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of eternal Salvation unto all them that obey him ; For

he is able to save them to the uttermost that Cb. vii. 25.

come to God by Him, seeing he ever liveth to make Intercession for them. In a word, On this account are the Sacraments of the Christian Religion Memorials of a Propitiation already made, and Applications of its Efficacy, and Testimonies of our Faith and Thankfulness: Not any Offering of Christ again, but an Offering of our Selves to God, by, and for, him.

There is yet one Argument behind, which the Apoftle insists upon with great force, taken from the Reason and Nature of the Thing. For thus we find him confining the Effect of Bulls and Goats Nain in Sacrifice,

to the purifying of the Flesh, but ascribing Cb. ix. 13, 14.

to the Blood of Christ alone that of cleansing ibe Conscience from dead works. And, in Terms yet more expressive and peremptory, pronouncing it not possible,

that the Blood of Bulls and Goats Mould take

away Sin. The Strength and Ground of which Asertion we shall best understand, by observing what is meant in Scripture by taking away Sin, and then by that Impoflibility of doing so, which the Legal Sacrifices are here concluded under.

Now to take away Sin is a Phrase, which, in Scripture Language, denotes the freeing any Person froin the Guilt of Sins already committed, so as that they shall not any more be charged to him in Account, or he suffer the Punishment otherwise due for them. And when, as here it is, applied to Sacrifices, the meaning is, that such Punishment is so far inflicted on Them ; that God accepts the Death of the Sacrifice, and, in consideration of this, remits the Death of the Offender, in whose behalf and stead such Sacrifice was flain. That then, which the Apostle asseris, conies to thus much. That Christ, by Offering himself, and Dying for Mankind, hath released us from the Guilt and Pu-.


Cb. X. 4.



nishment of our Sins: But, that the Beasts Nain in Sa-
crifice under the Law, did not by Their Death release
Men, nay that they could not possibly do so.

By which Expression, as I have lately had occasion
to explain it, we need not, we must not, understand an
absolute Impossibility; as if God could not either re-
mit Sins without any Satisfaction at all; or accept any,
that he thought fit, how mean and worthless soever in
it self. For, Who shall presume to limit the Supreme
Governor's Prerogative, or prescribe to the Goodness
and Wisdom of a Being, Infinite in every Perfection?
But the meaning is, that, according to the Scheme,
upon which God all along hath acted, and, considering
him in the Quality of a Lawgiver and a Judge, a No-
bler Compensation was necessary. And, for the Blood of
Beasts to have been accepted, in lieu of the Punishment
due for the Sins of Men, had been extremely incon-
gruous; and such a method of Remission, as the Ends
and Measures of Government could not have been an-
swered by.

The Design of every Wise Governor is to contain Men in their Duty, by enacting such Laws, as may be a Rule for their Obedience; and, by enforcing those Laws with such Punishments, as shall render the Breach of them terrible and exemplary; that so Others may be deterred from doing the like, that They, who have already offended, may be afraid to do so again ; and that a just Reverence for the Constitution may be preserved and maintained.

To these purposes Almighty God, having made Man Immortal, gave him a Law, the Transgression whereof he threatned with Death, of which we all have naturally the utmost Abhorrence and Dread. That Law being broken by our First Parents, They, and in Theni Human Nature, became obnoxious to the Curse. To preserve his Workmanship in so noble a part of the Creation from perishing, it pleased God to


I Tim. vi. 16.

to Immortality? No. The Sacrifice, that takes away Sin, must not only die, but live again: Must be able to give it self Immortality, before we can be Immortal by virtue of it. And This proves, that such Sacrifice must at least be Man, must be an innocent Man, muft indeed be much more than Man, must be God,

as well as Man. For the Scripture is ex

press that God only hath Immortality. And it is evident to common Sense, that a Being, which it self hath not Immortality, cannot give it to others.

By this time, I hope, the Apostle's reasoning is clear, even to a Demonstration, wherein he afferts the Weakness and Inefficacy of the Levitical, and every other Sacrifice; and the Sufficience and Perfeetion of Christ's, the Evangelical, the only efficacious, the only true One. And, how can we enough admire the Riches of that Grace, which chose this Method of making his Glory so conspicuous, in every adorable Attribute, concerned in this great Work? Most truly does the Apostle declare, that Jesus Christ is be

come to us Wisdom, and Righteousness,

and Sanctification, as well as Redemptim. O may

these kind Intentions be accomplished in every

Soul, and nay that God of Peace, that
brought again from the dead our Lord Je-

sus Christ, that great Shepherd of the Sheep, through the Blood of the everlasting Covenant ; make us perfect in every goad Work, to do bis Will, working in us that which is well pleasing in his fight, through Jesus Christ; to whom be Glory for ever and ever. Amen.

1 Cor. i. 30.

Heb. xiii. 20, 21.

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St. Luke xxii.

