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counties, to them respectively assigned, in the same manner as the register might do; and also, to transmit to the register the said notices and evidences, or such transcripts of abstracts of the same, as the said register, or the commissioners may direct; and generally to do and perform all such acts, in relation to such claims, as the said register may direct. Persons having Evidences of claims to land may deliver the notices and evidences claims may be of the same, at their option, either to the register of the register or the proper land office, or to his deputy, for the coun- his deputy. ty in which such land lies ; and each of the said de, Fees. puties shall be entitled to receive the recording fees allowed to the register, by the act to which this act is a supplement, and in addition thereto, (or a compensation of five hundred dollars in full for all his services,) at the rate of one dollar for every claim filed with him, to be paid out of the monies appropriated for carrying into effect the act to which this-act is a supplement. Sec. 5. The commissioners appointed for the purpose


ers duties and of ascertaining the rights of persons claiming lands powers under in the territory of Orleans, shall, in their respective this act. districts, have the same powers, and perform the same duties, in relation to the claims thus filed, before the first day of January next, as if notice of the same had been given before the first day of March last, and as was provided by the act to which this act is a supple. ment, in relation to the claims therein described. Transcripts of the decisions of the said commissioners, and reports of the claims filed in conformity with the provisions of this act, shall be made and transmit. ted, as was provided by the act to which this act is a supplement, in relation to the claims therein described. It shall likewise be the duty of the said commis. sioners, to inquire into the nature and extent of the claims which may arise from a right or supposed right to a double or additional concession on the back of grants or concessions heretofore made, or from

grants or concessions heretofore made to minors, and not embraced by the provisions of this act, or from grants or concessions made by the Spanish government, subsequent to the first day of April, one thousand eight hundred, for lands which were actually settled and inhabited on the twentieth day of December, one thousand eight hundred and three ; and to make a

special report thereon to the secretary of the treasury; which report shall be, by him, laid before Congress at their next ensuing session. And the lands which may be embraced by such report, shall not be other. wise disposed of, until a decision of Congress shall

have been had thereupon. Compensa

Sec. 6. Each of the registers aforesaid, shall, in tions of the addition to his other emoluments, receive a compencommission. sation of five hundred dollars for the services to be ers and regis- performed under this act, prior to the first day of Jan

uary next; and each of the commissioners aforesaid, shall receive at the rate of six dollars a day for every day's actual attendance on the duties of his office,

subsequent to the first day of January next : Provided, Proviso.

That the whole amount of compensation thus allowed, shall not, for any commissioner, exceed two thou

sand dollars : And provided also, That the President Proviso.

of the United States may, if he shall think proper, reduce, after the first day of January next, the num. ber of commissioners, on either or both boards, to one or two persons; and in case of such reduction, the commissioner or commissioners constituting the boaru, shall have the same powers which are vested by this act, or by the act to which this act is a supple

ment, in the board established by the act to which Compensa - this act is a supplement. The clerk of each of the tion of the boards shall be entitled to receive at the rate of fifclerks.

teen hundred dollars a year, the translators at the rate of six hundred dollars a year, and the agents employ. ed by the secretary of the treasury, at the rate of fif. teen hundred dollars a year, from the first day of Jan.

uary next, to the time when each board shall respecProviso. tively be dissolved: Provided, That no more than one

year's compensation be thus allowed to each of the said clerks, translators and agents : And provided also, That the secretary of the treasury may discontinue either one or both of said agents, whenever he shall think it proper.

Sec. 7. The commissioners appointed for the purCommission

pose of ascertaining the rights of persons claiming ers may change the

lands in the territories of Orleans and Louisiana, are places of their hereby authorised, if they shall think it necessary, for sessions.

the purpose of obtaining oral evidence, either in support of, or in opposition to claims, which evidence

could not be given at the usual place of their sittings,
without oppression to the parties or witnesses, to re-
move their sittings, or to send, for that purpose, one
or more members of the board, to such other place or
places, within their respective districts, as they may
think necessary: And each of the commissioners going
for that purpose, to such other place or places, shall,
in addition to his compensation, receive at the rate of
six dollars for every twenty miles, going to and re-
turning from such place or places : Provided, That no Proviso.
commissioner shall receive in the whole on that ac-
count, more than for the distance from the usual place
of the sittings of the board to the extreme settlements
within his respective district.

Sec. 8. Each of the boards aforesaid, shall prepare Boards to and cause to be prepared, the reports and transcripts, prepare rewhich by law they are directed to make to the secre. ports, &c. tary of the treasury, in conformity with such forms forms preas he may prescribe; and they shall also, in their se- scribed by veral proceedings and decisions, conform to such in- secretary

of the trease structions, as the said secretary may, with the approbation of the President of the United States, transmit to them in relation thereto.


