Sivut kuvina

marking or surveying, and the 11 Such permission not to extenda
President may cause them to be to the working of lead mines or
removed by military force 138, 188 salt springs, which may be leased
5 After the 3d March, 1807, tak- by the President for a term not
ing possession of or settling lands exceeding three years

ceded to the United States by fo- 12 After the 1st January, 1808, the
reign nations or any state, not marshal may, under instructions
having had their claims recogniz- from the President, remove set-
ed by the United States, they for. tlers without permission

feit all claim, right and title to 13 Settlers before the said 3d
such land so settled, &c. and may March, 1807, to have notice to re-
be removed by military force 188, 189 move, and remaining after such
6 These provisions not to affect notice subject to fine and impri-
claims in Orleans or Louisiana sonment
until the commissioners shall have 14 The provisions of the act of 3d
reported and Congress decided March, 1807, not to extend to

ib. claimants in Orleans or Louisiana
7 Actual settlers before the 3d territories, who shall have filed
March, 1807, may continue to their claims with the commission-
hold as tenants at will under per- ers prior to 1st January, 1807.
mission from the officers of the 15 Settling or surveying, marking,
land office

. . 189, 190 &c. lands of the United States
8 For tracts not exceeding 320 within the limits of Louisiana,

ib. subjects the offender to fine and
9 To yield up quiet possession imprisonment

.. 304
when required, to purchasers ib. 16 And he may be removed by mj.
10 And to sign a written renuncia- litary force
tion of their claims derived from

See Indian Lands.
any other person



[blocks in formation]


proved lands, salt springs or lead
5 By the act of 21st April, 1806,
locations may be made for 500

La Fayette General ;
1 Land warrants to be issued to, for
11,520 acres

2 Which may be located in the ter.
ritory of Orleans on any land the
property of the United States . 233
3 with what officer the locations
shall be made, and how and by
whom they shall be surveyed
4 No location to be made for less
than 1000 acres, por include im.




Land Districts.

See Land Ofices.
Land Lawr-Sce acts of Congress.



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Land Offices.

16 Land acquired by the treaty of
1 Four established in the territory

Fort Wayne of Septem. 30, 1809,

north west of the Ohio

and lying west of and adjoining

the boundary line established by
2 At Cincinnati for lands below the

Little Miami

the treaty of Greenville attached

to the district of Cincinnati, 179
3 At Chilicothe for lands east of the

17 The residue of the lands ac-
Scioto, south of the military

quired by said treaty and other
boundary lands and west of the

15th range of townships

treaties at Vincennes the same

year attached to the Vincennes
4 At Marietta for lands east of the

16th range of townships, south of
the said military bounty lands,

18 Boundary between the districts

of Vincennes and Jeffersonville 180
and south of a line drawn due west

19 Two land offices established in
from the N. W. corner of the first

the Mississippi Territory

township of the 2d range to the
said military lands


20 One in Adams county for the

lands west of Pearl River, and one
5 And at Steubenville for the lands
north of the last mentioned line

in Washington county for those
and east or north of the said mili.

east of Pearl River, at such place

as the President shall appoint in
tary lands


6 The unappropriated lands in the

21 That part of the lands acquired
military tract lying west of the

by the treaty of Mount-Dexter with
11th range attached to the Chili.

the Choctaws, lying east of Pearl
cothe district

7 At Zanesville for the lands within

River, attached to the district east
and east of the 11th range of the

of that river, and those lying west

of that river, attached to the dis-
military tract, and all those north

trict west thereof

of the Ohio company's purchase,

22 The President authorised to es.
west of the first 7 ranges, and east

tablish a land office for the sale of
of the district of Chilioothe


the lands ceded by the Cherokees
8 At Detroit, for the lands north of

and Chickasaws
the state of Ohio

9 At Vincennes for the lands ceded

For ascertaining the lands acquir-
by the Wabash Indians

ed by treaties with the Indians at-

tached to the several Land Offices
10 At Kaskaskia for those within

abovementioned-See the references
the boundaries fixed in the treaty

under the head of
with the Kaskaskia Indians of 13th

Treaties with Indian Tribes.
August, 1803

11 The lands between the Wabash
and Ohio, and the road leading

from the falls of Ohio to Vincen. The geographer of the United States
nes, attached to that district. 176 directed to take the latitude of the
12 Lands purchased from the Sacs extremes of the first north and
and Foxes attached to the Kaskas- south line of the ranges of town-
kia district

177 ships in the territory north west
13 At Jeffersonville for lands on of the Ohio, and of the mouths of
the Ohio between the Cincinnati the principal rivers therein 130
and Vincennes districts

14 At such place as the President

Lead Mines
shall appoint for lands between the

1 In the Indiana territory, and conti-
military tract and the Connecticut

guous sections reserved for future

15 Lands acquired by the treaty of 2 Grants of lands containing, which
Detroit of the 17th November, had been discovered previous to
1807, attached to the district of

the purchase of such lands, de.

