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tertian fever; one only escaping. Batavia, people, for who steals, who drinks, who lies in Java, was intersected with half-filled ca- as they do!' And so we sent him away. nals and tanks, and so completely environ. Some time after, Christian Henry Rauch, ed with trees and shrubs, as to prevent the came, and sat down in my hut. The sub. free circulation of the air. A venerable stance of what he said was as follows:historian has stated, that within the space 'I coupe to you in the name of the Lord of of twenty-two years, although there was no heaven and earth, who has sent me to in. particular extent of sickness, yet the number form you that he wishes to take you out of of deaths within the city was upwards of the misery in which you lie, and to make one million! At Jamaica, & magnificent you happy. For this end he became a man hospital was erected for seamen, which ob. and gave his life, and shed his blood for tained the name of Greenwich Hospital.' men.' He then lay down on a board in my It was built near a swamp, and the patients hut and fell asleep, for he was weary through who entered, even with trilling complaints, his journey. I thought, well, what a man were seazed with the most malignant dis. is this! He lies there and sleeps so quietly. eases. The mortality became so alarming I can easily kill him and throw him in the that the hospital was abandoned and another wood, and who will ever inquire after him ? erected in a more healthy situation. It was Ah, but I could not forget his words, and I not uncommon to find the whole of the sen- dreamed about the blood Jesus Christ shed tinels at this place, seized in the middle of for us. I thought this is different from any the night with sickness of various kinds, thing we have heard before, so I interpreted and several relief of guards required before to the Indians the words of the Missionmorning."- Col. Mog., Oct. 1840, pp. 165, ary; hence an awakening has commenced 173.

amongst us. On this account, I say, brethren,

preach to the heathen Jesus Christ, and his TAE EFFICACY OF PREACHING CHRIST.

· blood, and his death, if you wish to have - Ishcoop, the first Indian converted througb the labours of the Moravian Mis.

seals to your ministry.”-From G. H. Los

: kiel's Geschichte der Brüder Mission in Nord sionaries in North America, relating his experience, made the following statement:

W. S.

Amerika. “ Brethren, I have grown old among the hea. GradATIONS OF DRUNKENNESS.- There then and I know well how the heathen feel. is a rabinical tradition related by Fabricious, A preacher once came to instruct us, and that when Noah planted the vine, satan he began by telling us that there is a God. attended, and sacrificed a sheep, a lion, an "What!' we replied, do you think we do ape, and a sow. These animals were to not know that? Go back again to the place smymbolize the gradations of ebriety. When whence you came.' Afterwards, another a man begins to drink he is meek and igno. preacher came to instruct us. “You must rant as the lamb; then becomes bold as the not steal,' said he, 'nor get drunk, nor tell lion; his courage soon is transformed into lies,' &c. We made answer, 'You dolt! do the foolishness of the ape; and at last he you tbink we do not know that? Learn that wallows in the mire like the sow,-Magazine yourself, and go and teach it to your own for the Blind, Feb. 1841.


ANN HILL was born May 2. 1811. and de- most affectionate and amiable in her dispoparted this life January 9, 1841. As she was sition, and her piety was sincere, unaffected, blest with pious parents, who led their chil. and unostentatious. In consequence of her dren to the house of God, and endeavou red, great modesty and humility, those only dis. both by precept and example, to impress covered her peculiar traits of character with upon their minds the value and importance whom she was on terms of the closest intiof religion, she was brought to seek an in- macy, and they who best knew her will ever terest in Christ at a very early age: and in cherish the most affectionate regard for her May, 1829, during the ministry of the Rev. memory. In the autumn of 1835, she was E. Kingsford, in the city of Lincoln, made dismissed to the General Baptist Church, a public profession of her attachment to the Stoney Street Nottingham, of which she was Redeemer, in the ordinance of baptism. She a consistent member until her happy spirit had an abiding love to the followers of the was conveyed by angel bands, to "join the Lord Jesus Christ, particularly to those of general assembly and Church of the firstthe G. B. Connexion, to which denomination born, whose names are written in heaven." she was firmly attached upon what she con- Farewell, dear sister, thou no more art here, ceived to be scriptural grounds. She was To sooth my grief, nor watch the falling tear;

No; thou'rt removed to mansions far above, There patriarchs, prophets, martyrs, saints of Where all is happiness, and peace, and love. Are ever telling, yet have never told, Cold,

How great, how holy, pure, wise, glorious he,

Who groan'd, and bled, and died upon the tree. With grief no more we see thy soul opprest, No, thou art gone to thy eternal rest. Where grief ne'er enters, and where sighs

Who, for a sinful race, his life laid down,

That he might raise them to a heavenly crown, ne'er break

A crown of life, immortal, in the skies, Those dulcet sounds heaven's golden harps

ps Of purest mould ;-his blood, too, paid the awake.


