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Mr. W. Wberry, of Bourne, presented his cester. The devotional exercises were cooaccount of the receipts of the year, which ducted by the Revds. Barnet, of Blaby ; was of a very favourable character. The T. Stevenson, of Leicester ; Jones, of SysSecretary was requested to prepare a report ton; and Tunuicliffe, of Longford. Mr. of the Society for circulation in the Churcbes Wileman, of London, gave out the hymns, of tbe district.

On the Lord's-day, sermons were delivered 3. The former grant of £20 to the Home afternoon and evening, by the Rev. J. SteMissionary at Wendling was renewed ; the venson, A. M., of London. Brother J. progress of the cause of Christ, in that Tyers, of Leicester, prayed in the afternoon. Deighbourhood, being very encouraging. A On the Monday following a tea meeting grant of £15 was made to the stations of was held in the afternoon, when addresses Stowbridge and Magdalen.

were delivered by the Revds. Derry, of 4. Letters were read respecting the health Barton; Wigg, Stevenson, and Goadby, of of Mr. Somerville, and the state of the Leicester; and a concluding sermon was cause at Stamford. It was finally resolved preached in the evening, by Mr. Goadby, that the Stamford station be conducted by from 1 Kings, viii. 66, “ And they went the Conference for the next quarter. That upto their tents joyful and glad of heart, Messrs Peggs and Wherry provide supplies. for all the goodness that the Lord bad done That Mr. S. be presented with £5. for his for David his servant, and for Israel his voyage of health ; and if he wish to re- people.” The congregations on the 'Tuesturn to his station, that he correspond with day were very large in the afternoon and Messrs. Jones, Peggs, and Yates, on or be. evening. On the Lord's-day they were fore the next Conference.

overflowing; and on the Monday, upwards 5. With regard to Pen Stanton, it was of 250 friends took tea in the school rooms determined that Messrs Lyon, Paul, and and chapel. The sermons and whole serSmith, be a committee to arrange with Mr. vices were replete with deep religious in. G. White, of Sutton Colefield, near Bir. terest and enjoyment, and will long be re. mingham, that he may pay a visit for a few membered by all who attended them. The weeks before the next Conference.

total expense of the chapel, school rooms, 6. Messrs R. Clark, and R. Wherry, de- additional ground, and encircling wall, pal. livered their report respecting the Widow's lisades, &c., will be upwards of 1850. The Fund, to the following effect :-"We subscriptions of the friends amount to about have andited the above account, and find £550 ; and the collections at the opening a balance due from the treasurer, (Mr. services, were on Tuesday £61, on the Butters) of £26. 14s. 6d., and a further Lord's day £70, and on the Monday, with som due from the Home Missionary Socie. the proceeds of the tea, £20, making a total ty, of £29 14s., which we think should be of £152, so that another effort of our spi. paid.”

rited and excellent frieuds here, will sweep 7. In reference to this money, lent to away the debt, and render the whole a pleas. the Home Mission in its difficulties in 1829, ing evidence of their zeal for the house of after much discussion, it was resolved: the Lord. “That the Conference, observing that a sum of money was lent from the Widow's Fund MEASAAM.-Oo Lord's day the 13th, to the Home Mission, which cannot now be and on Wednesday the 16th of June, the repaid, desire to express its hope, that in opening services were held in the new future, no such misappropriation of any General Raptist Chapel, Measham. The funds will be sanctioned, nor this case be sermons were preached on the Sunday, in considered a precedent.”

the morving and evening, by the Rev. J. 8. The arrangement of the course of Wallis, of London, and in the afternoon by the Conference, and the two cases from the Rev. J. Goadby of Leicester, in the Fleet, were deferred.

room of his revered father, in cousequence The next Conference to be at Chatteris, of his extreme indisposition; and op the on Thursday, Sep. 2nd ; Mr. Rose to preach following Wednesday, by the Rev. Dr. in the morning, and a Home Missiopary Morison, of London. Our much valued meeting to be held in the evening.

