Sivut kuvina

gan-der gar-land


fan-tom gal-lop han-dy in-side farm-er game-fom hang-er in-stance fa-tal game-fter hang-ings in-step fat-ling gam-mon

han-fel in-to fe-male

hap-Py in-ward fend-er

hard-ship i-vy fen-nel gar-inent har-dy.

Jeft-er fereret gar-ret

har-lot joc-ky fe-ver gar-ter harp-er

jol-ly fid-ler gen-try

harts-horn judg-ment i fil-let gi-ant har-vest

jug-gler fi-nal gib-bet hatch-et

ju-lep fi-ring gip-fy help-ful ju-ry

glim-mer her-mit Ken-nel flan-nel glit-ter hin-der ker-nel fat-ter glo-ry hind-most kin-dred Au-ent glof-fy

hin-drance king-dom Aut-ter

glut-ton ho-ly kinl-man fod-der god-ly

home-ly kitch-en fog-gy gold-linch hope-ful Lad-der fol-ly

grace-ful hor-net la-dy fop-pish graf-fy hor-rid lan-cet fore-nian grate-ful horse-man land-lord fore-taste

gra-vy hoft-ler land-mark for-ty grit-ty

hu-man fran-tic

gru-el hun-dred lan-tern fret-ful

hunt-er lap-pet frow-ard

gun-ner hurt-ful lap-wing fro-zen

huf-band lat-ter fru-gal

guf-fet I-cy la-zy fu-el gut-ter i-dol

le-gal fun-nel Ham-let in-fant let-ter fur-long ham-mer

in-most li-ar Gal-lon hand-ful in-feet

like 117

land 1kip



im-ber mor-ta]

pave-inent .ra-ker Einn-er mot-to pen-cil ran-ciom Li-ning nud-dy pen-ny

ran-tom in-net nur-der

pepper ran-ger j-on

mur-mur per-fect railter it-ter nput-ter per-fon ra-ther odg-er Nap-kin pic-turé re-al of-ty nice-ly


rec-tor one-ly

nim-ble pil-fer reni-nant one-tom nine-ty

pil-grim ren-der ord-ly ninth-ly pil-lar ren-net ord-ship num-ber pi-lot

ri-der uc-ky nut-meg


ri-ot ug-gage Of-fer

pip-kin rob-ber Ma-ker of-fice plac-form rub-bih nam-mon on-fet plat-ter ru-by nan-ful or-der pli-ant rug-ged nan-ly or-gan plu-mage ru-in nan-na -ver plum-met ru-ler man-ner Pa-gan po-et run-nage 112-ny

pam-per poffet run-ner mar-gin

Pot-ter ru-ral nar-ket pan-try pre-cept

Sa-cred na-tron pa-per pru-dent sad-ler max-im


fate-ly med-ly


fate-ty Tiem-ber

pur-chase fal-lad mer-cy pa-rents pur-pose (al-ver mer-ry par-fnip Quar-rel fan-dy mill-er par-lor


fat-chel mit-tens par-rot

qui-et fat-tin mo-dich part-ner

Rab-bet scab-bard mo-ment par-ty rag-ged seaf-fold morn-ing pat-tern Jani-iner scam-per



pa-pist par-cel par-don


fcan-dal fix-fold start-lish tat-ler scan-ty fix-ty stern-ly tat-ter fcar-let skil-ful

ftin-gy ten per scat-ter skin-ny


tem-pest scol-lop skip-per

stop-page ten-der ícorn-ful nan-der stop-per

ton-dril fcra-per

flat-tern sto-ry tenth-ly scul-ler flen-der strange-lytetter fe-cret Ni-my


thazk-ful fel-dom Пlip-per strong-ly there-fore felf-ifh Noth-ful Itu-dent theil-er fen-tence flug-gard ftu-pid threci-bare fer-men Nug-gifh


thun-der fer-pent num-ber fud-den time-ly fer-vant nut-tifh fu-et ti-dings fex-ton smo-ky suf-fer til-lage fha-dy! smug-gler ful-len

tim-ber shame-ful snap-pish sul-ly tin-der sharp-en fo-ber sul-try ton-nage sharp-er for-rel sum-mer tor-ment That-ter fot-tish fum-ion tor-rent fhep-herd spi-cy sun-der to-ry thil-ling spi-der sup-per to-tal short-ly

spin-net sur-face tra-der fhut-ter spin-ner fur-ly

tranf-port fig-nal

spin-ster sur-name trench-er fi-lence spite-ful Tab-by tri-al fi-!ent fplen-did

tal-ly tror-ters fil-ly

fplen-dor tanie-ly tru-ant 61-ver splin-ter tan-201

tru-ly fpun-gy til-per trump-et

ftag-ger tap-fter tu-lip fin-ful ftam-mer

tar-cy tam-bler finner ftandila tar-nith tu-inult

fin per




tun-nel ver-fel ut-moft west-ern tur-ky vic-tim ut-ter

west-ward tur-nep vin-tage ufe-ful wet-shod turn-er vi-per \Va-fer wharf-age turn-pike vir-gin wa-ger

wher-ry tuin. tile vi-tal


whim-fy tu-tor Vo-cal wake-ful

whil-per Va-cant

wan-der wil-ful Vå-grant Ud-der wan-ton will-ing val-ly ug-ly ward-robe

win-ter var-nith ul-cer war-like wil dom va-ry un-der

war-rant wo-ful vel-lum un-10 wafp-ish wor-ship vel-vet up-per

waste-ful worth-less ven-ture up-fhoc wed-cling wor-thy ver-min up-fide wel-fare Yon-der Sonie edly Lessons on the foregoing Tables, consisting of Words not exceeding two Syllables.

LESSON I. T is God that girdith me with Strength of

War; and maketh my Way perfect.

He maketh my Feet like Harts Feet; and secteth me up on high.

My Foes shall cry, but there shall be none to help them : Yea even unto the Lord thall they cry, but le fhall not lear them.

For this Cause will I give thanks' unto thee, O Lord, and ling Praise unto thy Name.

LESSON II. Unto thee, O Lord, will I lift up my Soul: My God, I have put my Trust in thee.

Lead me forth in thy Truth, and learn me; for thou art the God of my Health : In thee hath been my Hope all the Day long:



Call' to mind, O Lord, thy tender Mercy, which hath been of Old.

The Secret of the Lord is with them that fear him; and he will shèw them his Law.

LESSON HII. Hear my Voice, O Lord, when I cry unto thee; have Mercy on me and hear me.

O hide not thou thy Face from me; nor cast thy Servant from thee in thy Wrath.

Teach me thy Way, O Lord, and lead me in the right Way:

O my Soul, wait thou on the Lord; be strong and he shall comfort thine Heart; and put thou thy Trust in the Lord.

LESSON IV. Unto thee will I cry, O Lord, my Strength : Think no Scorn of me, lest if thou make ag though thou didst not hear, I be made like them that go down into the Pit.

The Lord is my Strength and my Shield, my Heart hath trusted in him, and I am helped : Therefore my Heart danceth for Joy, and in my Song will I praise him.

LESSON V. I fought the Lord, and he heard me: Yea, he saved me out of all my Fear.

O taste and see how good the Lord is : Blessed 'is the Man that truiteth in him.

O fear the Lord, ye that are his Saints: For they that fear him, want no good Thing:

The Lions do want and suffer much: But they who seek the Lord, shall want no manner of Thing that is good.

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