178-9 clared fraudulent and null ib.


ib. disposal

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3 May be leased by the President

The registers and receivers in the
for a term not exceeding 5 years ib.

Mississippi territory to regulate
4 No permission to be given to work locations of interfering pre-emp.
lead mines without the approbation tion rights

of the President, who may lease

See Military Bounties 11, 14, 23.
any lead mine for a term not ex.

Military land warrants 3, 5, 6, 9, 11,
ceeding three years


13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19. Private claims
See agent 5. Intruders 11.

14, 15, 19. La Fayette General.
Commissioners 17, 30. Private
claims 55. La Fayette General 4.

Lewis and Clarke.

1 Retrocession of, by Spain to

France; recital of so much of the
1 Warrants for 1600 acres to be is.

treaty of St. Ildefonso as relates
sued to each of them


2 And for 320 acres to each of their

2 Cession of by France to the Unit-
companions in the expedition to ed States

the Pacific Ocean

. 234-53 Power of the surveyor general ex.
3 Which may be located on the

tended over the territory of 169
west side of the Mississippi, on See intruders 6, 14, 15. Deputy
any public lands there offered for

surveyors 6 to 11. Private claims
sale, &c.

235 | 44. Recorder.




Military Bounties.
Land Office established at 146 1 Bythe royal proclamation of 1763,
See Land Offices 4.

the governors of the British pro-

vinces in North America authori.

zed to grant lands to reduced offi.
1 Deed of cession of territory by,

cers and privates who had served
to the United States


in the preceding war, and also to
2 Acceptance thereof by Congress 37

the officers of the navy who had

served at the reduction of Louis-
M Grew John

burg and Quebec, and the rates of
such bounties

Confirmed in his title to 1500 acres 2 To officers and soldiers of the re-
of land in the Mississippi territory volutionary army; bounty lands
in compliance with the 4th article promised to all engaging for and
of the treaty of Mount Dexter, with serving to the end of the war, by
the Choctaws

182 resolution of Congress of the 16th
See treaties with Indian tribes 26.

September, 1776, and the rates of

3 The said resolution made retros.
Michigan Territory.

pective by that of 18th September,
The secretary of, to be a commis. 1776

sioner for the examination of pri- 4 Assignees of officers and soldiers
vate claims in the

272 excluded by the resolution of 20th
His compensation therefor 274 September, 1776

For private cluims and pre-emption

5 The provisions of the resolution
rights in, see private claims 9 to 12.

of 16th September, 1776, extended
Pre-emption 17. Superintendants of

to general officers by that of 12th

August, 1780, and rates of bounty ih,


6 And by that of 30th September, apart for satisfying said claims, ad-
1780, to the hospital and medical joining the southern boundary of
staff and rates of bounty to them 192 the military tract

7 Provision for supermumerary offi- 23 Priority of locations to be de-
cers, by resolution 3d Oct. 1780 193 termined by lot

8 Secretary at War' to determine 24 Quantities of land assigned to
who are proper objects of the afore- certain refugees by name 211
mentioned resolutions

ib. 25 Claims to be exhibited prior to
9 Tract of country set apart for sa- 24th February, 1812, or forever
196 barred

10 To be granted in quarter town. See Virginia Military Bounties.
ships only
11 Priority of location to be deter- Military Land Warrants
mined by lot

1971 For bounties to the officers and
12 50 unlocated quarter townships

soldiers of the revolutionary army,
and fractional parts reserved, for

to be issued by the Secretary at
satisfying warrants granted to in:


dividuals for military services 2002 Secretary of the Treasury to re-
13 To be divided into lots of 100 gister them for nine months after
acres each

201 notice given in the several states
14 After the 16th March, 1800, per-

and territories

sons originally entitled to such

3 Unlocated after the 1st January,
warrants, may, prior to 1st Janua- 1802, barred

ry, 1802, locate them on any of

4 Fourteen days allowed for regis.
those reserved lots in his own name tering after the expiration of the
only, and not for the use of ano- nine months formerly allowed ib,
ther, or subject to any contract 5 May be located on the general
previously made
ib. military tract