Sec. 1. So much of the first section of the act, en. IX. 81. titled *“ An act for ascertaining and adjusting the 3d March, titles and claims to land within the territory of Or. Part of the leans and the district of Louisiana,” as provides that first section no incomplete title shall be confirmed, unless the per- of a former son in whose name the warrant or order of liad

act repealed, survey

respecting inbeen granted, was at the time of its date, either the complete tihead of a family, or above the age of twenty-one years, tles. is hereby repealed. Sec. 2. Any person or persons, and the legal repre. Residents in

Orleans or sentative of any person or persons, who on the twen.

Louisiana, tieth day of December, one thousand eight hundred confirmed'in and three, had for ten consecutive years prior to that their titles day, been in possession of a tract of land not claimed if in possesby any other person, and not exceeding two thousand

cessive years acres, and who were on that day resident in the ter- prior to 20th

Dec. 1803. * Vix: Act of 26th March, 1801.

sion ten suc

ritory of Orleans or Louisiana, and had still

posses. sion of such tract of land, shalj be confirmed in their Proviso. titles to such tract of land: Prvoid d, That no claim Lead mines to a lead mine or salt spring, shall be confirmed mere. and salt

ly by virtue of this section: And provided also, That springs excepied.

no more land shall be granted by virtue of this section, than is actually claimed by the party, nor more than is contained within the acknowledged and ascertained

boundaries of the tract claimed. Claim of New Sec. 3. The claim of the corporation of the city of Orleans to New Orleans, to the commons adjacent to the said commons, confirmed

city, and within six hundred yards from the fortifica.

tions of the same, are hereby recognized and confirmProviso. ed : Provided, That the said corporation shall, with.

in six months after passing this act, relinquish and release any claim they may have to such commons

beyond the distance of six hundred yards aforesaid : Proviso,

Provided also, That the corporation shall reserve for

the purpose, and corvey gratuitously for the public Reservation

benefit, to the company authorised by the legislature for a canal. of the territory of Orleans, as much of the said com.

mons as shall be necessary to continue the canal of Carondelet, from the present bason to the Mississippi, and shall not dispose of, for the purpose of building thereon, any lot within sixty feet of the space re

served for a canal, which shall forever remain open Proviso.

as a public highway: And provided also, That nothing herein contained, shall be construed to affect or impair the rights of any individual or individuals to the said commons, which are derived from any grant of

the French or Spanish governments. Claims to be

Sec. 4. The commissioners appointed, or to be apdecided ac- pointed, for the purpose of ascertaining the rights of cording to

persons claiming land in the territories of Orleans the usages and customs

and Louisiana, shall have full powers to decide acof the French cording to the laws and established usages and cus. and Spanish toms of the French and Spanish governments, upon governments, all claims to lands within their respective districts, in certain

where the claim is made by any person or personis, or the legal representative of any person or persons, who were on the twentieth of December, one thousand eight hundred ard three, inhabitants of Luis. iana, and for a tract not exceeding the quantity of acres contained in a league square, and which does not include either a lead mine or salt spring; which decision of the commissioners, when in favor of the claimant, shall be final against the United States, any act of Congress to the contrary notwithstand



Sec. 5. The time fixed by the act abovementioned, and by the acts supplementary to the same, for delic Time fixed vering to the proper register or recorder, notices in for delivering writing and the written evidences of claims to land, claims, exis hereby extended, for the territories of Orleans and tended to Louisiana, till the first day of July, one thousand 1st July,

1808. eight hundred and eight, and persons delivering such notices and evidences shall be entitled to the same benefit as if the same had been delivered within the time limited by the former acts; but the rights of such Persons barpersons as shall neglect so doing within the time limit- red who need by this act, shall, so far as they are derived from, notices, &c. or founded on, any act of Congress, ever after be barred and become void, and the evidences of their claims never after admitted as evidence in any court of law or equity whatever. Sec. 6. The commissioners, appointed or to be ap- of final deci

Transcripts pointed for the purpose of ascertaining the rights of sions to be persons claiming lands in the territories of Orleans transmitted and Louisiana, shall respectively transmit to the se

to surveyor. cretary of the treasury, and to the surveyor general, secretary of

general and or oficer acting as surveyor-general, transcripts of the the treasury. final decisions, made in favor of claimants, by virtue of this act, and they shall deliver to the party a certificate, stating the circumstances of the case, and that he is entitled to a patent for the tract of land therein designated, which certificate shall be filed with the proper register or recorder, within twelve months after date. And the register or recorder shall thereupon (a plat of the tract of land therein designated, being previous. Patents to is ly filed with him, or transmitted to him, by the offi. sue upon cer acting as surveyor-general, in the manner herein- transmitted after provided) issue a certificate in favor of the party, to the secre which certificate being transmitted to the secretary of tary of the the treasury, shall entitle the party to a patent, to be issued in like manner, as is provided by law for the issuing of patents for public lands, lying in other territories of the United States.

Sec. 7. The tracts of land, thus granted by the

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