There, in the presence of thy God above. Farewell dear sister, then, I will not mourn,
Thou’rt hymning praises to Redeeming love, Since to such blissful regions thou art gone,
Love so amazing, so complete, divine, Ye tears that trickle, stay; ye sighs, no more
Lasting as heaven, unchanged by changing Heave for a sister on that happy shore.

H. H. H.


MIDLAND CONFERENCE. - The Easter requesting advice, and pecuniary assistance, Conference in the Midland district assem. It was resolved, bled at Melbourne, on Tuesday, April 13th, That if the Churches composing the War1841. The services of the day were intro. wickshire Conference exert themselves to duced with reading and prayer, by Mr.Stan sustain the cause at Coventry, and procure, yon; and Mr. Goadby, of Leicester, preach. as soon as couvenient, a suitable minister, from Rom. v. 6. “For when we were yet this Conference will afford them every aswithout strength, in due time Christ died sistance in their power. for the uogodly.”

The importance of petitioning parliament In the afternoon, at half past two, the for the abolition of Church Rates was dis. brethren assembled for business. Mr. Ste. cussed, and the following resolution was venson, of Leicester, opened the meeting adopted : with prayer, and Mr. A. Smith (by the re. That all the Churches in this Conference, quest of Mr. Stanyon, Minister of the place) which have not yet petitioned parliament, occupied the chair. The reports from many in favour of Mr. Easthope's Bill, for the abo. of the Churches were highly interesting and lition of Church-rates, and Ecclesiastical encouraging, and seemed to show that the courts, be requested to do it forth with. Baptist denomination, in this district, is The next Conference to be held at Hugrapidly progressing. It was stated to the glescote, on Whit-Tuesday ; Mr. Stevenson, Conference, that the Churches at Barton and of Leicester, to preach in the morning, and Measham, in consequence of a continued Mr. Wigg, in the evening. increase in their congregations, had come T he service in the evening was commencto the conclusion of pulling down their ed by Mr. Owen; and Mr. Smith, of QuornMeeting-houses, and building larger ; and don, preached from Acts i. 3. “To whom that at both these places the buildings were also be showed himself alive after his in a state of forwardness. The Church passion," &c. assembling in Brook Street, Derby, finding

EDWARD BOTT, Secretary. their present chapel too small, have it in contemplation to erect a new, and more The HOME MISSION.—We live in stircommodious one, in another part of the ring times. We behold the elements of town. The Church in Friar Lane, Leicester, great events in silent operation. The epe. too, are repairing and improving the sancta. mies of truth are abroad, diffusing among ary where they worship. Other reports all classes the most destructive principles. however were of a painful and distressing Does it not then become Christians to be nature. A division of the Church at Bees. awake, and strive every perse for the in. ton, was reported to have taken place; and terests of Zion. Justice to our, the Church at Basford, as being involved as well as gratitude to Him who has called in peculiar difficulties. Since the last con. us out of darkness, demands our exertions. ference 129 have been baptized, and there Every tie that binds us to the Saviour, every are now pinety-eight candidates.

