Anglia: Zeitschrift für englische Philologie

M. Niemeyer, 1901

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Sivu 515 - But she, that rose the tallest of them all And fairest, laid his head upon her lap, And loosed the...
Sivu 50 - Let him go, Gertrude ; do not fear our person ; There's such divinity doth hedge a king, That treason can but peep to what it would, Acts little of his will.
Sivu 378 - In one sense, and in great measure, to be peculiar is to be original, and than the true originality there is no higher literary virtue.
Sivu 513 - Thou hast betray'd thy nature and thy name, Not rendering true answer, as beseem'd Thy fealty, nor like a noble knight: For surer sign had follow'd , either hand , Or voice, or else a motion of the mere. This is a shameful thing for men to lie. Yet now, I charge thee, quickly go again As thou art lief and dear, and do the thing I bade thee, watch, and lightly bring me word.
Sivu 223 - Krist, sit du gewaltic bist der weit gemeine, °so die nach dir gebildet sint, gip mir die list daz ich in kurzer frist alsam gemeine dich sam din erweiten kint.
Sivu 223 - Onde, quando si dice l'uomo vivere, si dee intendere l'uomo usare la ragione, che è sua speziale vita e atto de la sua più nobile parte. E però, chi da la ragione si parte, e usa pur la parte sensitiva, non vive uomo, ma vive bestia; sì come dice quello eccellentissimo Boezio:
Sivu 229 - Thai say that thai distroye synne, And thai mayntene men moste therinne ; For had a man slayn al his kynne, Go shryve him at a frere. And for lesse then a payre of shone He wyl assoil him clene and sone, And say the synne that he has done His saule shal never dere.
Sivu 420 - And eek I preye Jesu shorte hir lyves That wol nat be governed by hir wyves; And olde and angry nigardes of dispence, God sende hem soné verray pestilence.
Sivu 420 - oon of thise thynges tweye: To han me foul and old til that I deye, And be to yow a trewe humble wyf, And nevere yow displese in al my lyf; Or elles ye wol han me yong and fair, And take youre aventure of the repair That shal be to youre hous, by cause of me, Or in som oother place may wel be. Now chese yourselven wheither that yow liketh.
Sivu 200 - E non è pietade quella che crede la volgar gente, cioè dolersi de l'altrui male, anzi è questo uno suo speziale effetto, che si chiama misericordia ed è passione; ma pietade non è passione, anzi è una nobile disposizione d'animo, apparecchiata di ricevere amore, misericordia e altre caritative passioni.

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