. Knife strife.Stage. Drake fake Thake snake stake. Spikestrike. Brokechoke clcke finoke stoke stroke.

Scale stale. Smile stile while. Strole scrole (whole). Blame flame frame shame. Scheme theme. Chine crime prime sime. Crane plane. Brine shine swine thine twine. Drone prone stone throne. Prune. Crape grape sape. Gripe tripe ftripe snipe. Slope.

Blare glare share scare snare spare. There where. Spire (Thire). Score shore snore store. Chase (phrase). Close profe (chose close those) (whõle). Prate scate flate state. Smite spite white. Blote fmote. Flute brute. Brave crave grave knave fhave flave stave. Drive strive thrive.

Clovegrovestrove (glove shove) (prove). Blaze glaze craze graze. Prize. Chance dance prance trance. Hence fence pence thence whence (lenfe.) Mince prince since. (Once) (scónce). Dunce. Badge fadge.

Edge hedge wedge fledge pledge fedge. Ridge bridge.Dodge lodge. Judge grudge trudge Range change strange. Hinge singe cringe fringe swinge twinge. Plunge spunge. Farce (scarce). Herle verse. Horfe (worfe):


Curse nurse purse. Ba ge large charge. Serge Verge. Forge (gorge). Urge purge. Tatte halte pa tewaste. Bathe (wathe (lathe). Blithe lithe tithe writhe. Lothe clothe. Lăpse. Halve. Delve helve twelve. Carve ftarve. Serve. swerve. Selves. Wolves. Plague vague. Rogue vogue. Tongue.

More easy Lessons on the foregoing Tables, consisting of Words not exceeding Six Letters.

HEW me the right Way, O Lord, and

guide me in it. O think not on my past Sing; but think on me, O Lord, for my good.

All the Paths of the Lord are Truth co such as keep his Laws.

He chat doth love the Lord Mall dwell at Ease, and his Seed shall have the Land.

Put thy Trust in God, and he will help thee.

It is a good Thing to give Thanks, and to call on the Name of the Lorci.

Let us sing • Talins to the Lord our God.

When thou shalt make a Vow to the Lord thy God, thou shalt not be Nack to pay

it. LESSON III. That which is gone out of thy Lips, thou: fhalt keep: And if a Man vow to the Lord, he: fhall keep his Oach.

Let us stand fast. Let us strive to be good.

Charge them that are Rich in this World, that: they do good, and be glad to give.



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