Sivut kuvina

conversation on religious subjects, while when death arrives! but the struggle is frivolous and trilling discourse was always soon over, and the victory is gained. irksome to her. Toward the latter end of Thus finished the earthly course of one 1840 she was attacked with illness, which that was respected by all who knew her, on bafiled parental kindness and medical skill, the 24th of April, 1841, in the 19th year and finally ended in a consumption. And of her age. Her death was improved by though at first she clung to life, she at Mr. Garrat, of Critch, who had visited her length yielded herself to the will of God, several times during her affliction, from and contemplated her change with tran. Eccles. iii. 2, "A time to die.” May this quility and joyful hope. During her afflic- mysterious bereavement be sanctified to our tion her experience varied much; often she good.

R. H. lamented her imperfections, and sought the forgiveness of sins through faith in the

ELIZA JAMES.- Died at Kettering, of blood of Christ. At length she grew worse, beloved wife of Mr. W.James, and daughter

consumption, aged thirty-eight, Eliza, the and was not able to attend the means of grace, which had been so much her de. of the late Mr. G. Bowker, of Waternewton. light, that scarcely ever

Being called by divine grace, she left the

was her seat known to be vacant. After being denied,

established church, in which she had been by Divine Providence, the privilege of at.

too fondly nurtured, and became a baptized tending the house of God, she asked the believer in Christ, for whose cause she had friends to come and hold prayer-meetings to pass through the fiery ordeal of persecuas often as convenient in her room, which tion, which was sustained with christian they did, and she said this was like a little fortitude, and magnanimity of soul. Her heaven below to her. As she was only con- powers of mind, which had been refined by fined to her bed about three weeks, the last the first order of education, were admirably meeting was held on the Thursday evening battles of the Lord. She was ever valiant

adapted to prepare her for fighting the preceding the Saturday on which she died, for the truth as it is in Jesus; she would when she selected that solemp hymn,

make no compromise for God. Her love to “Not from the dust afflictions grow," &c. Christ was so intense, that for him she was

A short time previous to her death the willing to live and ready to die. In prayer writer found her in a peaceful state of mind, she was mighty and prevalent; it was to for she knew in whom she had believed, her the very element of life. To the young and was persuaded that he was able to keep she has been the best of teachers; to the that which she had committed to his care Baptist Churches the brightest ornament; in against that great day, and she could say her family the very centre of attraction and with the poet,

model of excellence. During the whole of

her protracted affliction, as if too holy for Yonder is my house and portion fair," &c.

satan's darts, he was not once permitted to At another time, when near her end, she touch her. Without one sigh, or struggle, awoke from a dose, and said, “Jesus will or groan, she sweetly fell asleep in Jesus, fetch me; yes, he will fetch me soon." The August 15th, 1841. She has left a husband, last time the writer saw ber she was unfit with two lovely children, and a beloved and for earthly converse; he commended her widowed mother, with a numerous circle of soul to God, and saw her no more. About friends and relatives, to lament her loss, all the last words she was heard to say were, of whom can say, in the words of Solomon, “ I am going to glory, I am going to glory." “Many daughters have done virtuously, but What an affecting scene! what a conflict but thou excellest them all.” W.J.


LINCOLNSHIRE CONFERENCE. - This informing the Conference of his removal to Conference assembled at Chatteris, on Ilkeston, and his consequent resignation of Thursday, September 2nd, 1841, and was, his office as Secretary; it was resolved that on the whole, well attended. Brother Rose, brother Jones write to Mr Peggs, in behalf of Whittlesea, preached in the morning, on of this Conference, expressing its sincere the subject of backsliding, from Prov. xiv. thanks for his past services, its affectionate 14," The backslider in heart shall be filled sympathy for him, and desire for his future with his own ways."

comfort and usefulness. 1. The Reports from the Churches show. 3. It was resolved that the appointment ed but little alteration since the last Con. of Secretary to the Conference henceforth ference.