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O W tbe feast of unleavened bread drew nigh, which is called the Passa

2. And the chief priests and scribes fought how they might kill bim, for tbey feared the people.

3. Tben entred Satan into Judas, förnamed Iscarios, being of the number of the twelve.

4. And he went bis way, and communed with the chief priefts and captains, boru be might betray kim unto them.

5. And they were glad, and covenanted to give him money.

6. And be promijed, and fougbt opportunity to betray bim unto them in the absence of the multitude.

7. Then came the day of unleavened bread, wben the pasover must be killed.

8. And be sent Peter and John, saying, Go, and prepare us the pajever, that we may eat.

9. And they said unto him, Where wilt thou that we prepare??.

10. And be laid unto them, Bebold, when ye are entred into the city, there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the bouse where be eria treb in.

11. And ye shall say unto the good man of the bouse, The master saith unto theey Wbere is the gueft-chamber, wbere I shall eäe ehe pallover with my Disciples? 12. And bejball

jew you a large upper room furnished, there make ready. 13. And they went, and found as be bad said unto them, and they made ready the paljover.

14. And wben tbe bour was come, be fat down, and the twelve Apostles with bim.

15. And be faid unto them, Witb de fire I bave desired to eat ibis pallover with you before I fuffer.

16. For 1 say unto you, I will not any more eat thereof, until it be fulfilled in the kingdom of God.

17. And be took the cup, and gave thanks, and said, Take this, and divide it among your selves.

18. For I say urito you, I will not drink of the fruit of the vine; until the kingdom of God fall come.

19. And be took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my bedy which is given for you, this do in remembrance of me.

20. Likewise also the cup after supper, saying, Ibis cup is the Neco Testament int my blood wbich is pped for you. 21. But bebold the band of bim that betrayeth me, is with me on the table.

22. Arid truly the son of man goetb as it was determined, but woe unio that man by wbom be is betrayed.

23. And obey began to enquire among themselves, which of tbem it was ebap should do tbis thing.

24. And ibere was also a frife among them, which of them should be accounted tbe greateft.

25. And he said unto them, The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them, and they that exercise authority upon them are called berefactors.

26. But ye shall not be fo; but be that is greatest among you, let bim be as the youngers und be ibat is chief, as berbat duh serve.

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27. For whether is greater, be that fitteth at meat, or be that servetb? Is tot be
ibat fitteth at meat ? But I am among you as be that servetb.

28. Ye are they wbich bave continued with me in my temptations.
29. And I appoint unto you a kingdom, as my Father bath appointed unto me :

36. That ye may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom, and fie on Thrones judge ing the twelve tribes of Israel.

31. And the Lord jaid, Simon, Simon, bebold Satan bath defired to bave you, tbat be may fift you as wbeat:

32. But I bave prayed for thee, tbat tby faith fail not ; and wben tbou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.

33. And be said unto bim, Lord, I am ready to go with thee, both into prison, add ta dearb.

34. And be said, I tell thee, Peter, tbe cock shall not crow this day, before mbet thou shalt tbrice deny that obou knorvest me. 35. And he said

unto them, When I sent you without purse, and forip, and beci, lacked ye any rbing? And they said, Nabing.

36. Tben said be unto tbem, But now be that barb a purse, let bim take it, and dikewise bis scrip: and be that batb no sword, let bim fell bis garments and buy sti.

37. For I say unto you, That ibis ibat is written must yet be accomplised is *; And be was reckon'd among the transgressors : For ibe obings concerning me bise

38. And they said, Lord, bebold, bere are two swords. And be said unto tben, It is enough.

39. And be came out, and went as be was wont to the mount of Olives; and ki Disciples also followed him.

40. And wben be was at the place, be said unto them, Pray, that ye enter Hot is temptation,

41. And he was withdrawn from them about a ftones cast, and kneeled dogs, and prayed,

42. Saying, Farber, if tbou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertbeless, 5 my will, but thine be done. 43. And there appea

'an Angel unto bim from heaven, frenge bening bim. 44. And being in an agony, be prayed more earnestly: and his sweat was as it we great drops of blood falling down to the ground, 45. And

when be rose up from prayer, and was come to bis disciples, be found tben Sleeping for forrow, 46. And said unto tbem, W by peep ye? Rise, and pray, left ye enter into reset

47. And while he yet spake, behold, a multitude, and be that was called Juda, one of the twelve, went before them, and drew near unto Jefus to kiss bim.

48. But Jesus said unto him, Judas, betrayeft thou the son of man wirb a kiss?

49. When ibey which were about him, saw what would follow, tbey said unis iis, Lord, shall we smite with the sword ?

50. And one of them (mote ibe servant of the bigh priest, and cut off bis rigbt ear.

51. And Jesus answered, and said, Suffer ye ibus far, and be toucbed bis ear asd bealed bim.

52. Then Jesus said unto the cbief priests, and captains of tbe temple, and the elders which were come to bim, Be ye come out as against a tbief, wirb fwords ad faves?

53. When I was daily with you in tbe temple, je stretched forth no bands agais me : but this is your hour, and i be power of darknejš.

54. Then tbey took him, and led him, and brought bim into ibe bigh prieft's kell, and Peter followed afar off:

55. And when they bad kindled a fire in obe midst of the ball, and puere ser de together, Peter sat down among them,


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