bond that unites us to our fellow.sinpers, A letter from the Warwickshire Churches every feeling that is in correspondence with being read to the Conference, representing our character, our privileges, and our exthe state of the Church at Coventry, and pectations as Christians, combine to urge us forward, « till God shall shine forth glo. TAE YORKSHIRE CONFERENCE assemriously out of Zion,” and the "earth be bled at Bradford, April 13th, 1841. The filled with the knowledge of his glory, as public worship, in the morning, was comthe waters cover the sea." But it is a pain- menced by Mr. Wm. Butler, with reading fol truth, that many are asleep; and many and prayer; and Mr. R. Hardy preached, love their gold so dearly, that they will sel. from I Peter i. 15. dom part with a single fraction for the sup. A financial and statistical account of the port and extension of the Gospel of Christ. cause at Bradford was read by the chair. Brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, man. It appears that the Redeemer's in. remember that the Church is the instru. terest at this station continues to progress. mental medium by which God designs to Messrs. T. H. Hudson, and Jas. Hodgson, convert the world ; our responsibility, there. reported the proceedings at Leeds, when fore, is great and solemn. The united notice was given to quit and deliver up the voices of heaven and earth call upon you to possession of Albion Street Chapel, to the awake. Not to point to lodia, divine pro. Trustees. The churches in Yorkshire are vidence seems, at this moment, to be di. requested to do what they can to support recting us to various promising spheres of this missionary station. It was agreed, that labour in our native land. If we neglect the business in connection with the General them we shall be verily guilty in the sight Baptist cause in this town, shall be conof heaven. Sheffield must have a chapel; ducted by the managing committee. Leeds requires our fostering care; Coventry T he case of the Church at Queenshead, demands immediate attention-a minister stated to the last meeting, was taken up; must be obtained for the friends there. and the Conference unanimously intimated " Awake, awake, put on thy strength, o its approbation of their conduct in attemptZion; pat on thy beautiful garments, oing to reduce their debt; and recommended Jerusalem.” Our friends have seen, in re. that they make application to the Churches cent numbers of the Repository, what pro. in Yorkshire for permission to collect for gress the cause is making at Sheffield and the liquidation of the debt on their chapel, Leeds. Prospects are evidently encouraging. and other premises, May the Lord give us more zeal, more ener. A very friendly communication was gy and love.

received from Mr. W. Crabtree, of LineA committee meeting of the Castle Don. holm. It was recommended to the Churches ington and Derby districts of the Ilome at Lineholm and Shore to unite in their Mission, was held at Melbourne, April 13, exertions to introduce the General Baptist 1841. Present,- brethren Ayrton, Owen, cause into Todmorden, and to bring their R. Pegg, Soar, Stevenson, Wilkins, Earp, repurt to the next meetiog. Wood, Brooks, Wright, and Whitehead. It was recommended to the Churches It was resolved :

in this district to present a written or verJ. That Mr. Owen be chosen Secretary bal account of the changes wbich take place for the Donington district.

in the adoption of means, zeal, increase of 2. A letter having been read from Mr. members, prospects of success, &c. As a Butler, stating, that, upou the whole, the consequence of this, the delegates presented cause at Leeds wears a pleasing aspect, but the following reports:- That at Burnley that Albion chapel is by no means well. eight persons had been baptized since the situated for obtaining a congregation, being, last Conference. They had suffered from for the most part, surrounded by ware the conduct of some of their members, but houses; the friends, therefore, in that were hoping well. At Shore they have peighbourhood, contemplated purchasing a baptized, and have fifteen incommodious place of worship, in a far more quirers; and their prospects are encourageligible locality, recently occupied by a ing. At Lineholm they have baptized section of the Methodists, and left by them eleven. They have thirty inquirers, and in consequence of its having become too twenty candidates for baptism and fellowsmall. Resolved, That a coinmunication ship. At Heptonstall Slack they have nearly be trapsınitted to Mr. Butler, expressive of twenty proposed for baptism. They have the joy of the members of the committee, obtained a larger and more commodious that the cause at Leeds seems likely to room in Colder for the Lord's-day school prosper; and that they cheerfully engage and public worship. The congregations to continue their usual aid, viz., £30 per are good. At Birchcliffe they have forty andum, but cannot at presept pledge them. inquirers, and twenty candidates for bap. selves to render any further assistance. tisin and fellowship. At Halifax the cause

3. Application for assistance having been is rising. In March and April they have read from the Church at Burton-on-Trent, baptized thirty-two persons. The congre. resolved, That a grant of £5 be made. gatious are good, and the chapel is becoming too small. At Queenshead the congre. brother S. Hull, the senior deacon of the gations are improving. They have a few Church, baptized seven persons. The ser. inquirers, and a few candidates for baptism. vice was marked for deep feeling and order. At Allerton and Clayton they have no re. May this union be permanent here, until vivals. At Bradford they have baptized completed in the Church above. ten since the last Conference. They have

BAPTISM AT WHITTLESEA.-We have a few inquirers, and the state of religion is

again added to our number fourteen per. encouraging. At Leeds they have seven

sons. March 21st, our esteemed deacon, inquirers.

