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Employed to oppose on behalf of For the purchase of public lands
the United States fraudulent and See sales of public lands, 38
unfounded claims in the Kaskas-

Register, 4, 5, 12.
kia aistrict

2 His compensation

3 In the Mississippi territory, and
his compensation

Of 93000 for working salt springs
.292, 296
on the Wabash

4. One to be employed for the board
of commissioners in the district

See sait spring's, 2.
of Louisiana; and one for each of
the two boards in the territory of

Ash George

.310 | A right of pre-emption to 640 a-
5 The one for the district of Loui. cres including his improvement
siana to investigate the titles and on the Ohio, granted to



Beauvais, St. Jam.

regulating that part of the boun-
Confirmed in a tract of land at Kas- dary line, which extends from the
kaskia, purchased by him of the

Lake of the Woods to the Missis-
265 sippi

3 Line between the United States
Board of Trade.

and the Spanish provinces of East

and West Florida adjusted by the
Of England ; recommendation of,

treaty of San Lorenza el Real of
to the king, 23d March, 1764, for

27 October, 1795

altering the bounds of West Flori.

4 In the same treaty the middle of


the Mississippi declared to be the
See West Florida

western boundary of the United

Board of Treasury. 5 The Surveyor General of the
1 Authorised to contract for the

United States directed to run the
sale of a tract of land on the Ohio 236 boundary lines between the pub.
2 Their contract with the Ohio com-

lic lands and those of the Indians
pany of associates confirmed 238, 9

in the territory north of Ohio and
3 The President authorised to alter

east of the Mississippi

. 166
their contract with John Cleves For the boundaries of states and

240 territories-
4 Authorised to sell a tract of land See Cessions, Charters, Compact 3
between Lake Erie and Pennsylva-


Brewer; George.

See Bryan Richard S.
1 Of the United States established.
by the treaty of Paris of Septem-

Bryan Richard S.
ber 30, 1783

1 And George Brewer, allowed to en-
2 Provision by the treaty of Lon- ter their pre-emption claim after
don of 19 November, 1794, for

the time therefor had elapsed · 298

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7 of territory by Connecticut . 37 | 3 Time for receiving, extended

By South Carolina .. 43 ultimately to the 1st March, 1813 207

By North Carolina 45 See Military Land Warrants, 10,
By Georgia

55 13, 14, 19. Private claims.
11 From Indian tribes : See the se.
veral treaties with them, under

the head of treaties with In-

1 of the Boards of Commissioners
dian tribes

for the districts of Vincennes, Kas-

kaskia and Detroit, their duties
and compensation

268, 270
1 Extract from the charter of the 2 For the two districts in the Mis-
province of Massachusetts Bay in sissippi territory, their duties 286
N England 3d of William & Mary 6 Fees and compensation : 288, 290
2. ... The charter of Con. 3 For the two districts in the terri.

necticut, 14 Car. II. 8 tory of Orleans and the district of

The grant of Charles Louisiana, their duties and come
II. to James duke of pensation

308—9, 314
York. 16 Car. II. . 9
4. .
The 2d charter of Vir.

7th James I.

The 2d charter of Ca-

To the Governors of Georgia and
rolina, 17th Car. II. . ib.

West Florida, in which the boun-

daries of those provinces are de-
The Georgia charter
clared and established

21, 24
in 1732, 5 Gcorge II. 11

See Georgia 2. West Florida 2, 3.

Land office established at

See Land Offices, 3. 1 Appointed for ascertaining claims

to pre-emption rights by purcha-
Christian Indians.

sers from John Cleves Symmes . 246

2 Their decision to be final; and
Three towns on the Muskingum, when in favor of claimants to give
and as much adjacent land as will a certificate thereof to the Regis-
be sufficient for the society of, for- ter of the Land Office at Cincinna-
merly settled there to cultivate, ti, or, if he be a claimant, to the
reserved for the

Surveyor General

See United Brethren.

