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a number of classes, (Church orders Art. 47.)and con. ftitutes a representation of all the particular Churches within those respective classes.


Synods have power to receive and determine all appeals and references properly brought from the classes ; and to take original cognizance of such cases as are not merely local, and which in their consequences are supposed to affect the general welfare of the Church.

ART. XLVII. Notwithstanding the power of examination is conferred upon the classes, the particular Synods, (untill it be otherwise determined in the general Synod,) will continue as heretofore, to examine and license; and it Mall still remain in the choice of any Student in Theology, or of any candidate who has received a call to be examined by the Synod : but with this express declaration, that the examinations held by any claslis, and the certificate given by the president. of a classis, shall be considered as equally proper, au* thentic and valid, as chofe done and conferred by a Synode


A copy of the minutes of every session of the classis, held since the last sellion of Synod, hall, at the open. ing of the Synod, be produced and laid upon the ta. ble for the inspection of the members. The reports of each classis respecting the candidates, Ministers, ordinations, and removals made within their jurisdictions, lhall not only be mentioned in the minutes of the Synod, but be regularly inserted by the scriba of the Synod, in a register preserved for that purpose by the Synod.

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When any particular business cannot be finished at the annual session of Synod, or wlien any matter is foreseen to claim their attention, which ought to be dispatched before the next usual time of meeting, it fliall be in the power of Synod to adjourn to any future day, and hold an extraordinary session. Whenever also two of the Deputati Synodi, shall represent to the president of the last Synod, the necessity of calling an extraordinary Synod, and fall in writing request him fo to do, it hall be the duty of such president by circalar letters to the members of the last Synod, to Lummon an extra sellion, for the express purpose fug

gested by the Deputati ; which business, and no other
whatever, shall then be transacted.

The particular Synods shall continue to exchange
every year a copy of their A&s with the Synod of
of North-Holland, and express in their letters the
desire of the reformed Church in America, to pre-
serve a connection and cultivate a correspondence,
which they highly esteem and have found to be



General Synod represents the whole body.
1 It is the highest judicatory, and the last resort
in all questions, which relate to the government,
peace, and unity of the Church. To this is commit.
ted the superintending the interests of religion, the
maintaining harmony, and faithfully preserving the
Churches in the principles and practice of their holy

ART. LII. To the general Synod alone shall appertain the power of nominating and appointing professors of Theology ; of constituting them emeriti, and declaring their places vacant ; of calling them to an account for their doctrines or conduct, and when found guilty, of punishing them by admonition, suspenfion or total removal, as the case may require..

To the general Synod is referred the right of corresponding with other Churches ; and particularly of superintending and preserving the correspondence which has long been maintained between the reformed Church in the Netherlands and this Church. For which purpose a copy of the Letters sent by the particular Synod, and those received by them with the state of the correspondence since the last recess of every general Synod, shall be reported by the particular Synod, at every ordinary session of the general Synod.

To the general Synod belongs the receiving and issuing all appeals from particular Synods; and proceeding and determining in all references which are regularly brought, agreeably to such regulations and restrictions, as shall for that purpose be made and determined.

Finally, To the general Synod belongs the forming of new particular Synods, and properly organ


izing the same; of ascertaining their bounderies, and judging and determining all disputes that may arise at any sime, respe&ing fuch boundaries.


As the holding a general Synod (agreeably to Art. 50. of the Church Orders) has been found to be inconvenient in the Netherlands, and the Churches there have adopted a mutual correspondence from the particular Synods as a substitute ; fo the situation and particular circumstances of the reformed Durch Church in America, render an alternative in the organization of a general Synod, equally necessary. It is, therefore, resolved that, Instead of being composed of Delegates from the particular Synods, the general Synod fall .continue as heretofore, to confist of all the .Ministers, with cach an Elder, and also, an Elder froin every vacant congregation. This mode of constituting a general Synod shall remain until some other substitute, or the obtaining a sufficient number of Delegates from particular Synods shall be found practicable, and by a formal resoluLion of the general Synod for the time being Mall be regularly adopted. And all the powers and rights before recited are and shall continue to be vested in the general Synod organized agreeably to the pre. fent form.

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