Sivut kuvina


Have Mercy on me, O Lord, for I am weak: O Lord, heal me, for my Bones are vexed.

My Soul also is fore troubled : But Lord, how long wilt thou punish me!

Turn thee, O Lord, and save my Soul: 0 fave me for thy Mercies Sake.

For in Death no Man doth think on thee: And who will give thee Thanks in the Pit!


O clap your Hands, all ye People; O ling unto God with the Voice of Joy!

For the Lord is high, and to be feared: He is the great King over all the Earth!

God is gone up with a merry Noise : And the Lord with the Sound of a Trump!

O fing Praises, sing Praises unto our God O fing Praises, sing Praises unto our King!

LESSON VI. A wicked Doer giveth heed to false Lips · And a Liar giveth Ear to a naughty Tongue.

Children's Children are the Crown of old Men; and the Glory of Children are their Fathers.

Let a Bear robbed of her Whelps, meet a Man, rather than a Fool in his Folly.

He that is first in his own Cause, seemneth juft; but his Neighbour comech and search. eth him,

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A ab-hor a-mong

Note, The Accent of the following Words is

on the second Syllable. -Base a-midst be-lief con-front


con-fuse a-bide a-muse be-long con-jure a-bout a-noint be-love con-straint a-broad a-part

be-neath con-fume ab-rupt

ap-proach be-night con-tempt ab-fent

ap-prove be-queath con-tend ab-folve a-rife

be-fet con-tent ab-furd ar-rest be-file con-temn ac-cept

a"scend be-speak con-vey ac-quire aspire be-twixt cor-reet a l-dict

a"stray be-wail cor-rupt ad-dress a tone blas-pheme cre-ate ad-journ at-tack bu-reau De-bar ad-mit at-tempt Ca-nal

de-ceit a-dore at-tire ca-rouse de-ceive ad-orn a-vail col-lect

de-cide ad-vance a-venge

con-mence de-clare a-far

a-void com-plain de-coy af-fair a-wait

com-plaint de-cease af-firm a-wake

com-pound de-duce af-fright a-way

com-pel de-duct a-gainst Be-caufe com-ply

de-fect a-ların


be-fore com-pute

de-fense al-lude be-friend con-ceit de-fer a-lone be-gin con-cert de-fy a-inaze be-have con-duct

de-fine a mend


de-form a.mends be-hold con-found de-fraud




dis-praise en-sue for-get de-light dif-prove en-thral

four-teen de-note dif-robe en-throne for-sworn de-part

dil-sent en-tice ful-fil de-pose dif-serve 'en-tire Gal-lant de-press

dil-taste ell-treat ga-zette de-pute dis-tinet e-fpoule Hence-forth de-rive dif-tort e-vade here-by de-scribe dif-trust e-vent here-in de-fire dif-tract e-vince here-of de-fpite

disturb ex-alt him-felf de-fpond dif-use ex-cel Im-brue de-stroy di-vert

ex-cise im-burse de-teet di-vine ex-cite im-merge de-test dra"goon ex-claim im-nerse de-vise Ef-fect


im-pair di-rect

ex-empt im-pale dif-arm em-balm

ex-ert im-pend dif-band em-bark ex-ist

im-plant dif-burse em-broil ex-pand im-press dis-card e-mit ex-panse im-print dif-claim en-chant ex-pend im-prove dis-count en-close ex-plode in-camp dif-course en-croach ex-pofe in-cite dif-joint en-dear ex-tend in-crease dif-like en-dorfe ex-tort

in-cur dif-lodge en-dure ex-tract in-dent dif-may

en-force ex-tream in-dulge dii-miss en-gage

Fif-teen in-feet dil-own en-joy

fore-arm in-fest en-large fore-seen in-firm dir-place en-rage


in-flame dis-play

en-rich fore-speak in-flict dif-pose en-rol fore-think in-fuse






in-graft Ney-lect pro-test re-trench in-grate

nine-teen pur-loin re-vere in-ject Ob-struct pur-suit re-volve in-scribe ob-tain Re-bate re-ward in-lave OC-cur

re-buke ro-bust in-snare of-fense re-cant ro-mance in-stil 0-mit

re-ceipt Scru-toir in-struct op-press re-cite feldan in-fure out-do re-cline fe-duce in-tenfe

out-live re-course fe-leet 1.2-trigue out-strip re-duce sha"lot in-trude Par-take re-fer in-trust pear-main re-lit

fub-ject in-verse per-form re-gain sub-join in-vert

per-mit re-joice fub-lime invest per-spire re-late fub-mit in-vite per-tain

re-lax , fub-orn Mif-chance per-verse re-ly sub-tract mif-count per-vert

re-mark su-pine mis-deed po-lite

re-mind sup-pose mif-doubt por-tend

re-mit fu-preme mis-give

pre-dict re-pair sur-mount mis-hap pre-pare re-país fur-pass mis-lead pre-vail re-plete sur-vey mil-like pre-scribe re-pole sur-vive mif-name pre-serve re-press. suspense mi"spend pre-tend re-prieve Them-felves mis-place pro-ject re-print there-of mis-print

pro-note re-puille thui-teen mil-rule

pro-nounce re-prove tra-duce mif-take pro-pose re-ftraint tranf-act mil-trust pro-pound re-fume transcend mo-ieft pro-rogue re-tai transcribe mo-rose pro-tect re-tract trans-form


tranf-gress un-cut unlike

lin-true trant-late un-dress un-lock

un-truth trant-plant un-fair un-male un-twist trinl-port


un man up-on trini-pose un-fold un-mak Where-as tre-pan un-gain un-paid where-by U11-apt


un-ripe where-in un-arm un-haip un-safe where-of un-bar

un-heard un-fay where-to un-bend

un-hinge un-screw where-with un-bind un-hook un-feen with-al un-bolt un-horse un-found with-in un-clap un-hurt

un-taught with draw un-ciothe un-kind

un-teach with-out un-close un-lace un-tie with-Itand More easy Le fons on the foregoing Tnlles, confjting of Words not exceeding 7 wo Syllables.

HE Wicked hath said in his Heart, Tush,

God doth forget: He hideth away his Face, and he will never see it. Arise, O Lord God, and lift up

thine Hand: Forget not the Poor.

Wherefore should the wicked blaspheme God: While he doth say in his Heart, Tush, thou God. careít not for it?

LESSON II. I will rejoice in thee; Yea, my Songs will I make of thy Name, O thou moit Highest.

I will fhew all thy Praises within the Ports of the Daughter of Sion: I will rejoice in thy saving Health.

The Lord is known to do Judgment: The Wicked is trapped in the Work of his own

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