3 For the examination of private

claims in the districts of Vincennes,
Kaskaskia and Detroit

1 Land office established at 144

4. Their powers, duties and poceed.
2 A lot of ground therein, on which

ings in such 'examinations, and
Fort Washington stood, the pro-

their compensation.

perty of the United States, direct.

5 Shall report to the Secretary of
ed to be sold at public sale . 255, 6

the Treasury claims rejected by
3 Terms and conditions of sale 256

them, with the substance of the e-
See Land Offices 2. Williams Elie.

vidence adduced in support there-


6 Also transcripts of their decisions

in favor of claimants to be laid
1 To military bounty lands, time before Congress

. ib.
for receiving by the Secretary at 7 For ascertaining and deciding on

203 settlement rights in the territory
2 And for duplicates of warrants of Michigan; proceedings to be
or plats and certificate, of surveys observed by them; their powers,
suggested to have been lost or de- duties and compensation 272, 273

ib. I 8 For examining and ascertaining



private claims in the Mississippi fore made


285/ 22 Or from grants, &c. heretofore
9 Their powers and duties ib. made to minors, and not embrac-
10 For receiving such propositions ed by the provisions of the act of
of compromise as may be offered . the 21st April; 1806 .

. ib.
by the several companies, &c. 23 Or from grants, &c. made by
claiming public lands in the terri- the Spanish government subse-
tory of the United States south of

quent to the 1st April, 1800, for
Tenissee and west of the state lands actually settled and inhabit.
of Georgia

. . 289, 290 ed on the 20th December, 1803,
11 Conpensation to the commmis. and make report, &c.
sioners in the Mississippi territory ib. 24 Daily allowance to the commis-
12 To be appointed in the district sioners in the territory of Orleans 314
of Louisiana and the territory of 25 Their boards may be reduced in
Orleans for ascertaining private number by the President

claims therein

307 26 They may remove their sittings
Their duties and powers

308 or send one of their Boards to
13 Not to take cognizance of any such places in their respective dis-
grant or incomplete title bearing tricts as they may think necessary
date subsequent to the first of Oc. for the convenience of taking oral
tober, 1800

308 testimony in relation to claims 314-15
14 To make report to the Secreta- 27 Allowance to the commissioners
ry of the Treasury of claims re- therefor

jected by them, with the substance 28 To conform in their proceedings
of the evidence, and remarks and decisons to such instructions
thereon, to be laid before Con- as the Secretary of the Treasury

309 with the approbation of the Presi.
15 Suspecting grants, &c. to be an. dent may transmit to them ib.
tedated or otherwise fraudulent, 29 To decide according to the laws
they may require other proofs of and established usages of the
their validity

French and Spanish governments
26 Their compensation

ib. on claims by persons who were on
17 To make a special report to the the 20th December, 1803, inhabi-
Secretary of the Treasury of the tants of Louisiana

claims to, and value of the lead 30 For tracts not exceeding in con-
mines in Louisiana, to be laid be- tents a league square

fore Congress

310 And not including a lead mine or
18 They may direct such surveys to salt spring

be made as may be necessary for 31 Such decisions to be final ib.
their decision on claims presented 32 To transmit to the Secretary of
to them.

311 the Treasury and Surveyor Gene-
19 To be made at the expence of ral, transcripts of their decisions
the parties except in claims under in favor of claims, and delirer to
legal French or Spanish grants the party a certificate that he is
completed prior to the 1st of Octo- entitled to a patent, &c.

ber, 1800

ib. | 33 They may direct re-surveys,
20 Such surveys to be considered when necessary, at the expence of
as private surveys, as well as all tle United States

others, except in cases of such 34 To report to the Secretary of
complete titles, &c.


the Treasury their opinions on all
21 To enquire into the nature and claims of a certain kind not con-
extent of the claims arising from firmed by them, to be laid before
a supposed right to a double or Congress for their final determi.
additional concession on the back nation thereon

. ib.
of grants or concessions hereto. 35 Salary of the said commisioners 319


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