Mr. Halford, baptized seven of the candi. in the evening, public service was

dates, and April 4th, Mr. Rose, the other opened by Mr. H. Hollinrake, with reading

seven, on which day our venerable father and prayer; and Mr. T. Gill preached,

eu, in the gospel, Mr. Ewen, of March, received from Psalm Cxxvi. 6. The next Conference to be held at Hali.

them into the Church, when we partook of fax, on Whit Tuesday, June 1st, 1841.

the Lord's-supper. Our number during Mr. R. Ingham to preach in the morning,

the past year is doubled. and Mr. T. H. Hudson in the evening. BAPTISM AT FLEET.--On Lord's day,

JAMES Hodgson. March 14th, pine persons were baptized in BAPTISM AT BIRMINGHAM.-On Lord's.

the General Baptist chapel, Fleet, Lincoln.

shire, at which time a plain and impressive day, April 4th, the ordinance of believers'

sermon was delivered, to a crowded and atbaptism was administered in the chapel,

tentive congregation, by their pastor, Mr. Lombard Street, Birmingham, to nineteen

T. Yates, from Acts xxii. 16. May peace persons ; eight males, and eleven females,

be within their walls, and prosperity within (one a methodist) upon a professsion of faith in Christ. An impressive sermon was

their palaces.

T. Yates, Seor. preached on the occasion, by Mr. Cham. BAPTISM AT ÆNON CHAPEL, ST. MARY. berlain, of Cradeley Heath, froin Joho xiii. LE-BONE.-On Thorsday evening April 1st, 17,“ If ye know these things, happy are ye thirteen persons were baptized by our reif ye do them,” to a crowded congregation. spected pastor, Mr. Burns, who delivered a After prayer, our esteemed pastor descend. discourse on that occasion from Rom. iv, 3. ed into the water, and administered the sa. “What saith the Scriptures?" We have cred rite. To the afternoon he atfection. several other candidates and inquirers. ately addressed the newly.baptized, and

BAPTISM AT HALIFAX.-On Lord's-day gave them the rigbt hand of fellowship.

April 4th, the ordinance of Christian bap. May these remain faithful unto death; and may maoy more be added unto the Church,

tism was administered in our chapel to thir. such as shall be saved.. T. BRETTELL.

teen persons, five of whom are teachers,

and four scholars, in our school. We have BAPTISM AT WOODHOUSE.-On Lord's still a considerable number of candidates. day April 11th, 1840, ten young persods DOVER STREET, LEICESTER.-Two ex. dedicated themselves to the Lord, by cellent serinons were delivered in the Genechristian baptism. This was a day of pecu- ral Baptist cbapel in this place, on Lord's. liar interest although the weather was rather day, April 11th, by the Rev. Jabez Buros, unfavourable. The people focked to the of London, when collections were made tocbapel in great numbers. When service wards the liquidation of the debt on that began the chapel was crowded to excess. place of worship. A public tea.meeting Our highly esteemed pastor preached a was held on the following evening, when powerful and argumentative sermon, from addresses were delivered by the minister of Mark xvi. 15. 16. Seven of the candidates the place, and the Revds. Messrs. Steven. were teachers in our Sabbath-school. We sop, of Leicester; Rees, and Burns, of Lon. have sixteen more candidates, and many don. The trays were gratuitously provided; more inquiring the way to Zion's holy hill. and the proceeds of the tea, with the col. May God grant that the revival which has lections on Lord's day, amounted to £38, begun may be universal.

10s. At this meeting, a considerable num

ber of friends made pledges for the collecBAPTISM AT ARCADEACON LANE, LEI.

4. tion, or contribution, of different sums, by CESTER.--On Lord's-day, April 4th, our

put the next anniversary, to the amount of esteemed pastor, the Rev. Thos. Stevenson,

"; £122. preached a most impressive sermon, to a very large and attentive congregation, from ÆNON CHAPEL, ST. MARY-LE-BONE.I Sam. xv. 22, “To obey is better than On Good Friday we had our appual tea. sacrifice ; and to hearken, than the fat of meeting on behalf of our day school for the rams.” After a short address and prayer, instruction of the children of the poor.