be triennial. 2. A letter was read from brother Peggs, 4. That brother J. C. Pike be requested


to undertake the office for the next three Sutton, on Thursday, December 23rd, and years.

that brother Yates, of Fleet, be the preacher. 5. Stamford. It was stated that Mr. Fox,

J. C. PIXE, Secretary. a student at the Academy, had supplied PRAED STREET, PADDINGTON. – By several weeks at S. with much acceptance some mistake, it is made to appear in the to the people, and that brother Pike had minutes of the association, that the Church spent one Sabbath among the friends there, in Praed.street has two meeting houses, and administered the Lord's-supper to them. 430 Sunday scholars, and fifty teachers ! In reference to future supplies, it was re. Would it were true! but as matters really solved that brother W. Wherry, of Bourne, stand, pray reduce us to our just dimensions be requested to make arrangements till the in your next Repository, by knocking off next Conference; and that with this view one of the meeting houses, and a little he open a correspondence with Mr. Simons. more than half the Sunday school, both

6. Fenstanton.-It was stated that Mr. children and teachers. Of this reduced G. White, of Sutton Colefield, near Bir- number of children, the attendance does mingham, had preached in the little chapel not exceed sixty per cent; but whether we at F. for seven Sabbaths. The Conference have reason to hope for improvement in feeling undecided what course to pursue in this respect, our experienced friends at a reference to this place, it was resolved that distance will judge from the fact that the Messrs. Lyon, Paul, Smith, and Ewen, be attendance of our teachers reaches ninety appointed a committee, and requested to per cent. It will be remembered that the meet as early as possible at St. Ives, that school has been but a short time under our they may fully investigate all matters con. nected with the General Baptist cause at Last Lord's day we had our first school St. Ives, and Fenstanton, and report to the sermons; our esteemed pastor preached in next Conference.

the morning and evening; and the Rev. J. 7. Widow's Fund.-Brother Jones di. Morison, of Millseat, in Scotland, brother rected the attention of the Conference to of Dr. Morison, of Chelsea, preached in the some misunderstanding in reference to the afternoon, The congregations were very seventh resolution of the last meeting, and good, and showed their sense of the imporseveral friends not feeling quite comfortable tance of the institution by collecting £20. with that decision, it was agreed to recom

J. C. mend that a subscription be entered into to

CASTLE DONINGTON.-On Lord', raise the money due from the Home Mission September 12th, two excellent sermons were to the Widow's Fund, and that the minis- preached by the Rev.S. Wigg, of Leicester, ters of the several Churches be requested to in the Baptist chapel, Castle Doniugton, exert themselves to raise the amount, and towards liquidating the remaining debt: the thus relieve the Home Mission from the debt. Three friends engaged to contribute

congregations were unusually large and

attentive. A unanimous resolution had one pound each, on condition of the sum been passed, the previous year, to sweep off being raised within a year.

the entire debt in twelve months. Accord. 8. It was resolved that the Report of the ingly, for the purpose of giving the friends committee in reference to the rotation of Conference be adopted, and inserted in the

an opportunity of fulfilling their promises,

a social tea.meeting was held on Tuesday Repository.*

evening, September 14th, in the chapel, 9. Thai the rotation of preachers in this which, to the great credit of the younger Conference shall in future be decided by the members of the congregation, was most seniority of the brethren as ministers of the tastefully decorated with Powers and ever, several Churches in the district.

greens. 10. That the next Conference be at Long most spirit-stirring addresses were delivered

After tee several powerful and

by the Revs. S. Wig8; J. Burns, London; R. * At the Bourne Conference, in March, it was Stanyon, Melbourne ; J. Buckpitt, (Inde. resolved that the Churches of the South Lincoln. shire Conference be arranged into four districts, pendent); and J. J. Owen, pastor of the and that the meeting be held at one place in each Church. The fire of holy benevolence and of those districts annually; avoiding, as much as christian charity was kindled, and it was possible, the smaller and less accessible places in the winter. The Committee appointed to carry out this resolution, recommend the following And the following as the rotation of Conference as the arrangement of the districts.

for the next four years :Northern. Western. Central. Southern.

