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throne of grace. Let it be our concern sim- benevolence fall on every wheel and every ply to pour out the heart before God, in the spring in the vast machine of christian chargenuine, unaffected, unadorned language of a ity."- Dr. Raffles. devout and holy flame, ever remembering the admonition, ‘Be not rash with thy mouth, THE ABSOLUTE MAJESTY OF GOD.—“ With and let not thy heart utter anything before God nothing is comparative. He is neither God; for God is in heaven, and thou upon restricted by limits, nor affected by contrast; earth.'”—Dr. Raffles.

all is absolute with him; a thousand years

are as one day, and one day as a thousand CHRISTIAN BENEVOLENCE.—“Let Sunday. years : a planet's orbit is as a needle's eye, schools, and Bible Societies, and Tract Soci- and a needle's eye as a planet's orbit; to creeties, &c., share in your contributions and ate a universe is as to uphold an insect, your prayers; and if God has blessed you and to uphold an insect as to create a uniwith ability, let some drops of the oil of your verse.”—Rev. Hugh M`Neile.

INTELLIGENCE. THE MIDLAND CONFERENCE was held cester, preached from Exod. xv. 11, “ Who at Nottingham, in Broad-street chapel, on is like unto thee, O Lord, among the gods ! Tuesday, Sep. 28th, 1841. lo the morning, Who is like thee, glorious iv holiness, fear. owing to the unusually small congregation ful in praise, doing wonders ?” assembled, it was agreed to have a social

E. Bort, Secretary. prayer meeting, instead of preaching, when brethren Hunter, Wallis, Stevenson, Goadby, LONDON CONFERENCE.—The half-year. and Pickering, engaged in prayer. A gra. ly Conference of the Churches in this discious influence evidently pervaded the meet. trict was held in Æoon chapel, New Churching, and all seemed to feel that it was good street, on Tuesday Oct. 19th, 1841. The to be there.

meeting for business commenced at two In the afternoon the brethren again as. o'clock, (p. m.) The Rev. J. Buros, minis. sembled, to listen to Reports from the ter of the place, presided. Churches, and to attend to business. The The reports from the Churches were number reported as haviog been baptized generally of a very encouraging character, since the last Conference, was ninety-three, showing that ninety-one have been baptized and sixty-seven candidates. Mr. Ferney. since the last Conference; that many cao. hough presided at the meeting; and Mr. didates are waiting for admission; that Peggs, and Mr. Simons commenced and congregations, in several places, have im. concluded with prayer.

proved; and that increased accomodations lo reply to a letter from Coventry it was for hearers has been, or is still being pro. resolved, That as the Coventry station has vided, by the enlargement of existing been consigned to the Barton district, it chapels, and the erection of one at Smarseems most orderly for the Church at Co. den, quite new. ventry to make application to the Commit. The recommendations of the committee tee of the Barton district for advice and as. appointed at the last meeting to consider sistance ; this the Conference recommends the constitution, order, and objects of this the Coventry Church to do, and at the Conference, were, with a few additions, same time repeats its former expressions of approved. The substance of these are, sympathy. The Conference has no funds That the Conference be composed of rep. at command; and cannot, therefore, make resentatives from each Church, in the same any pledge of pecuniary assistance. proportion as the representatives to the

After remarks from several members of Association. That for the sake of accurate Conference, as to the interest taken in the record, the statistics of each Church be quarterly meetings, and the means of se. presented in writing. That meetings for curing a better attendance; It was resolved, addresses and prayer be held in preference That the Secretary be requested to an. to sermon services. That the reports from nounce, through the medium of the Reposi. the Sabbath-schools be given in the same tory, the time and place of the approaching manner as from Churches ; and that united Conference a month previously.

efforts for the extension of the General The next Conference to be held at Quorn- Baptist cause in this district be made for don, on the last Tuesday in December. Mr. the specific openings which may occur. Stevenson, of Leicester, 10 preach in the It was then resolved, That this Conference morning.

form itself into a branch of the connexional In the evening, Mr. Rott read the Scrip. Home Missionary Society : that the Secre. tures and prayed, and Mr. Goadby, of Lei. tary of the Conference be the Secretary of this branch; and that Mr. Wileman, of giving them such advice and comfort as their London, be the Treasurer.

present situation requires. Downton case. A letter haring been 3. That the Coventry Church be directed received by the Conference, asking advice to invite Mr. Keighly to become their min. as to the propriety of admitting a minister, ister ; that they be instructed to solicit the whose paine is Gunning, to officiate in the concurrence and help of the Academy chapel at Downton. It was resolved, that Committee to that end; and that brother as we are totally unacquainted with the Tupnicliffe be requested to aid them in ministerial character and standing of Mr. raising the means of his maintenance for Guoniug, we are uvable to give any opinion six months. on the subject; but we sball rejoice to hear 4. In reply to an application from Union of his taking the chapel on the terms he Place, Longford, for ministerial aid, it was has intimated, providing he can send resolved, That this Conference can, at pre. sufficient testimonials to the Provisional sent, do nothing for them. committee for examining the qualifications The attendance was good, and the reof ministers seeking adinission into the ports of the Churches, with one or two ex. connexion. These testimonials to be sent ceptions, were encouraging. It appeared to Mr. Wallis, who is requested to lay them from the statements, that since the last before the committee.

