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These Sermons are published, in the hope

that they may, by the blessing of Almighty God, be of service to all who may happen to read them, and also bring to the remembrance of those who heard them, the great truths which it is their object to set forth.

Albrighton, March 12th, 1839.


THE reader is requested to consider the following Extracts:

1. On the subject of Absolution, which is spoken of at page 158, Chillingworth, in his 7th sermon, has written thus: "Therefore, in obedience to His gracious will, and as I am warranted, and even enjoined, by my holy mother the Church of England expressly, in the Book of Common Prayer, in the Rubrick of Visiting the Sick, (which doctrine this Church hath likewise embraced so far) I beseech you, that by your practice and use, you will not suffer that commission, which Christ hath given to His Ministers, to be a vain form of words, without any sense under them, not to be an antiquated, expired commission, of no use nor validity in these days. But whensoever you find yourselves charged and oppressed, especially with such crimes as they call Peccata vastantia conscientiam, such as do lay waste and depopulate the conscience, that you would have recourse to your spiritual Physician, and freely disclose the nature and malignancy of your disease, that he may be able, as the cause shall require, to proportion a remedy, either to search it with corrosives, or comfort and temper it with oil. And come not to him, only with such a mind as you would go to a learned man experienced in the Scriptures, as one that can speak comfortable quieting words to you, but as to one that hath authority delegated to him from God Himself, to absolve and acquit you of your sins. If you shall do this, assure your souls that the understanding of man, is not able to conceive that transport and excess of joy and comfort which shall accrue to that man's heart, that

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