The school room was densely crowded; of the day will advance our little cause. and after the tea a public meeting was held There is much room for good to be done in tbe chapel, at which Mr. Burds presided. here. May the Great Head of the Church Interesting addresses were delivered by dre. rule all things for the best. W. R. thren Balfour, Campbell, and Batey. A Sheffield. statement of the school, by the Secretary, THANKS FROM BIRMINGHAM.-1 beg, brother Wingate, and an analysis of the through the medium of the Repository, to mode of teaching, by brother Bygrave, the express my sincere thanks to those friends master of the school, were given. About at Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Padding150 children are under regular instruction. ton, Melbourne, Castle Donington, Boston,

D. B. Fleet, Barton, Heptopstall Slack, and Whit. ROCESTER, STAFFORDSHIRE.—The an.

tlesea, who have so kindly assisted the dis. Diversary sermons on account of the open. By their Christian liberality, the sufferer

tressing case inserted in the Feby. number. ing of the small General Baptist chapel in has been enabled to pay £100 towards the this town, were preached on Lord's day, April Ilth, by the Rev. J. Goad by, of Lei. sum claimed from him. As, however, the

remainder is a serious amount for a ipan sester. The attendance was good. Col.

in bis circumstances, it is hoped others will lectinas upwards of £12.

imitate the example of our beloved friends SHEFFIELD CHAPEL.—We hare great in the above places, and thus completely reason to be thankful to the Giver of all relieve a deserving Christian brother. If, good, and to those friends who have sub. in any private application I have made, and senbed so liberally, yet more is required, to which no reply has been given, I have towards the erection of a place where we taken too great a liberty, I have only to CAO worship our God without interruption. say, “ forgive me this wrong,” and impute I have no doubt but the friends of the cause it to my anxiety and determination to rescue of Christ are anxious to hear of the welfare an esteemed friend from ruin. of the infant cause at Sheffield ; but many

G. CHEATLE. of them are not aware bow our energies are LETTER TO LORD MELBOURNE.--We cramped for the want of a proper place to understand his lordship has politely ac7oʻship in. The assembly room, which we knowledged the receipt of the copies of the bave occupied at a great expense for more pamphlet sent to him. We have been fa. than eighteen months, is taken from us, voured with a sight of the reply of Sir J. C. and let to some performers ; consequently, Hobhouse, President of the India board, to we have been obliged to have a small room the copy forwarded for his perusal. “( of the same premises. The friends met have received your letter, with the accomfor public worship on Tuesday evening, panying copies of your pamphlet, which tbe 6th iost., but were obliged to go away you have been so kind as to send to me. 60 account of the noise occasioned by the You may depend upon my paying due atperformers. Though £50, as stated in tention to your remarks; and even where I your last Repository, may seem to many of may differ from your conclusioos, 1 shall foar readers a small sum lor so large a place duly appreciate the motives which have in. as Sheffield, I would say, that that sum has duced yon to investigate so important a been promised by our own few friends, and subject as that which has evgaged your at. when the chapel commences, 1 bave no tion.” We await with considerable auxiety doabt but we shall get assistance from other the adjustment of this great question. The denominations. Last Lord's day brother Hindoo asked with great acuteness, “ Why Barrows baptized four males, and one fe. have the Company any thing to do with male, in the open air, before thousands of Juggernaut, if his worship be wrong?” spectators; and, we hope, the proceedings Why, indeed?

POETRY. THE CHRISTIAN'S LAST MOMENTS. Thrice solemn hour! how strangely so!

My spirit fears to tread the vale, Oh! wbat is this that stops my breath? 'Tis dark and drear-yet we must go, What visions strange crowd on my eye!

Believe the tale ! Oh! what is this? can it be death

That's stealing nigh? I go! now faith and hope increase; How strange the varied scene appears;

I see the Morning Star Divine;
My eyes grow dim as dark’ning day; Adieu, vain world-all-all is peace,
My heart chills, and my spirit fears

And God is mine!
To launch away.


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