15 Where more than one applica-

6 Certain fractional quarter town.
- tion is made for the same tract,

ships on the Scioto, &c. when lo.
priority to be determined by lot 202 cated, to be received and taken as
16 To foreign deserters from the 4,000 acres

British army, bounty lands promi-

7 Located on quarter townships,
sed by resolutions of 14th and containing (according to the plat
27th August, 1776, and the rates and survey returned by the sur-

207 veyor general) less than 4,000
17 To refugees from Canada and acres, certificaies (having the same
Nova Scotia, by resolutions of 232 effect as warrants) to issue for the
April, 1783, and 13th April, 1785 208 deficiency

18 Claimants under said resolutions 8 If containing more (according to
to be notified, by advertisement in said plat, &c.) no patent shall issue,
certain Gazettes, to transmit an ac.

until warrants be deposited, or S2
count of their claims to the War- per acre paid into the treasury,


for the excess
19 What description of persons en- .

9 Time for registering and locating
titled to the benefit of the preced.

extended to 1st January, 1803

ing provisions, and proofs required

10 Claims to, to be received, and
to be made therefor

208-9 duplicates of warrants or plats lost
20 The Secretary at War and the

to be issued by the Secretary at
Secretary and Comptroller of the War until the 1st January, 1803 ib.
Treasury to examine and report

11 Time for registering and locat-
on their claims and the rates of al- ing extended to 1st April, 1803 ib.

lowances to be made them 209-10 12 To be issued after the 1st April,
21 Claims not exhibited in a certain

1803, to 254 persons who had ex-
time barred


hibited and substantiated their
22 Lands to be surveyed and set

claims thereto



13 And located on the 50 quarter

townships, &c. reserved by the 5th

One third of all gold, silver, lead
section of the act of 1st March,


and copper, reserved for the future

disposition of Congress in the ter-
14 Time for receiving claims to, and

ritory north-west of the Ohio, by
registering and locating of, further
extended to 1st April, 1805 ib.

ordinance of Congress of the 20th


May, 1785
15 To be located on the said 50


See note to page 133. Lead Mines.
quarter townships orly
16 And not to be located without
endorsement by the Secretary at

Mississippi River.
War, that no warrant hath been 1 By the treaty with Spain, of San
issued for the same claim .. 204-5 Lorenzo el Real, the middle of the
17 To be issued to 63 persons who said river agreed to be the western

had exhibited and substantiated boundary of the United States, se-
their claims thereto, and also to parating them from the Spanish
such as shall substantiate their colony of Louisiana
claims prior to 1st April, 1805 205 2 The navigation of, to be free only
18 To be located only on the said to the citizens of the United States

50 reserved quarter townships, &c. ib. and the subjects of Spain, from its
19 Time for receiving claims and source to its mouth

locating warrants further extend- See Boundaries, 2. Navigable Wa-
ed to 1st March, 1806; and for re-
ceiving claims, (by subsequent
acts) to 1st March, 1813; and for

Mississippi Territory.
locating warrants to 1st October,


1 A surveyor appointed for the . 171
2 Public lands and private claims
to be surveyed therein

Military Tract,

3 Tw, land offices established

1 Set apart for the officers and sol.

diers of the continental army, dur-

See Land Offices, 20, 21. Survey-
ing the revolutionary war, bounda-

ing, 24 to 28. Private Claims, 21
ries of the


to 43. Intruders, 5 to 14. Dona.
2 To be divided into townships five

tions, 10 to 13. Preemption, 19


to 28.
See Military Bounties, 9, 22. Sur.
veying, 30, 34 to 37.

Moravian Brethren.

See United Brethren,

ters, 1.,

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Nannee Hubba.

Navigable Waters
Island of; in the Mississippi Terri-

1 Leading into the Mississippi and
tory; certificates to be granted by St. Laurence, declared to be com-
the commissioners for lands in 294

mon highways

. 137
See Privdie Claims, 34. 2 And in the territory north-west of
the Ohio


3 Also in the territory of the Unit.

ed States south of the state of Ten-
Right of the United States to cer-
tain lands in, vested in the corpo-
ration of, to be used as a common 297 4 In the Indiana Territory 18


See Jefferson College.


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