friend, Mr. Wileman, of London, kindly J. PEGGS, Secretary. assisted in giving out hymos, and the Revds. Barton CHAPEL.- This new and beau. G. Legge, T. Stevenson, both of Leicester, tiful building was opeved for public wor- and J. Barnett, of Blaby, in leading the ship, on Tuesday, June 15, and on Lord's. devotional exercises. Many dear friends and day, June 20. On the first of these days ministers from the neighbourhood were sermons were preached, morning and even present. The congregations were large, ing, by the Rev. J. P. Mursell, and in the and some of them were densely crowed. afternoon, hy the Rev, J. Goadby, of Lei Great interest was excited; a sacred and happy feeling pervaded the assemblies; eral years maintained public worship in and it is hoped the fervid and hallowed ap. this village, a neat and beautiful small peals made from the pulpit will not soon chapel has recently been erected for the be forgotteo. The collections amounted to use of this section of their Church. This the liberal sum of £132 10s. ; and very good object was furthered by an opulent gladly do the minister and members of the and liberal inember of the ArchdeaconChurch take this opportunity of rery grate. lane Church, residing in the village. The fully acknowledging the kind sympathy chapel is capable of accommodating up. and christian liberality manifested by their wards of two hundred people. The open. friends, particularly by Mr. Wileman, while ing services were on Lord', June 13th, their united prayers ascend to the Great and the following evening. Excellent and Head of the Church, that amid the solemn appropriate sermons were delivered ; in the scenes of the last day it may be said of afternoon by the Rev. J. P. Morsell, and multitudes, in reference to this place, “This in the evening by the Rev. S. Wigg. The and that man were born there."

pastor of the church preached on Monday The dimensions of this neat and commo evening. Collections upwards of £18 10s. dious edifice are 46 feet by 36, inside mea. sure. There are three galleries, and two

LONG SUTTON, LINCOLNSHIRE.-A new spacious school rooms; the upper one erected in this place it is to occupy the

and commodious chapel is about to be opens into the chapel, bebind the pulpit. old site. We have seen the plans, and are It may not be deemed superfluous to re mark, that the place was universally ad rejoiced at the spirited efforts of our friends mired; and that great praise was pro

in this place. The old chapel, which was nounced in favour of the architect, Mr. opened in 1818, was begun to be taken Salesbury, of Ashby; and of the builders.

down on Monday, May 24th. Measham, June 1841. G. STAPLES. BAPTISM AT FRIAR.LANE, LEICESTER.

Boston. –The services connected with -On Lord's-day, June 6th, 1841, twelve the opening of the new side galleries and persons were baptized in this place, three staircases of the General Baptist chapel

, males, and nine females. Pour of these Boston, besides realizing the handsome were Methodists from a neigbbouring vil. sum of £70, have afforded to many hun ered on the occasion, by the minister of

lage. An appropriate discourse was deliv. dreds a high gratification. The sermons on Sunday (June 13th) by the Rev. Messrs the place, from 1 Cor. xv. 29, “Else what Smith, of Quorndon, and Matthews, of Bos. shall they do which are baptized for the ton, were excellent; but at the tea meeting, dead, if the dead rise not at all? why are

S. on Monday, (June 14th) the most inteuse they then baptized for the dead ? interest was selt for an hour and a half in BAPTISM AT HINCKLEY.-On Lord'san address from the Rev. J. G. Oncken, of day, May 6th, the ordinance of believers' Hamburgh, (a friend of Mr. Matthews,) baptism was administered to six persons, whose account of the state of christianity three of whom are teachers in our Sabbathin Hamburgh, and other parts of Germany, school. Mr. Taylor preached on the Norway, &c., and the sufferings of himself occasion from Acts viii. 36–38. After and colleagues, were of the most affecting which, Mr. Shore gave a very animated description : the oply regret was, that the and affecting address to a numerous and address was not further prolonged. Inter. attentive congregation, and administered esting and appropriate observations were the sacred rite. This was a day of much also delivered by the Rer. Messrs Matthews spiritual enjoyment to us. JAMES PRATT. and Smith. Tea was provided in a spa. cious booth erected in the chapel yard, evening, June 9th, 1841, six persons were

BAPTISM AT LEEDS.-On Wednesday tastefully adorned with flowers and ever. greens; and also in the chapel and school baptized in the South Parade chapel, Leeds, rooms. of the tea meeting it may be said which was lent to us by the Rev. J. e. that it far exceeded the most sanguine

Giles, and his friends. A sermon was expectations of the friends; about 800 preached by Mr. Hudson, from Mark xi. 28, meeting together to evjoy the delightful after which the caudidates were baptized. beverage, and shew their christian friendship sacred ordinance are exceedingly good, and

The accommodations for administering this to their brethren who had been adding im. proved accommodation for their increasing Christ with great propriety and pleasure.

our friends publicly professed their faith in congregation.-Stamford Mercury.

