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is requisite, with the several circumstances belonging to it, according to the word of God..


Of the sacraments: We believe, that our gracious God, on account of our weakness and infirmities, hath ordained the facraments for us, thereby to seal unto as his promises, and to be pledges of the good will and grace of God lowards us, and also to nourish and strengthen our faith ; which he haih joined to the word of the gospel, the better to present to our senses, both that which he fignifies to us by his word, and that which he works inwardly in our hearts, thereby assuring and confirming in us the salvation which he impaus. to us. For they are visible signs and seals of an in. ward and invisible thing, by means whercof, God workeih in us by the power of the Holy Ghoft.

Therefore the signs are not in vain or insignificant, fo as to deceive us. For Jesus Christ is the true object presented by them, without whom they would be of no moment. Moreover we are satisfied with the number of facraments which Cbrist our Lord hath instituted, which are iwo only, namely, the facrament of baptism and the holy supper of our! Lord Jesus Christ.


of holy baptism. We believe and confess that Jesus Christ, who is the end of the law, hath made an end, by the hedding of his blood, of all other heddings of blood, which men could or would make as a propitiation or farisfaction for fin : And that he having abo‘ished circumcision which was done with blood, hath inritated the facrament of baptifm instead thereof; by which we are received into the church of God, and feparated from all other people and Arange religions, that we may wholly belong to him whose en figo and banner we bear ; And serves as a tefimo py unto 115, that ho will for ever be onr gracion's God and Father. Therefore he has com mánded an those who are his, to be baprised wiih pure water, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Thereby signifying to us, that as water washeth away the filth of the body, when poured upon it, and is seen on the body of the baptised, when sprinkled upon him ; fo doth the blood of Christ, by the power of the Holy Ghost, internally sprinkle the soul, and cleanfe it of its fin, and regenerate us from children of wrath, unto children of God. Not that this is effected by the external water, but by the sprinkling of the precious blood of the Son of God; who is our Red fea, through which we maft pafs, to escape the tyranny of Pharaoh, that is, the devil, and to enter into the spiritual land of Canaan, Therefore

the ministers, on their part, administer ihe facra. ment, and that which is visible, but our Lord giveth that which is fignified by the sacrament, namely, the gifts and invisible grace, washing, cleansing and parging our souls of all filth and unrightcous. ness ; renewing our hearts, and filling them with all comfort ; giving unto us a true assurance of his fatherly goodness, puuting on us the new man, and putting off the old man with all his deeds : Therefore we believe, that every man who is earnestly ftudious of obtaining life eternal, ought to be but once baprised with this only baptism, without ever repearing the fame : since we cannot be born iwice. Neither doth this baptifm only avail us at thc time when the water is poured upon us, and received by ns, but also through the whole course of our life, therefore we derest the error of the anabaptists, who are not content with the one only baptism they have once received, and moreover condemn the bap. tism of the infants of believers, whom we believe ought to be baptised and sealed with the sign of the covenant, as the children in Israel formerly were circuincised, upon the same promises which are made unto our childreri. And indeed Christ shed his blood no less for the washing of the children of the faithfu! than for adult persons; and therefore they ought to receive the lign and facrament of that which Christ hath done for them ; and as the Lord commanded in the law, that they fhould be made partakers of

the sacrament of Christ's sufferings and death, Mortly after they were born, by offering for them a lamb, which was a facrament of Jesus Christ. Moreover what circumcision was to the Jews, that baptism is to our children. And for this realon Paul calls baptism the circumcision of Christ.

XXXV. Of the holy supper of our Lord Jesus Chrift.

We believe and confess that our Saviour Jesus Christ did ordain and intitate, the facrament of the holy supper, to nourih and Sapport those whom he hath already regenerated and incorporated into his family, which is his charch. Now those who are regenerated, have in them a two-fold life, the one corporal, and temporal, which they have from the fir& birth, and is common to all mea: The other spiritual and heavenly, which is given them in their second birth, which is effected by the word of the gospel, in the communion of the body of Chrift; and this life is not common, but is peculiar to God's elec. In like manner God barb given anto us, for che support of the bodily and earthly life, earthly and common bread, which is fablervieat thereto, and is common to all men, even as life itlelf. Bar for the support of the spirivaal and heavenly life, which believers have, he bath sent a living bread which descended from heaven, samely seins Christ, who nourishes and Irengheas tbe spiritual life of belie.

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