1844. Coningsby Spalding Fleet March

Chatteris March Coningsby Boston

Chatteris Gedney Hill Spalding Gosberton Whittlesea Batterton Stamford St. Giles Whittlesea Sutterton

Peterboro.' Stamford Gosberton Peterboro.' Wisbech Gedney Hill Sutton St. Giles Wisbech

VOL. 3.-N. S.



1841. Bourne





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not long before all the promises, without a believer's baptism was administered to single failure, were fulfilled, and the whole Mrs. Bowker, wife of the late Mr. George debt, amounting to 1201. swept off. We have Bowker, Farmer, Waternewton Lodge, by seldom knowp a more delightful meeting. the esteemed minister, Mr. H. Crofts, after LEICESTER, FRIAR LANE.- On Wed.

the prayer meeting. Truly it was good to be there.

G. R. B. nesday evening, September 15th, a social tea meeting was held in the Baptist chapel,

BAPTISM AT ARCHDEACON-LANE, LEI. Friar Lane, Leicester, towards defraying CESTER.– The ordinance of believers' bapthe expences incurred by recent improve. tism was administered in this place on ments. After tea several effective and Lord's-day, Sep. 5th. excellent addresses were delivered by the BAPTISM AT DOVER-STREET, LEICES. Revs. J. Burns, of London; J. J. Owen, of teR.-On Lord', Sep. 5th, four perCastle Donington ; J. Tunnicliffe, of Long- sons were baptized in this place on a pro. ford ; and T. Stevenson. The chair was fession of their faith in Jesus Christ. occupied by the Rev. S. Wigg. The meeting was one of the utmost cordiality and

ILKESTON.- Mr. Peggs arrived at his new christian affection. It is but just to say, On the first Lord's day he preached the

station on Wednesday evening, Aug. 25th. that the Church and congregation at Friar Lane deserve great credit for the beauti. annual sermons for the benefit of the ful, and really tasteful manner in which School. The congregations were very good, they have improved their ancient and com.

and the collections £8. 8s. Ild. On Tues. modious place of worship. This year nearly social tea meeting was held to introduee

day evening, Sep. 7th, a very interesting £100 have been collecied towards paying Mr. P. to the Church and congregation the expences thus incurred.

over which he is come to preside. Much BAPTISM AT WIMESWOULD AND LEARE. pleasure was enjoyed, and hopes are cherish-On Lord's-day, June 20th, 1841, elevened that the Lord will revive his work in the

prsons were baptized at Wimeswould, on midst of the years. Next Lord's-day there which oocasion Mr. Bott preached an ap. is to be a baptism at the Erewash river, propriate sermon, from Acts viji. 35–39. which separates the counties of Derby and On the last Lord's-day in August we had Nottingham. The Lord give his “ word to another addition : ten persons were bap. have free course and be glorified.” tized in our chapel at Leake; Mr. Bott

A FRIEND. preached on the occasion, from Romans i. LINCOLN.-On Tuesday, August 31st, 16. “For I am not ashamed of the Gos. the friends here held their appual tea festipel of Christ: for it is the power of God val, in their ancient chapel, which was decunto salvation to every one that believeth." orated with flowers and evergreens. Up

W. C. wards of 100 sat down and partook of the BAPTISM AT MBASHAM.-On Lord's. refreshing beverage, who were afterwards day, Aug. 8th, (for the first time in our addressed by Messrs. Wright, (Chairman) new chapel) the ordinance of believer's Campbell, (Independent) Ward, Blow, baptism was administered to four persons.

