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and have invited their children to come fourteen years, but he had never fully exwithout money and without price. I hope amined the subject of baptism until his some may be induced to come and obtain present visit to China. Without any atthat instruction whicb, by the blessing of tempt on my part to proselyte, he sought God, is able to make them wise unto sal. my counsel, and advice, and books, with all vation. I know you will rejoice with us, of which I readily endeavoured to supply that, notwithstanding all the difficulties him. After three weeks of anxious and and trials connected with our work here, we prayerful study of the Scriptures and read. hare such an auspicious commencement, ing, and without once again communicat. I begin to feel doubtful if the change will ing with me, he came to the full conclusion radically benefit my health, as I am just that the Bible taught that the immersion of recovering from another return of it; still the believer in the name of the Trinity was I am very much stronger, and am able to the only christian baptism. At his own some extent, to go on regularly with my request, therefore, I had, on the 5th of Jan., work, only I must avoid exposure as much the high privilege of burying him with as possible, and content myself by doing Christ in baptism, in the immense longall I can at home, and praying for those boat as she floated, full of water, along side who are abroad this cold season. But I his fine ship, on one of the calmest and was going to say, if I were sure of having loveliest_days I have ever witnessed in to go home ultimately, and that as it re- Macao Roads. The scene was as interspects my health, this would be the best esting as it was novel. Capt. Roger's in. time, I should feel loath to do so without terests, family connexions, and prejudices, having giving Midnapore a trial, both as a were all Presbyterian, but he nobly made change of climate, and a missionary sta. every sacrifice for the sake of the truth, tion, especially under present circumstau. and after his baptism literally went on ces. If those who have already been to his way rejoicing. He has recently reinquire; or indeed any of them, should go turned to his native land, bearing certifi. on well, we shall have eternal reason to cates as a member in full fellowship with bless God that our steps were directed the Baptist Denomination. hither, and the station itself would assume Soon after the above events the Provi. a different character from what it now pos- dential openings around me seemed to call sesses in the eyes of friends at home. loudly for exertion more decided and more Should our labours prove ineffectual in the efficient than any I had hitherto been able to conversion of one sinner to Christ, (which put forth. The establishment, by the Eng. at present I cannot believe will be the case) lish, of a civil Government on the Island still we shall have the satisfaction of hav. of Hong Kong, and a great influx of Chiing done what we could, and the conscious. nese to that settlement, and the fact that ness of having made the glory of the blessed all misssionary operations could be carried Redeemer our supreme concern. The Lord on there beyond the influence of Catholics cause his face to shine upon us, and estab. and Mandarins, led me to decide, after much Jish the work of our hands, and hearts, and prayer, to leave my restricted sphere at Ma. lives, and enable us with holy confidence cao, and, with my family, to take up my continually to say,

to live is residence at Hong Kong, on the 19th of Christ!"


Being almost entirely without funds for LETTER FROM CHINA. missionary purposes, and being determined

to allow no longer, if possible, my hands to We have received a printed circular from remain tied, I drew up, and had priated, a China, and give a few extracts for the statement wbich I laid before the foreign benefit of our readers :

community in China, soliciting their pecu

Diary aid towards the erection of chapels Hong Kong, China, Ist Sep., 1842.

and school-rooms on this Island. Mr. It gives me pleasare to be able to com. Robert's name was also inserted in the municate with you from these ends of printed statement. Upon application to the earth. This has been, thus far, a year Sir Henry Pottinger, Her Majesty's Pleni. of unusual mercy and interest to me, and potentiary and Governor of the Island, His my missionary operations having received Excellency most generously made me a a fresh impulse, I have been enabled to re- free grant of ground, and subscribed fifty joice in God, take courage, and go forward. dollars towards the completion of the

In January last, I had the happiness of Queen's Road chapel. My appeal to the baptizing Capt. Rogers, of Philadelphia, a community was met in a most gentlemanly gentleman of superior intelligence and and liberal manner by them, there being piety. Capt. R. had been a Presbyterian for subscribed in a very short time, for the ob

“ for me

ject set forth, upwards of soventeen han- and overlooking the magnificent harbor, dred dollars.

and midway between the two great Chinese On the 15th of May I had the happiness Bazaars, and well located also for the foreign of constituting a regular Baptist Church community. Its walls are built of substanhere, which now numbers nine members, lial stucco, and plastered and white-washed with good prospects of increase. This both inside and out. The building is upnumber does not include Mr. and Mrs. wards of seventy feet long, and more than Dean, and one convert at Macao, nor Mr. twenty-seven feet wide, with a large vesti. Roberts and one convert at Chek Chu, on bule, two neat vestry rooms, cupola, Lon. the other side of the Island. We have vis. don made bell, camphor wood pulpit, rattan ited the baptismal waters once since the bottomed seats and chairs. It is floored, formation of the Church, and on the 5th of and ceiled, and painted throughout, the June I yielded to the unanimous call of floor marble colour and the ceiling blue. the Church, and became their pastor. The To make the building as cool as possible, Church admits members from all nations all the windows are made the usual size of and languages. In the latter part of April doors, and reach to the floor, each having we bad the happiness of welcoming to our double venetian sbutters on the outside, extensive field of labour, Mr. and Mrs. painted green, and double panel doors paintDean, who where driven from their station ed white, with glass, inside. The large front at Bankok by ill health. They brought with doors are secured by strong bolts and good them a native Chinese Assistant, who has English brass knob locks. A printed card joined me at Hong Kong. The health of which was circulated, stated the services of our friends has much improved, and Mr. the chapel to be as follows:- Every Lord's Dean is now on a visit to spy out the land day at seven o'clock in the morning, Chiin the more northern portions of the empire. nese worsbip-Eleven o'clock, A. M., Eng. A free passage in the American ship Lowell, lish Preaching—Two o'clock, P. M., Chi. was generously tendered to him by Capt. nese Preaching-Half-past six in the evenPeirce, and bis kind brother, W. P. Peirce, ing, English Bible class. Every ThursEsq., of Salem, U. S. A.

