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LES SON IV. Turn your felves from all your Sins; else God will whet his Sword, and bend his Bow.

Let us judge our felves, that God may not judge us.

Let us tot mind high Things, nor be as those are, who do their Works to be seen of Men.

LESSON V. Thanks be to the Lord, fo he hath been kind to me in a strong Place.

Be strong all ye that trust in the Lord.
Fear the Lorel, all ye that dwell in the World.
The Man is bleft whose Trust is in the Lord.
Keep thy Tongue and thy Lips from Ill.

See that ye lose not those Things that be good.

The Day of Christ is at Hand; and he will judge the World, both the Quick and Dead.

We shall all change at the last Trump; and all that are in the Grave shall then come forth, that God may judge them.

TA BL E X. Words consisting of Five, Six, &c. Letters, viz.

A Diphthong and the rest Consonants, except some few which end in e fincl. RAIL snail trail. Claim. Brain chain grain

Nain stain train sprain sträin. Paint faint faint taint. Raise praise. Faith faith. Heir their. Eight f-ght weight(height).Eighth.Voicechoice.Broil fpoil. Joint point. Noise poise. Moist. Quart. Quick. Quench. Squib. Squirs. Fraud. Laugh. Caught taught (draught.)



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Daunt haunt taunt vaunt flaunt Naunt. Cause pause gause. Couch pouch vouch crouch flouch (touch).Cloudcroud proud shroud. Cough trough (tough).Plough flough(dough though)(through). Ought bought fought nought sought brought thought (drought).

Mould (could should would). Ounce bounce pounce. Bound hound pound round sound ground (wound). Count mount. Mourn. Course. House louse mouse (fpoufe rouse). Clout doubt scout shout spout itout trout sprcut. Mouth fouth (youth). Fourth. Three.

Leech speech. Bleed breed speed steed. Cheek Neek. Kneel steel wheel. Green queen screen spleen. Creep sheep Neep steep sweep. Cheer steer sneer. Cheese (geese ficece). Fleet sheet street. sweet. Teeth (feethe). Sleeve. Freeze sneeze squeeze. Blood Mood (stood). Proof.

Brook shook.School ftool(wool). Bloom broom groom. Spoon swoon. Droop fcoop Noop stoo: Floor: Goose loose (noose choose). Shoot. Tooth (booth smooth). Each reach preach teach. Dread tread sprčad knead plēad. Sheaf. League. Eleak sneak speak steak fqueak.

Realm. Dèait. ' Health wealth. Cream dream steam stream. Clean glean stean. Cleanse. Cheap. Clear Mear smear spear (swear.) Search. Ear pčarl. Earn learn. Earth dearth (hearth). Heart. Fleas please tcafe..

Cease lease crease peace. Eaft beat feast least (brčait). Bleat cheat treat wheat (great). Sweat" threat. Death breath (heath heath). Breathe fbeathewreathe. Heave leave weave cleave. Coach poach roach broach. Broad. Groan. .


Boast roast coast. Float throat (groat). Briefchief grief thief. Niece piece. Fiend (friend), Fierce pierce. Field yield shield. Priest. Grieve thieve. Guard. Suit fruit.Build. Guide. Guile. Quilt. Juice. Bruise. Brawl crawl drawl. Brawn prawn. Screw fhrew strew threw. Throw.Known thrown (brown clown crown drown frown). More easy Lessons on the foregoing Tables.

LESSON I. Will give Thanks to thee, O Lord, with all

my Heart; and will praise thy Name. I will praise the Name of God with a Song; for this shall please the Lord. Serve the Lord with Fear, and let your

Heart fand in awe of him. He that fears not God, is in the Way to Death.

LESSON II. Great is the Lord, and great is his Name.

Seek the Lord while he may be found: Call on him while he is near.

Trust in the Lord with all thy Heart.

In thee, O Lord, have I put my Trust; let me not be put to Shame; but help me, lend thine Ear to me, and save me.

LESSON III. Thou, O Lord, art the Thing that I long for : thou art my Hope from my Youth.

O let my Mouth be full of thy Praise, that I may sing of thee all the Day long.

Cast'me not from thee in the time of Age: And leave m not when my Strength doth fail me.

I will go torth in the Strength of the Lord God; and will praise thee more and more.

till now;

LES SON IV. Thou, O God, last taught me from my Youth up

and I will tell of thy great Works. Great Things are they, that thou hast done : O God, who is like to thee?

The Lord doth know the Way of goodi Men, and the Way of bad Men shall come to nought. I did call on the Lord with

my Voice;

and he heard me out of his Hill.

LESSON V. Oye Sons of Men, how long will ye hate God? Know this, that the Lord will choose the Man that is good : When I call on the Lord, he will hear me.

Stand in awe, and sin not : search your own Heart by your self, and be still.

Pour out your Praise to God; and put your Trust in the Lord.


I will lay me down in Peace, and take my Reft : for it is thou, O Lord, that dost make me dwell in Peace.

O hear thou my Voice, my King, and my God; for to thee will I pray.

My Help doth come from God, who doch keep all them that are true of Heart: and for this I will praise the Name of the Lord most High.


TABLÉ I. Some easy Words accented on the first Syllable, whose Spelling and Pronunciation are nearly the same.

com-fort dif-fer AB-fence blun-der

a-corn bor-der com-ment din-ner ac-tor bo-fom com-nierče doc-tor ac-tress bri-er

com-mon doc-trin ad-der brim-stone con cord do-er ad-vent bro-ken con-duct do-tage -at-ter

buf-fer con-quest dra-per al-lum

but-ter con-ferve drefl-er al-fu Ca-per

con-ful drof-fy am-ber car-rot con-test

drug-get am-buh cart-er con-tract drug-gift an-gel chaf-finch con-trite

drum-ner a-ny

cham-ber con-vent drunk-ard

chan-nel con-verfe dul-lard art-ful

chap-man con-vert dung-hill art-ist chapter cor-ner du-ty art-less cha-ften coft-ly dy-er Back-ward chatter craf-ty Edg-ing ba-ker chef-nut


el-der bal-lad child-ith crib-bage em-bers bank-er ,chil-dren cri-er em-blem ban-ter chil-ly cru-el en-ter bant-ling chop-per crup-per en-gin bap-tist church-man cul-ture e-ven barb-er ci-der cuin-ber e-vil bar-rel cin-der cut-ler ex-tant bash-ful cler-gy

Dar-ling Fac-tor her-ter cof-fin di-al fag-got col-lect di-et fan-cy



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