Wright, and Phillips ; the friends enjoyed

the meeting very much, and we hope that BAPTISM AT RAMSEY.-On Monday much and lasting good will be the result. evening, Sep. 6th, the solemn ordinance of

J. P.


HYMN TO JESUS. Jesus, the great incarnate word,

Angels with wonder shall survey By all the sons of light ador'd,

The grand transactions of that day,
The subject of my song;

When justice shall decide
He fills his own mysterious throne, Who shall ascend to thrones of bliss,
While bliss ecstatic and unknown,

And wbo descend the dark abyss
Pervades the heavenly throng.

Where fire and wrath abide! Thence shall be come to wake the dead, O harps of heaven, begin the song And sudden consternation spread,

Which endless ages shall prolong, Through all this lower sphere;

To my Immanuel's praise; His voice shall enter every tomb,

Crown him with honours all divine, Long shrouded in the deepest gloom, For all his deeds with mercy shine, And rouse each slumberer there!

And righteous are his ways!




I have nearly done translating a memoir of Sebo sabo, which I will send, and which will give an interesting account of the difficulty a poor Hindoo has in making his way through the thick darkness of Hindooism to the path of truth and salvation. I have commenced a translation of your Persuasives, and if spared shall go through with it. I find it less easy in the execution than I supposed, owing to the number of words and phrases peculiarly connected with experimental christianity: for many of these, in the Oriya, there are of course no words, and they have to be expressed by circumlocution. I like it so far as I bave gone, and so do some of our people, I should much like to maintain, unbroken, the vein of seriousness which runs throughout the whole. Will not the Tract Society allow a grant for the printing of it?

We are verging on the commencement of the rains. The past hot season has been very trying. We have been so completely enervated by the beat, that at times we have felt unable even to sit: the exhaustion by a constant, Aowing perspiration, or in its absence by a burning, consuming heat, has left us little strength. At the return of the night season, the wind has frequently fallen, leaving us involved in the surrounding atmosphere, so impregnated with fire, that sleep bas been impossible. We had two heavy falls of rain some six weeks ago, and they were followed with close, or windless weather, which had the effect of literally placing us in a thick steam bath. The clouds appear now to be collecting for rain, and we hope soon to be relieved.

The distress among the people just now is really awful. We had a famine last year, and it had been preceded by several years of scarcity, so that the people are brought to the last extremity. Whole villages in the country towards the coast are depopulated—the inhabitants are dead. Near Khunditta a village is gone: the people, many of them, had died of cholera, and others of starvation, and the poor children who remained wandered away to other places, to linger out a miser. able existence. Bonamallee went to this place, but the tattees, or jaumps, were down, all was silent, and some dead bodies were rotting in the houses. He brought away one little girl to Khunditta ; she is now in Cuttack, and is taken by Komilee to keep. The food is very dear-far beyond the reach of the poor, and they are therefore living upon leaves, roots, herbs, &c., but are dying very fast. The distress is greatly increased by the influx of pilgrims, who by purchasing the rice in the market, contribute to its increased scarcity. The ruth festival commences on Monday next: I start, if all be well, to-morrow. I don't think there will be many Oriyas, but a large number of Bengallees. This is the last day for the overland, and I am come to the last hour of posting time.


To the Editor of the General Baptist Repository. DEAR SIR,-We hope it will not be uninteresting to many of your readers to learn that the proceeds of our Missionary Bazaar, at the last Association, amounted, after all expenses had been paid, to the sum of £140. 5s. 10d.

We cheerfully express our obligations to the many kind friends, for whose con. tributions to the Bazaar, in some instances very liberal ones, we were greatly indebted. There are yet numerous articles on hand, which had we been willing to sell them at a sacrifice, would have tended considerably to augment the amount. Rather however than submit to this sacrifice, we have preferred keeping the articles with the design, either of disposing of them at some future opportunity, or of handing them over to some other Missionary Bazaar.

The Spalding Association Bazaar, yielded, we believe, more than any other has done since Wisbech, in 1828. We were informed of the fact at the time, and invited to “beat them if we could.” In the same spirit of christian love, and pardonable emulation, we request the attention of our London friends to this communication, especially to the pounds, shillings, and pence part of it, and challenge them at the next Association to “beat us if they can.” In bebalf of the committee, Derby, Sep. 16th, 1841.

