The Speeches of John Wilkes ... in the Parliament Appointed to Meet at Westminster the 29. Day of November 1774, to the Prorogation the 6. Day of June 1777, Nide 2


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Sivu 81 - I blufh again at the recollection that it has been at any time, and in any way, brought to the public eye, and drawn from the obfcurity in which it remained under my roof. Twelve copies of a fmall part of it had been printed in my houfe at my own private prefs.
Sivu 113 - House, as being subversive of the rights of the whole body of electors of this kingdom.
Sivu 53 - The bill which it is now my duty to present to your majesty, is entitled an act for the better support of his majesty's household and of the honour and dignity of the crown of Great Britain, to which your Commons humbly beg your royal assent.
Sivu 48 - ... or excufe the excefs ; and the only reafon given to us for paying that debt is, that your Majefty's minifters have incurred it. With regard to the further increafe of your Majefty's Civil Lift revenues, we muft decline any concurrence therein, not folely from motives of...
Sivu 61 - English gentleman of taste, than to be thus deprived of feasting his delighted view with what he most admired, and had always considered as the pride of our island, as an invaluable national treasure, as a common blessing, not as private property ? The kings of France and Spain permit their subjects the view of all the pictures in their collections.
Sivu 109 - * that for the bett«•*' /uppott "' fupport of his Majefty's houfehold, and of " the honour and dignity of the crown, there " be granted to his Majefty, during his life,. " out of the Aggregate Fund, the clear year
Sivu 60 - Cartons of the divine Raphael. King William, although a Dutchman, really loved and understood the polite arts. He had the fine feelings of a man of tafte, as well as the fentiments of a hero. He built the princely fuite of apartments at Hamptoncourt, on purpofe for the reception of thofe heavenly guefts. The Englifh nation were then admitted to the rapturous enjoyment of their beauties. They have remained there till this reign. At prefent they are periming in a late Baronet's * fnioky houfe at the...
Sivu 101 - I observe," said Wilkes, in a letter to the speaker, " that no notice is taken of me in your order as a member of the House, and that I am not required to attend in my place : both these circumstances ought to have been mentioned in my case, and I hold them absolutely indispensable.
Sivu 6 - ... as well as. unnatural and ruinous, Civil War, and burthened with an enormous load of national debt, the intereft of which even we are fcarcely able to ftand under. Is there ni> .feeling for the fufferings of this impoverifhed country ? Are the people really nothing in,.
Sivu 83 - Each true-blue feather (hall be tipt with gold ; Ordain'd thy race of future fame to run, To do, whate'er thy mother left undone. In all her fmooth, obfequious paths proceed, For, know, poor Oppoiition wants a head.

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