Sivut kuvina

Bolt, for a Door

Card, to play with Boult, Meal

Chard, to dress Wool Bow, to bend

Cart, to carry Things in Bough, a Branch

Chart, a Description of a Place Boy, a Lad

Cafier, a Cath-keeper Buoy, to bear up

Cajhire, to disband
Bow, to hoot with

Cell, a Hut
Beax, a fine Gentleman Sell, to dispose of
Brake, an Herb

Cellur, the lowest Room
Break, to part asunder Seller, that selleth
Bread, to eat

Censer, for Incense
Bred, brought up

Cenfor, a Reformer Breaches, broken Places Cession, a Resigning Breeches, to wear

Sellion, Affizes Burrow, for Rabbits

Chair, to fit in Borough, a Corporation

Chare, a Job of Work By, near

Choler, Rage Day, for iviony

Coller, for the iveals Brews, breweth

Collar, Beef and Brawn Bruije, to break

Gieling, of a Room But, a Particle

Sealing, setting of a Seal Butt, 'two Hogsheads

Cion, a young Sprig
Cain, Abel's Brother

Sion, a Mountain fo ca.
Cane, a Shrub
Calais, in France

Chronical,oflongContinuance Chalice, a Cup

Chronicle, an History Call, to cry out

Clark, a Book-keeper Carul, for a Perriwig

Clerk, a Clergyman Calendar, an Account of Time Clause, of a Sentence Calender, to finooth Cloth Claws, of a Bird or Bealt Can, to be able

Climb, to get up in a Tree Cann, to drink out of Clime, in Geography Cannon, a Gun

Close, to shut up Canon, a Rule

Clothes, Garments Capital, Chief

Coat, a Garment Capirol, a Tower in Rome Cote, a Cottage Canvas, coarse Cloth Coarse, homely Canvajs, to examin

Course, Order


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Faint, weary

Complement, the Remainder Dredge, a Flour-Box
Compliment, to speak obliging Drudge, a Slave
Concert, of Music

Earing, the Time of Harvest Confort, Wife of a Sovereign Ear-ring, a Ring for the Ear Coulin, Relation

Eaten, devoured
Cozen, to cheat

Euton, a Town's Name
Council, an Astenibly Er, the Son of Judab
Counsel, to advise

Err, to mistake
Cruise, to Sail up and down Fane, a Weather-Cock
Crufe, a little Vesel

Fain, defirous
Current, a running Stream

Feign, to diffemble
Currant, paffable
Courier, a Messenger

Feint, a falle March
Currier, a Dresler of Leather Fair, comely
Creek, of the Sea