Conference sixty had been baptized, and Tring Case. — Agreed, That we rejoice that thirteen remain as candidates. with our friends at this place in their spi. In the morning, Mr. Shore preached from ritual prosperity ; sympathize with them in Luke xvi. 2., to a large congregation; in their temporary difficulties; but are unable the afternoon, also, the attendance was very to promise them any pecuniary help. good ; and in the evening a public Home

Eden Street, London.-Having deliber. Missionary meeting was held. Mr. Yates ated on the application of this Church to presided, and earnest addresses were debe admitted into Conference, resolved, That livered by Messrs. Goadby, Derry, Tunni. as we distinctly understand that the chapel cliffe, and Chamberlain. is, and always has been, private property, The next Conference to be held at Wol. and that the debt upon it is a personal re. vey, on the first Tuesday after Easter. sponsibilty, we receive the Church into the Brother Derry to preach in the morning. Conference, and recommend it to be re

JOAN DUNKLEY, Secretary. ceived by the Association.

The thanks of the Meeting were voted to Boston, LINCOLNSETRE.--The fourth brother E. Stevenson for his past services appiversary of the opening of the new as Secretary, and brother w. Underwood General Baptist chapel, was celebrated on was requested to fill this office for the vext Sunday and Monday, Sep. 26th and 27th. three years.

On the Sabbath morning and evening the The next Conserence to be held at Tring, Rev. J. Stevenson, of London, preached; on Easter Tuesday, 1842.

and in the afternoon Mr. Mathews, the pasThe business of the Conference being tor of the Church. All the sermons were concluded, the ministers and others took listened to with deep interest, by excellent Tea in the Vestry of Ænou Chapel. At congregations. On the Monday a tea. seven o'clock, a very interesting Revival meeting was held in the chapel, when about Meeting was held, when addresses were de. 300 persons were present. Upwards of livered by Brethren Burns, Jnderwood, £50 was obtained at this anniversary, which Wallis, E. Stevenson, of Chesham, and J. is considered by the friends here a handStevenson, A. M., of London.

some sum, when it is remembered, how W. UNDERWOOD, Secretary. very recently they made a great effort to

wards the erection of extra galleries and Tae WARWICKSHIRE CONFERENCE met staircases, and on which occasion £170 at Thurlaston, on the 5th of October, when was obtained. Our friends at a distance the following resolutions were adopted :- will be glad to learn that the General Bap.

1. That we cannot receive any applica- tist cause at Boston is evidently progress. tion from the Church at Wolverhampton, ing-the general state of the people is very por do we in any way recognize them as a pleasing-the extra galleries are well occu. part of this Conference, till they have com pied, and the deep concern of some for the plied with the requisition of the Annual salvation of their souls, is a pleasing iodica. Association in relation to Mr. B-, their tion of the good arising from the preaching present preacher,

of the Gospel. The Church is steadily 2. That Mr. Goadby, of Leicester, being progressing in number; there are about present at the meeting, be respectfully re. eight candidates for baptism, and the mem. quested to write to the Church at Coventry, bers seem much more alive. A new Sab. hath school has been formed in Withom of the scholars with a copy of that book Green, (a destitule part of the town) and which is "able to make them wise unto sal. already about 130 children, who go to no vation.” And at the same time reminded other Sabbath-school, are on the books. them of the duty of remembering those who The friends here have commenced a liberal had so kindly endeavoured to “train them subscription for the erection of school.rooms, up in the way in which they should go." which will cost about £200. A new preach During the address many were bathed in ing station has been added (viz) Wyberton, tears, and we trust impressions were then and the few Sabbath evenings that service made that will not be soon erased. Oct. 10 has been conducted there the place has we were favoured with the services of the Rev. been crowded.

H. Hunter, who preached in the morning

from John 14th c. 23rd " ; after which GeDNEY BROAD GATE, near Fleel. -On brother Stapleton, of Sheepshead, adminisThursday Sep. 30th, our apniversary servi. tered the ordinance of baptism to seven ces took place at Gedney, Broad.gate. of our friends, who assembled with us in Brother Matthews, of Boston, preached in the afternoon, to commemorate the dying the afternoon, (in the absence of brother love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many found Derry of Barton, who had promised to be it good to be there, and are now adopting with us at that time, but was prevented by the prayer of the prophet, “ O Lord revive affliction and trouble) after which, the thy work.”

