An Historical Account of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in South Carolina, from the First Settlement of the Province, to the War of the Revolution: With Notices of the Present State of the Church in Each Parish: and Some Account of the Early Civil History of Carolina, Never Before Published. To which are Added; the Laws Relating to Religious Worship; the Journals and Rules of the Convention of South-Carolina; the Constitution and Canons of the Protestant Episcopal Church, and the Course of Ecclesiastical Studies...

University Microfilms, 1967 - 613 sivua

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Settlement of CharlesTown Page 125
St Philips ChurchSociety for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign PartsMissionary Instructions and MissionariesExtraordinary ineasures relating t...
Establishment of the Church of England by Law CommissaryGovernors SpeechMemoria against him and addresses of the AssemblyDean Swift Conv...

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