M. A. Pike, Secretary.

MR. STUBBINS'S JOURNAL. and thence to Nua Garda. Enjoyed the

opportunities in both places. The people Nov. 10th, 1840.—Last night had slight are more simple, and less under Brahminifever, and was restless a good part of the cal influence than in some other places. night, but felt better this morning. Preach. In the latter one or two seemed to feel a ed in two large streets, in Patra Poor ; both good deal when representing the love of were seasons of very great liberty and en. God and Christ. The Lord help them to joyment. In the first a large congrega. take refuge there. About two o'clock, P.M., tion, and do opposition : in the second also while sitting in my hut, a woman passing a large congregatiod. Pooroosootum first met another, and began to grumble sadly, spoke on death and judgment, without any saying, “ Se dushta dji tini thara mote chuila, opposition. Shortly after 1 commenced a tini thara gad haibāku gali,” (that sinuer man came up, and would have it that has touched me three times to day, and Juggernath was God. I enforced the argu. three times have I been to bathe.) It was ment much, and he at last was obliged to evidently some person whose touch had confess, tebe ye sabu nithya, (then this is rendered her unclean. In the evening, all a lie.) in the afternoon preached in went to a village, but found it was exceed. another street: congregation rather large. ingly small, and congregation smallest and I spoke first, without any opposition, and most ignorant I have ever seen. As we realized great enjoyment. Pooroosootum were returning, enjoyed conversation tonext addressed them, when a Brahmin gether on the judgments of God towards a wished to know, if he followed this religion, guilty and idolatrous people. Almost all how he was to live ; and hence raised ob. this fair couvtry which used to be the Eden jections. I think I never heard such elo. of all the surrounding neighbourhood for quent tenderness and sympathy as Pooroo. rice, &c., has year after year been nearly sootum manifested in his replies and ad. all burnt up. This year (though not to be dress, while he showed the ranity of all compared with what it was when we were earthly things, and the importance of at. here last year) will not yield one third. tending to the one thing needful. I could, You look over vast fields (unless they are in my owu experience, testify it was good near a river, or large tank where they irri. to be there. I could have faucied, had I gate). and scarcely one ripening blade not been in the presence of the man, some of rice appears. Mapy houses, and in some happy spirit had been dispatched from the cases, whole villages have been abandoned world of ererlasting bliss, to sbew to sinful by the inhabitants, who have sought a more man that “nothing is worth a thought be. fruitful soil. Surely while the judgments low, but how he may escape that death of the Lord are abroad in the earth, the which never, never dies !” A deep and inhabitants will learn righteousness. When serious impression pervaded the whole as. drawing near to our hut, heard a youth sembly, and the man himself seemed at singing the lament of Ram Chandra, when last ready to shrink under the weight and he lost his wife, or rather when Asue eloped solemnity of the subject presented to his with her. Oh! how fervently my soul pray. view. When Pooroosootum closed his ad. ed for the glad time when these vile gods dress, I felt constrained again to address shall all be forgotten, and the praises of them on the necessity of immediate atten. Immanuel be celebrated on every hill and tion to religion. The opportunity was a in every vale—when he shall be all in all. long une, and we had not time to preach The Lord in mercy and love hastev it. again as we had proposed doing, but went 12th. Rose early this morning and broke into different streets distributing tracts up our tent for Jaruda. On our way, preach. amongst those who could read. I have al. ed at Badpoor. Congregation good, and ways felt a peculiar interest in this place generally very attentive. One Brahmio since my first visit last year, and earnestly strenuously argued that Mahadeb was God pray that some good may yet come out of that he was the supreme Bramha, and it for Zion.

was loath to give up his point, but was at lich. Went this morning to Bam Koi, length compelled to do so, and acknow

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