Fare, a customary Duty
Greak, to make a Noise Fellon, a Whitlow
Crezvel, Worsted

Felon, a Criminal
Cruel, fierce

File, of Metal
Dane, a Man of Denmark

Foil, to overcome
Deign, to vouchsafe

Fir, Wood
Dam, to stop Water

Furr, Skin
Damn, to condemn

Flea, an Insect
Day, 24 Hours

Flee, to run
Dey, a Magistrate in Barbary

Flew, did fly
Dear, of great Value

Flue, saft Hair of a Rabbit
Deer, in a Park
Dew, from Heaven

Flour, for Bread
Due, a Debt

Flower, of the field
Do, to act

Forth, abroad
Die, to decease

Fourth, in Number
Dye, to stain Cloth

Foul, nasty
Dire, dreadful

Fowl, a Bird
Dyer, a Stainer of Cloth
Disease, a Sickness

Freys, Quarrels

Froije, fired Meat
Diseize, to dispoffefs
Doe, a Female Deer



Dough, Paste or Leaven
Done, acted





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Gilt, with Gold

Hough, to hamstring
Guilt, Sin

Huf, to swagger
Glair, the White of an Egg 1, myself
Glare, to dazzle

Eye, to fee with
Grate, for Coals

I'll, I will Great, large

Ile, the Side of a Church, Grater, for the Nutmeg

Ise, an Iland Greater, larger

Oyl, of Olives Grays, a Town's Name

In, within Graze, to eat Grass

Inn, for Travellers Grease, nasty Fat

India, to prosecute Greece, a Country

Indite, to compose Groan, to figh

Kill, to murder Grown, increased

Kils, for Bricks Hail, to falute

Knave, a dishonel Man Hale, to draw along

Nave, of a Wheel Hart, a Beast

Knight, by Honour Heart, the Seat of Life

Night, the Evening Hare, in the Fields

Know, to be acquainted Hair, of the Head

No, not so Here, in this Place

Knew, did know Hear, to hearken

New, not old or used

Known, discovered
Hew, to cut

None, neither
Hue, Colour
Hugh, a Man's Name

Knows, he knoweth

Noje, of the Face High, lofty

Lade, to carry Water Hoy, a Ship

Laid, placed
Him, that Man

Lain, did lie
Hymn, a facred Song Lane, a narrow Passage
Hire, Wages

Leak, to let in Water
Higber, more high

Leek, a Pot-Herb Hoar, Frost

Lees, Dregs of Wine Whore, a lewd Woman

Leefe, to lose

Lefjen, to make less
Hole, Hollowness
W'bole, perfect

Lesjon, a Reading

Lier, in wait for a Tub

Liar, or Lyar, a teller of Lies cry out Lyra, a Musical Instrument


Limb, a Member

Moat, a Ditch Limn, to paint

Mote, in the Eye Line, Length

More, in Quantity Loin, of Veal

Mower, that moweth Lineament, the Proportion of Mo, more the Face

Mow, to cut down Grass Liniment, à Medicin

Mortar, to pound in Led, did lead

Morter, made of Lime Lead, Metal

Naught, bad Lie, to lie along

Nought, Nothing Lye, a falfity

Nay, not Lo, behold

Neigh, as an Horse Low, humble

News, Tidings Made, finished

Noofe, a Knot Maid, a Virgin

Not, denying Main, the chief Thing

Knot, to untie Mane, of an Horse

Oar, of a Boat Male, the He

O'er, over Mail, Armour

Ore, of Metal Mall, a wooden Hammer Of, belonging to Mawl, to beat

Off, at a Distance Manner, Custom

Ob! Alas! Manor, a Lordship

Owe, to be indebted Marten, a Bird

One, in Number Martin, a Man's Name Won, did win Mean, of low Value

Our, of us Mien, Behaviour

Hour, fixty Minutes Meat, to eat

Palate, of the Mouth Meet, together

Pallet, a little Bed
Mete, to measure

Pale, Colour
Metal, Gold, Silver, &c. Pail, a Vessel
Mettle, Briskness
Mews, for Hawks

Pall, a Funeral Cloth

Paul, a Man's Name
Muse, to meditate
Mite, an Insect

Pain, Torment
Might, Strength

Pane, a Square of Glafa Moan, to lament

Peal, upon the Bells Mown, cut down

Peel, the Outfide


Pear, Fruit

Rain, Water Pair, a Couple

Reign, rule as a King Pare, to cut off

Rein, a Bridle Peer, a Lord

Raise, to set up
Pier, a large Glass

Rays, Sun Beams
Peter, a Man's Name Race, to run
Petre, Salt

Rase, to demolish
Pint, half a Quart

Red, a Colour Point, a Stop

Read, did read Place, of Abode

Reddish, somewhat red Plaice, a Fish

Radish, a Root
Plain, even

Reed, a Shrub
Plane, to make smooth Read, in a Book
Plate, a flat Piece of Metal Rere, the back Part
Plait, a Fold in a Garment Rear, to erect
Pleas, Courts of Law

Rest, Ease
Please, to content

Wreji, to force Plough, the Instrument Kerch, to Vomit Plow, to make a Furrow Wretch, an unhappy Man Pore, of the Skin

Rhyme, in Verse Pour, as Water

Rime, a freezing Min Practice, Exercise

Rial, a foreign Coin Practise, to exercise

Royal, Princely Pray, to beseech

Rice, Corn Prey, a Booty

Rise, Advancement Praise, Commendation

Rie, Corn Prays, he prayeth

Wry, Crooked Principal, chief

Ring, the Bells Principle, the first Rule

Wring, the Hands Profit, Advantage

Rite, a Ceremony Prophet, a Foreteller

Right, just and true Quean, a nafty Slut

Wright, a Workman Queen, a King's Wife

Write, with a Pen Quire, of Paper

Rode, did ride Choir, of Singers

Road, the Highway

Row'd, did row
Rag, a Tatter

Roe, a Kind of Deer
a Sort of Stone
Row, a Rank




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