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Free From Lime and Alum

Royal Baking Powder

Is the only baking powder yet found by chemical analysis to be free from both lime and alum and absolutely pure. This perfect purity results from the exclusive use of cream of tartar specially refined and prepared by patent processes which totally remove all the tartrate of lime. The cost of this chemically pure cream of tartar is much greater than any other, and it is used in no baking powder except the " Royal."

Dr. Edward G. Love, formerly analytical chemist for the
U. S. Government, who made the analyses for the New York
State Board of Health in their investigation of baking pow-
ders, says of the purity and wholesomeness of the " Royal ":

"I find the Royal Baking Powder composed of pure and wholesome ingredients. It is a cream of tartar powder, and does not contain either alum or phosphates, or other injurious substance.

(Late U.S. Gov't Chemist) "E. G. LOVE, Ph. D."

Prof. Loves tests, and the recent official tests by the United States and Canadian Governments, show the Royal Baking Powder to be superior to all others in strength and leavening power. It is the purest and most economical.

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The U. S. Naval Institute was established in 1873, having for its object the advancement of professional and scientific knowledge in the Navy. It now enters upon its eighteenth year of existence, trusting as heretofore for its support to the officers and friends of the Navy. The members of the Board of Control cordially invite the cooperation and aid of their brother officers and of others interested in the Navy, in furtherance of the aims of the Institute, by the contribution of papers and communications upon subjects of interest to the naval profession, as well as by personal support and influence.

On the subject of membership the Constitution reads as follows:


Sec. 1. The Institute shall consist of regular, life, honorary, and associate members.

Sec. 2. Officers of the Navy, Marine Corps, and all civil officers attached to the Naval Service, shall be entitled to become regular or life members, without ballot, on payment of dues or fee to the Secretary and Treasurer, or to the Corresponding Secretary of a Branch. Members who resign from the Navy subsequent to joining the Institute will be regarded as belonging to the class described in this Section.

Sec. 3. The Prize Essayist of each year shall be a life member without payment of fee.

Sec. 4. Honorary members shall be selected from distinguished Naval and Military Officers, and from eminent men of learning in civil life. The Secretary of the Navy shall be, exeffiao, an honorary member. Their number shall not exceed thirty (30). Nominations for honorary members must be favorably reported by the Board of Control, and a vote equal to one-half the number of regular and life members, given by proxy or presence, shall be cast, a majority electing.

Sec. 5. Associate members shall be elected from officers of the Army, Revenue Marine, foreign officers of the Naval and Military professions, and from persons in civil life who may be interested in the purposes of the Institute.

Sec 6. Those entitled to become associate members may be elected life members, provided that the number not officially connected with the Navy and Marine Corps shall not at any time exceed one hundred (100).

SEC. 7. Associate members and life members, other than those entitled to regular membership, shall be elected as follows: Nominations shall be made in writing to the Secretary and Treasurer, wilh the name of the member making them, and such nominations shall be submitted to the Board of Control, and, if their report be favorable, the Secretary and Treasurer shall make known the result at the next meeting of the Institute, and a vote shall then be taken, a majority of votes cast by members present electing.

The Proceedings are published quarterly, and may be obtained by non-members upon application to the Secretary and Treasurer at Annapolis, Md. Inventors of articles connected with the naval profession will be afforded an opportunity of exhibiting and explaining their inventions. A description of such inventions as may be deemed, by the Board of Control, of use to the service, will be published in the Proceedings.

Single copies of the Proceedings, St.00. Back numbess and complete sets can be obtained by applying to the Secretary and Treasurer, Annapolis, Md.

Annual subscriptions for non-members, $3.50. Annual dues for members and associate members, $3.00. Life membership fee, $30.00.

All letters should be addressed to Secretary and Treasurer, U. S. Naval Institute, Annapolis, Md., and all checks, drafts, and money orders should'be made payable to his order, without using the name of that, officer.

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