Some of the friends in connexion with the BELGRATE, NEAR LEICESTER. --Open. chapel rendered us every possible assistance, ing of a New General Baptist Chapel. 'The for which we feel thankful. We hope the friends at Archdeacon-Lane having for ser impressions made were favourable, and trust that the interest excited may be permanent. West BUTTERWICK.-On Lord's-day, May many opportuvities of a similar kind June 13th, 1841, brother Kiddall, of the be enjoyed in succeeding years in connexion Maltby Church, preached for us three times with our infapt cause in Leeds. Open air ju aid of our Sunday-school funds. The services have been commeuced on Lord's- morning congregation was small; but in day afternoons. The congregations in the the afternoon and evening there was a good vicar's croft have been large, numbering attendance. Several of the children reci. from four to eight hundred persons; to ted hymus, &c., and were presented with whom the word of life has been preached, some small books in the way of reward. and among whom many tracts have been the General Baptist cause has been at a distributed. With one exception, namely, low ebb in the isle for some time, tut its some little dispute with an infidel socialist, friends are anticipating better days. They the people manifested great attention. The have secured brother Billings from Gedney concessions made by bim, and the reply as a preacher amongst them. His labours, given to him, evidently left impressions hitherto, appear to be highly acceptable. upon the miods of the people greatly in May they be increasingly so, and may real favour of the truth as it is in Jesus. Since and lasting prosperity be their happy result ! these labours were commenced, the congregations in Albion chapel, in the evening,

MAGDALEN.-Open air preaching and have rather improved. Our prosperity Baptism.—O. Lord's-day, May 30th, the has not been what we could wish; yet the ordinance of believers' baptism was ad. Gospel has been preached to many, and ministered by Mr. I. C. Smith, to three some sinners have been brought from the friends on a profession of their faith in world to Jesus Christ. Many tracts have Christ. A powerful and impressive sermon been distributed, and religious books have was preached on the occasion by Mr. Wig. been given and leot to niany. The word nor, of Lyon, which was listened to with of the Lord has not returned void of success, the deepest attention. What added much nor will the scattered seed all be lost. May to this interesting time was, a leader among all of it bear fruit unto eternal life ; and the Primitive Methodists promptly came the Church formed long exist and prosper forward, and was baptized, forthwith, in the in every good word and work.

presence of hundreds of spectators. The

inquirers' meeting at Stowbridge is ea. HALIFAX.-On Lord's day, June 6th, the couragingly attended. A FRIEND. ordinance of immersion was administered in our chapel to ten persons, five males, Essay.—The Adjudicators on the General

General Baptist EXTENSION.-Prize and five females. were publicly recognized as meinbers of Baptist Exteosion Prize Essay, have awardthe Church, when the ordinance of the ed the first prize of ten guineas, with Lord's-supper was administered.

twenty-five per cent. added, to the Rev. J.

C. Pike, of Wisbech; and the second prize MALTBY.-On Friday last a social tea

of five guineas, to the Rev. J. Peggs, of meeting was held in a large tent, kindly Bourne. The work will be published with supplied by the amiable and benevolent as little delay as possible.

June 18th, 1841. G. HESKETH. Robert Abbott, Esq., of Thurlby, near Al. ford, erected in the yard of the General

[The number of competitors is not Baptist Chapel, Maltby-le-marsh.

The named.-ED.] afternoon being exccedingly five, a large RUSHALL. — Our case demands your company of persons assembled, when about serious attention. We were, for want of 150 partook of tea, and in the evening room, obliged to enlarge our chapel, and addresses were delivered in the chapel by as it was much out of repair, the expenses Messrs Kiddall, (the minister of the place) exceeded our anticipation. We erected a Catley, Bellamy, and Starbuck. The ad. new vestry, a new gallery, a new board dress of Mr. Kiddall was highly interesting, floor, and new seats to the chapel. The tracing back the Baptist cause at Maltby cost is £130. Our chief creditor is in rather for 145 years. The other addresses were a precarious state as to his circumstances, very appropriate, and were listened to with and we fear for the consequences. We marked attention. After singing part of have raised upwards of one third of the the admirable hymn, begining with, “ Blest money, and if our brethren can help us in be the dear," &c., and prayer by Mr. Kid. our present distress we shall be very greatly dall, the assembly was dismissed. The obliged, and shall feel the greatest pleasure, profits of the meetiog will be appropriated at some future time, in helping others to to the repairing, cleaning, &c., of the above the utmost of our power.- Wm. White, pamed place of worship.

