English Court Theatre, 1558-1642

Cambridge University Press, 28.6.1999 - 293 sivua
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Several famous playwrights of the Elizabethan and Stuart periods, including William Shakespeare, wrote for open-air public theatres and also for the private, indoor theatres at the palaces at which the Court resided. This book is the first full account of such court theatre, and examines the theatrical entertainments for Elizabeth I, James I, and Charles I. By contrast with the now vanished playhouses of the time, four of the royal chambers used as theatres survive, and the author attempts to draw as full a picture as he can of such places, the physical and aesthetic conditions under which actors worked in them, and the role of royal patronage in the growth of professional theatre, and offers a new definition of the function of theatrical occasions in creating the cultural profile of the English court.

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John Webb plan of the stage and auditorium for Florimène
An engraving of the interior of St Jamess Palace at the time
Francis Barlow etching of King Charles II watching
Abraham Bosse etching of the investiture of the Knights

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