Winchester, Lichfield, and Hereford

Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, and T. Longman, Jun., Paternoster Row ; and the author, Burton Street, 1817

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Sivu 4 - ... one who has lengthened, and one who has gladdened life ; with Dr. James, whose skill in physic will be long remembered ; and with David Garrick, whom I hoped to have gratified with this character of our common friend. But what are the hopes of man ? I am disappointed by that stroke of death which has eclipsed the gaiety of nations, and impoverished the public stock of harmless pleasure.
Sivu 4 - At this man's table I enjoyed many cheerful and instructive hours, with companions such as are not often found ; with one who has lengthened and one who has gladdened life ; with Dr. James, whose skill in...
Sivu 133 - The Life of William Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, Lord High Chancellor of England, in the Reign of Henry VI. and Founder of Magdalen College, Oxford : collected from Records, Registers, Manuscripts, and other authentic Evidences. By Richard Chandler, DD. formerly Fellow of that College.
Sivu 43 - These Letters will show, as long as the English language endures, the sprightliness of her wit, the solidity of her judgment, the elegance of her taste, and the excellence of her real character. They are so bewitchingly entertaining, that we defy the most phlegmatic man on earth to read one without going through with them.
Sivu 132 - Letters to a Prebendary : being an Answer to Reflections on Popery, by the Rev.
Sivu 96 - Vaisnavism assumed in the south from the middle of the eleventh century to the middle of the thirteenth.
Sivu 73 - Although the architectural antiquary seeks in vain for that picturesque arrangement of parts, and successive variety, which belong to the Cathedrals of Salisbury, Lincoln, Wells, &c. yet he soon discovers a peculiar grandeur from its extent and quantity; and also many specific features of design, which tend to rouse and gratify inquiry. As a distant object the Church presents a large and long mass of building. Its nave, particularly as seen from the south, is distinguished by its length of roof and...
Sivu 119 - ... sexes in Winchester, to all the clergy in that city, and to every fellow and scholar in Wykeham's two colleges and his own. His biographers have celebrated his piety, temper, and humanity. Besides the foundation of Magdalen-college, of which an ample detail is given in our authorities, he established a free^-school in his native town, and was a benefactor to Eton college, Winchester cathedral, and other places. In these labours, while his munificent spirit induced him to hire the ablest artists,...
Sivu 21 - Ill, 239), he is usually assumed to have been archon, and is dated at about the end of the third or beginning of the fourth century...
Sivu 65 - Feilde, &c. &c. Including Erdeswick's Survey of the County, and the approved parts of Dr. Plot's Natural History. The whole brought down to the present Time; interspersed with Pedigrees and Anecdotes of Families...

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