Minister. N. Wise, J. Andrues, Deacons. HOLBEACH.— Tribute of respect to Mr. to Fleet, commenced regular preaching on Yates. It is with no ordinary feelings of a Lord's day afternoon, in a very eligible delight and gratitude to God, for the de. and commodious public room, capable of gree of success which he has been pleased accommodating upwards of 300 persons. to confer on the exertions on the Church The success which has attended his labours at Fleet in this place, that we record the is highly gratifying. A numerous and at. proceedings of a meeting held on Wednes- tentive auditory gladly listen to the truths day, June 16, 1841. About the year 1681, of the everlasting Gospel, which he has it is recorded in the History of the General been permitted to declare unto them. The Baptists, " that a Mr. James Marham previous minister, Mr. Thos. Rogers, haring, settled at Holbeach, and determined to en. in the summer of 1839, completed a period deavour to raise an interest. This created of twenty.five years labours over the Church violept opposition; the laws were enforced at Fleet, it had been contemplated to com. against him, and in less than a year levies meinorate that event by some public de. were made upon him for fines to the amount monstration of affection and respect; but of several scores of pounds. He was fre. which, from the efforts made to promote quently driven from one justice to another the erection of a new chapel at Gedney for four days in the week; still he perse. Broadgate, it was deemed prudent to defer, vered. On one occasion a magistrate thus until, alas ! illness, and the hand of death, addressed him," Marbam, I will send you removed him beyond the sphere of such to jail, and I will ruin the anabaptist meet- transitory enjoyments, to the more endur. ings in this country, or they shall ruin me ing pleasures of that state where only it out of my house. The people of Holbeach can be fully appreciated that “the perpet. were all of one religion till you had meet. uity of bliss is bliss.On this occasion, the ings in your house." To prison the good friends wisely determined to take time by the man was sent, and sustained great loss and forelock, and at the close of the first year charge before he regained his liberty. He invited their beloved minister to a public was afterwards stripped of all bis goods, tea meeting ; the proceeds of which should and obliged to board himself and his wife be afterwards presented to him as a token for more than a year. He still persisted, of more substantial affection and regard. until his enemies were so enraged that they On this occasion about 180 persons assem. threatened " to knock him on the head.” bled together, in the spacious and conve. He was, however, preserved from their fury, nient building used for preaching, and the and lived to do much, and suffer much, for spirit and feeling manifested ou the occa. the good cause in other places. Notwith. sion strongly contrasted with that displayed standing this storm, the Baptist interest about 160 years previous, towards the then was supported at Holbeach, and appears to persecuted James Marham.

We may truly have been the origin of the Church now exclaim, “What hath God wrought!” In existing at Fleet. Op various occasions, the evening a missionary meeting was held the Church at Fleet has endeavoured to re- in aid of the General Baptist Foreigo Mis. pay this debt of gratitude by extending the sion to Orissa, when Mr. W. Stanger, of labours of their minister to this town. Fleet, presided, and Messrs Yates, Edwards, During the ministry of Mr. Wm. Burgess, and Burditt, severally addressed the meet. preaching was carried on for some time. ing; and the sum of £3. 4s. 6d. was reAgain, during the ministry of the late Mr. ceived, which it was resolved to appropriate Tbos. Rogers, public preaching was con. to the Berhampore orphan asylum ; and ducted on various occasions, and many that a boy be supported there, to be named bave reason to bless God for these labours. James Marham, after the persecuted indi. But from an inability more fully to occupy vidual who was first instrumental in introthe field, it was deemed necessary to dis. ducing the cause into this neighbourhood. continue these occasional services, until it is hoped the feelings produced on this there appeared a fairer prospect of ade. occasion may produce fruit that will redound quately attending thereto. About midsom. to the glorious spread of the Redeemer's mer 1839, it had been resolved to engage kingdom both at home and abroad. an assistant minister, when it was delightfully anticipated by the friends in the nation of Mr. Staples, as the pastor of the

MEABIAM.--It is expected that the ordi. neighbourhood that better days were in re. General Baptist Church here, will take place serve for them. But the all-wise Disposer in the course of the present month. of events thought otherwise, and in his un. erring wisdom removed both his servants GENERAL BAPTIST ASSEMBLY. (Old to their reward on high.