T. W. M. friends took tea together in the barn of our kind friend, Mrs. Eaton, which was delight- BAPTISM AT ILKESTON.-On Lord's-day fully fitted up and beautified for the occa. September 19, four persons were baptized sion. Owing to the excessive rains that in the Erewash river, that separates the day the attendance was not so large as it counties of Derby and Nottingham. Mr. would otherwise hare been, nevertheless, Peggs preached at the chapel, from Judges the meeting was remarkably interesting, xi. 35. “I have opened my mouth unto and the pecuniary results equalled our most the Lord, and I cannot go back ;” and sanguine expectations. There was a debt then the congregation adjourned to the of £25 at the commencement of the day, river, about a mile from the chapel. The but at the conclusion we were able to say, venerable bridge aod the rising banks were It is gone!" The chapel, which is a thickly lined with people. It is supposed neat, comfortable little place, was erected about 1200 persons were present; Mr. only about two years ago, and now it is Peggs addressed them from Mark xvi. 15, free from incumberance, and the Church 10.; and Mr. Creswell baptized. The men at Fleet is once more out of debt. We sang entered the water first, and then assisted at the close of the meeting, very cheerfully the females, and waiting for each other, and unitedly, “ Praise God from whom all came, together with the administrator, out blessings fow,” &c.

of the water. The day was remarkably fine,

and the scene was peculiarly interesting. In NEWTHORPE.-The anniversary of the the afternoon the Lord's supper was ad. opening of this chapel was celebrated on ministered, and the new members were reLord's-day Sep. 26th, and the following ceived. May many such days be enjoyed. Monday. Mr. Peggs preached on the Lord's day evening, On the worth of the BAPTISM AT LONGFORD.-On the first svol, from Mark viii. 36; and the following Sabbath in August, after a discourse from Mr. evening from Acts xxvi. 29. About fifty Tunnicliffe, seven persons were baptized, persons partook of tea. Proceeds of the five of whom were added to the Church, the

other two were in connexion with the Rev. J. anniversary, £3. 14s. 6d.

Sibree, uf Coventry. It is pleasing also to DISMISSION AND BATTISM AT Lough. add, that the word preached continues to be

- On Lord's-day, Sep. 25th, attended with a divine power. On Octotwenty-seven scholars were dismissed from ber 3rd instant, five more obeyed the Saour Sabbath-school. Our highly esteemed viour's command, by being immersed in friend, the Rev. R. Ingham, of Belper, the good old way; and what made it addi. preached from Heb. 13th chap. 7th and 8th tionally interesting to us, was that two were Ferses, and having faithfully and affection: scholars in our, affording anately exhorted the members of the Church other

proof, if proof there needed, that and congregation to “ remember bim who these institntions are still, as they always for a long series of years had had the role have been, imporiant auxiliaries to the over them, and who had spoken uuto them christian Church. Mr. T. preached from the word of God," but was then gone to Rom. i. 16. receive the reward of his labours, be des. cended from the pulpit, and presented each BAPTISM AT STOCKPORT.-On Sunday


morning, the 12th of September, after an wood, of Pread-street, and suitable addressaddress from our minister to the multitude es were given by other ministers, who assembled at the river side, five persons kindly attended on the ioteresting occasion. two males and three females, were immer. Our pastor stated that fifty one persons sed in the name of the holy Trinity, and had been baptized during the past year ; received into the fellowship of the Gospel. that all the collections for various benevo. We bave recently removed into a more com- lent objects were equal to former occasions; modious place of worship, and our prayer that the society for relieving the sick had is, that the great head of the church will received £27 more than in the former year: now send prosperity.

also, that the Sabbath school was filled with

J. H. children, and that the average attendance Baptism AT ROCESTER.-On Lord's day the friends expressed their thankfulness for

at the day-school was 180. On separating, September 5th, the ordinance of Baptism the heart cheering, and prosperous services was administered for the first time in our of their anniversary, and we trust much chapel. After a sermon by the minister, lasting good will be the resolt. The sum of one young female was baptized; and on £66 was raised so as to pay off the extra Lord's-day, September 26th, four persons, debt arising from the erection of side two males and two females, were baptized, galleries, and other necessary alterations. and added to the Church: two of these are

J. G. teachers in our Sunday-school. J. S. BAPTI3M AT FRIAR LANE, LEICESTER.

NORTHAMPTON.--Mr. W. Jarrom, who - Twelve females were immersed in the has laboured here for sometime, having re. above place of worship, on Lord's day, Oc. șigned his engagement, the small Church

here is without a minister. We feel deeply tober 10th. A sermon was preached on the occasion by the minister of the place, for the few friends here, and pray that from “And in Judah things went on well," a suitable minister may speedily settle -2 Chron, xii. 12.

amongst them. At their last anniversary,

Oct. 10, it appeared that £43 had been BAPTISM AT FLEET.-On Wednesday realized towards the liquidation of their evening, September 29th, six persons were debt, part of which was from collectingbaptised at Fleet; and on the following cards. Sabbath morning, five more. Ten of them joined our Church, and one the ludepen.

