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follow his speculations to their close. Instead of robbing the treasury of Christian hope of a gem so precious, and of abstracting from benevolent effort so mighty a motive, it will be seen that his view of the futurities of Zion, admitting the Millennium to be past, opens to the eye of faith a still more cheering prospect, a lengthened vista of richer and brighter beatitudes.

" No hope that way,

Another way so high an hope, that e'en
Ambition cannot pierce a wink beyond,
But doubts discovery there.”



The present work having been for some years out of print, and a new interest having in the mean time sprung up in prophetical studies, the author has yielded to the suggestions made to him from different quarters, to prepare a second edition for the press. In doing this he has found occasion for no other than very slight alterations, additions, or omissions. Seeing no reason on mature reflection, to distrust the soundness of the main conclusion, but on the contrary finding his confidence in it continually growing stronger, he gives this edition of the work to the public revised, but substantially unchanged. If the general result of his reasonings should not meet with a consenting response from the bosom of the Christian community, the author still allows himself to believe, that important principles of interpretation incidentally developed in the course of the argument, will go far to compensate the failure of conviction on the leading point.

G, B.

Salem, Feb. 16, 1842.

Various Opinions of Commentators respecting Gog and Magog-

Reason of this Diversity—The mention of this mystic Power by
John extremely brief and obscure, because more fully predicted

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