Connexion.) — The General Baptist AssemOn Sunday, June 21st, 1840, Mr. Thos. bly was held at Worship-street meeting. Yates, late of Melbourne, having removed house, on Whit Tuesday, June 1st, 1811.

Several friends were present from the coun. March, 1839, in consequence of the dissat. try Churches, as well as from those in and isfaction which his sentiments on that sub. vear London. The letters from the Churches ject had excited among a part of his floek. were of the nsual tenor, and contained little After remaining some time without any intelligence of a striking character. The regular engagement, looking out for an sermon was preaebed by Mr. S. Martin, opening to resume his ministerial duties, pastor of the Church at Trowbridge, iu he was enabled to engage the meeting. Wiltshire, one of the most laborious minis. house at Worship street, ocenpied by the ters in the connexion, and one whose senti. General Baptist Church (old connexion) ments are the nearest to what are com. under the charge of the Rev. B. Murdon, monly called evangelical. His labours at M. A , for an evening service on Sundays Trowbridge have been eminently blessed; and Wednesdays. Mr. Means began his and he has, we believe, the largest Church labours here on Sunday, Dec. 8th, 1839, in the connexion. His sermon was taken and has continued them ever since. His from Psalm lxxii. 19, “And let the whole difficulties, from the peculiarity of his po. earth be filled with his glory. Amen and sition, have been considerable; but he has amen :” and his animated and solemo ap- reason to rejoice that they have not been in peals to his hearers, made a deep impres. vain. He has faithfully unfolded what he sion, which we trust will, by the divine considers to be “the truth as it is in Jesus," blessing, be productive of good. The mem- and has exhibited the cross of Christ as the bers of the assembly, and friends, after. ground of the sinner's hope. He has had wards dined together at the White Hart delightful evidence that his hearers are, tavern, Bishopsgate-street, and returned to many of them, becoming more and more tea at the chapel. Several gentlemen ad. impressed and influenced by the great doc. dressed the company in the afternoon and trines of the gospel, and that a work of evening.

J. C. M. grace is goivg on in their hearts. Seven

persons have been baptized within the last EVENING SERVICES WORSHIP. ten months, and Mr. Means is expecting to STREET, LONDON.-Mr. Means (whose be shortly called op to baptize others. The book on the atonement was reviewed iu the number of communicants is also increasing. Repository for Feb, 1839,) resigned his pas. The Sunday evening congregation averages toral charge in Coles-street, London, in from forty to fifty.



Long has the harp of Judah bung
Neglected, broken, and unstrung,

Beneath the willow's shade;
While Israel's solitary bands,
By foreign streams, in foreign lands,

In saddest moods have stray'd.
But since our God reveals his face,
And smiles upon his chosen race,

We'll take our harp again;
Tuned as in former happy days,
To notes of gratitude and praise,

We'll raise a joyful strain.
Our songs shall be of Jesu's love,
Who left th' ethereal courts above,

To bear our guilt and shame;
Th'eternal, uncreated Word,
Both David's Son, and David's Lord,

JEHOVAH is his name,
So vast the theme, it might inspire
An angel's song, a seraph's lyre,

Such wondrous grace to tell;
Wake, harp of Judah! bear the sound
Far as creation's utmost bound;

All hail! Immanuel.


HEB. XII. 22-24.
Nor to the mount that burned with fire,

To darkness, tempest, and the sound
of trumpet waxing higher and higher,

Nor voice of words that rent the groand,
While Israel heard with trembling awe,
Jehovah thunder forth his law:
But to Mount Zion we are come,

The city of the living God,
Jerusalem, our heavenly home,

The courts by angel-legions trod,
Where meet in everlasting love
The Church of the First-born above :
To God, the Judge of quick and dead,

The perfect spirits of the just,
Jesus, our great new.covenant Head,

The blood of sprinkling,-from the dust,
That better things than Abel's cries,
And pleads a Saviour's sacrifice.
O hearken to the healing voice,

That speaks from heaven in tones so mild !
To-day are life and death our choice;

To-day, through mercy reconciled,
Our all to God we yet may give;
Now let as hear his voice, and live.


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