East INDJA SLAVERY,We are happy dent Church at Long-Sutton.

to see so much atteption excited to the

state of slavery in British India. The ANNIVERSARY SERVICES OF ÆNON Anti-Slavery Society have presented some CHAPEL, ST. MARY-LE-BONE.-On Lord's. valuable memorials to government upon day Oct. 17th, three Anniversary sermons the subject. We understand the society were preached ; in the morning and even has purchased 200 copies of Mr. Peggs's ing by our beloved pastor, and in the after. pamphlet on slavery in India. When will noon by our esteemed brother Stevenson, every British subject be free. Haste happy of Boro' road. The sermons were appro. day, the time we long to see. priate, encouraging, animating, and highly calculated to produce a lasting impression. ILKESTON. –The Rev. J. Peggs has com. The services were exceedingly well attended, menced his labours here with most encourOn Monday evening following, the friends aging prospects of success.

His first serheld their appual tea festival, which was mon here was on Lord's-day, August 29th. pumerously attended, and order, cheerful. He preached our Sunday-school sermons ness, and plenty pervaded the assembly. afternoon and ereping: the congregations After which, the meeting commenced, which were good, and the collections amounted to was opened with prayer, by Rev. W. Únder. £8. 2s. 10d.



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"Who hath not lost a friend?
There is no union here of hearts, that finds not here an end."
SHALL we e'er meet again? our friendship seems a dream,
A transient flash of heavenly fire, across life's turbid stream,
A passing, sparkling, glimmering light, the horizon's verge to cheer,

To throw on life a vivid ray-and then to disappear.
Vol. 3.-N S.

2 Y

Oh why on earth do friends thus meet: thus meet so soon to part;
Oh why is earthly pleasure marred with disappointments smart,
Why sad and bitter potions cast into life's changeful cup,
Why threatning ills at every step, to absorb our pleasures up.

Is it that life's a treacherous scene-a giddy, whirling maze;
Delusive, dangerous, fleeting too, unfit for friendship’s rays ;
A sandy, insalubrious soil, where pleasures will not bloom,
Where joys just blossom -promise fair-then sink into the tomb ?

Is it that friendship is a flower, of far too pure a birth,
Too holy, heavenly in its source, to find deep root on earth;
Too “pregnant with celestial fire," to rest content below,
Where threatening tempests fiercely howl, and strongest winds do blow ?

Oh yes, though friendships here begin, yet friends are called to part,
Scarce does the joyous welcome end, ere comes the parting smart;
While pleasure's cup is at our lips, we see its mirrored flight,
And sad and tearful feelings rush, to cause a wintry blight.

Oh yes, life is a chequered course: uncertain, shadowy, vain;
Replete with unsuccessful schemes, to banish torturing pain.
Earth is a barren, sterile soil, where pleasures will not grow;
But streams of care and discontent, in wild profusion flow.

Yet mid the thronging ills of life, some sparks of hope revive,
Some sweet assurances remain, that future pleasures live.
The frequent storms and blights of earth, in beaven are quite unknown,
And parted frieuds together meet around the eternal throne.

Then still we meet again, if not on this world's shore,
We yet may meet in that dear home, where parting is no more;
Where heavenly peace our souls shall fill, and living fountains rise
Of life, and health, and bappiness, eternal in the skies.

G. P.


God loveth a cheerful giver." “What shall I render Thee, Father Supreme!

As if the bosom, by some hidden sword,
For thy rich gifts, and this the best of all ?"

Was cleft in twain.
Said the young mother, as she fondly watched
Her sleeping babe. There was an answering

Morn came,-a blight had found

The crimson velvet of the unfolding bud, That night in dreams :

The harp strings rang a thrilling strain and broke, "Thou hast a tender flower

And that young mother lay upon the earth Upon thy breast, fed with the dews of love;

In childless agony. Send me that flower, such flowers there are in

Again the voice heaven."

That stirred the vision, But there was silence; yea, a hush-so deep,

“He who asked of thee Breathless, and terror-stricken, that the lip

Loveth a cheerful giver," so she raised Blanched in its trance.

Her gushing eyes, and, ere the tear-drop dried “Thou hast a little harp; Upon its fringes, smiled; and that meek smile, How sweetly would it swell the angel's hymn: Like Abraham's faith was counted righteousness. Yield me that harp." There rose a sluddering sob,


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