China and the Powers: Chapters in the History of Chinese Intercourse with Western Nations

Priv. print. for L. Maynard [by G. H. Ellis Company], 1902 - 140 sivua

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Sivu 55 - The United States of America and the Emperor of China cordially recognize the inherent and inalienable right of man to change his home and allegiance, and also the mutual advantage of the free migration and emigration of their citizens and subjects respectively from the one country to the other for purposes of curiosity, of trade, or as permanent residents.
Sivu 53 - The principles of the Christian religion, as professed by the Protestant and Roman Catholic churches, are recognized as teaching men to do good, and to do to others as they would have others do to them.
Sivu 43 - Now, my words are, that the governments of two such great countries should be at peace. It is proper, and according to the will of heaven, that they should respect each other, and act wisely. I therefore send to your court Caleb Cushing, one of the wise and learned men of this country.
Sivu 23 - And among these nations shalt thou find no ease, neither shall the sole of thy foot have rest: but the Lord shall give thee there a trembling heart, and failing of eyes, and sorrow of mind...
Sivu 22 - Behold, these shall come from far: and, lo, these from the north and from the west; and these from the land of Sinim.
Sivu 83 - I have proposed this evening to discuss, we have not even reached the conclusion of the first — the justice of the cause between the two parties. Which has the righteous cause ? You have, perhaps, been surprised to hear me answer, Britain — Britain has the righteous cause. But to prove it I have been obliged to show that the opium question is not the cause of the war ; my demonstration is not yet complete.
Sivu 88 - ... Trade to communicate directly in writing with the high officers at the Chinese capital, and to send his communications by messengers of his own selection, such arrangements affording the best means of ensuring the due execution of the existing treaties, and of preventing future misunderstandings ; (5) a revision of the treaties with China with a view to obtaining increased facilities for commerce, such as access to cities on the great rivers as well as to Chapoo and to other ports on the coast,...
Sivu 94 - The Christian religion, as professed by Protestants or Roman Catholics, inculcates the practice of virtue, and teaches man to do as he would be done by. Persons teaching or professing it, therefore, shall alike be entitled to the protection of the Chinese authorities, nor shall any such, peaceably pursuing their calling, and not offending against the law, be persecuted or interfered with.
Sivu 22 - Thus saith the Lord, In an acceptable time have I heard thee, and in a day of salvation have I helped thee: and I will preserve thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people, to establish the earth, to cause to inherit the desolate heritages; That thou mayest say to the prisoners, Go forth; to them that are in darkness, Shew yourselves.
Sivu 55 - Citizens of the United States visiting or residing in China shall enjoy the same privileges, immunities or exemptions, in respect to travel or residence, as may there be enjoyed by the citizens or subjects of the most favored nation. And, reciprocally, Chinese subjects visiting or residing in the United States shall enjoy the same privileges, immunities and exemptions, in respect to travel or residence, as may there be enjoyed by the citizens or subjects of the most favored nation.

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