day, half.past six in the evening, English On the third Lord's day in June, the Ba. Lecture. Every Friday, half.past seven zaar chapel being completed, it was opened in the evening, Chinese Lecture-other for public divine service. It is built entirely services as occasions require. The chapel, of brick, and situated in an eligible posi. however, is open every day, a table with tion in the thickly populated Upper Bazaar. Chinese tracts, and chairs, are arranged in The length is thirty-five feet, and breadth the vestibule, which is delightfully cool and sixteen feet, two stories high, neatly fur- pleasant, and the native Assistant, who nished and painted throughout. The chapel lives in one of the vestry rooms, is always room is up stairs, with front venetians, and ready to converse, to preach, to give away an open terrace in the rear, and containing tracts, and to refer special cases to me. the necessary tables, chairs and seats. The When the extreme hot season is over, we lower story is occupied by my Chinese hope to do much more teaching publicly, teacher, and block cutter, both professors of and from house to house, than we are at christianity. The doors are open during present possibly able to do. I hold a 80the whole of every day, and every applicant cial conference with the members of the readily supplied with books and instruction. Church erery Tuesday evening. There is below an open five feet verandah The above chapels are the first Protes. in front, immediately upon the street, and tant houses of worship that have ever been also cook rooms, &c., in the rear. We find it erected in China, and the Queen's Road a great convenience to have this lower room, Baptist Church, is the first christian Church which answers a great many valuable par. constituted in this great land of heathenism. poses, for teacher, books, paper, printing For these humble beginnings, proceeded blocks, types, and now contains about thirty with under much aoxiety, to God alone thousand christian books and tracts, belong. must be all the glory. ing to the different missionaries in China. The Mission House is in a good state of

The Queen's Road chapel having also advancement. It is substantially built of been completed, was formally dedicated to stucco, plastered, and white-washed inside the worship of the Master on the 19th and out, with venetians, and glass, and July, in the presence of a respectable and painted throughout. It contains six good attentive congregation. I was assisted in sized rooms, with a wide, covered, and tiled the serrices by Mr. Dean and Dr. Bridgman. verandah all around, and a kitcben and

| Subject of the sermon, The Divine Rov. out-houses attached. The whole did not elation. This chapel is situated immedi. cost more than about one thousand dollars, ately on the Great Queen's Road, fronting, and the property will be entirely vested in

the Baptist Board. Rents in China are have a colleague on this side of the island, enormously high, and in two or three years and yet there appears to be but littlo hope generally amount to a larger sum than a that the Board will send more missionaries substantial and convenient dwelling house to China. Should sickness or death call can be built for. The Mission House is me away, (and nothing is more possible) erected on a portion of the free grant of we should, in all probability, lose, to a ground kindly made by H. E. Sir Henry great extent, the advantageous position we Pottinger. There is still room enough left have now gained through so much toil, anxi. for another dwelling. It ought to be men. ety, and expense, merely because there is no tioned, that as the Bazaar chapel is erected one ready to take my place. The state of upon a bazaar lot, the ground is not a Mr. Robert's lungs, and other circumstances, grant from the Government, but is taken would render it impossible for him to assume at a small annual quit rent, as are the other the duties of this side of the Island, while Mr. lots in the Bazaar.

Dean speaks another dialect. There is laRev. Messrs. Bridgman and Ball, and bour sufficient on this Island, at the lowest Mr. Williams, of the American Board, are calculation, and in reasonable view of the also erecting a large dwelling house and claims of other stations, for four Baptist Printing Office, a few lots distant from the missionary families. These facts I merely Baptist Mission House. Mr. Brown, too, state without designing any appeal what. of the Morrison Education Society, has com- ever for more missionaries. If the Churches menced building on a hill which was granted and the Board still continue to neglect this by the Government, and will move his school vast and inviting field, after all that has and family over in the course of two hitherto been said, and written, and developmonths. The Medical Missionary Society, ed, the responsibility rests with them, and also, has received a hill from the Govern. my concern is to my duty, and to do it ment, but they have not yet commenced alone, if necessity requires. building. The Roman Catholics have a As a christian philanthropist, I watch the fine building, which is nearly completed. various stirring scenes and events around me Many foreigners are rapidly building ware. with intense interest, and verily beliere that houses and private dwellings, and a very God, in the economy and wisdom of His large number of substantial and neat brick Providence, designs over-ruling all these Chinese houses, and stores, and shops, have present evils of war, and suffering, and been erected, and large numbers are still in bloodshed, for the opening of enlarged course of erection,

doors for the promulgation of the glorious Rev. Mr. Milne, of the London Mission. Gospel in these extensive dominions. Inary Society, proceeded to Chusan in Feb. deed, most interesting openings have already ruary, where he has been since remaining, been made in positions hitherto entirely but the unsettled state of affairs there sealed, and are now in the possession of much contracts his missionary exertions. Protestant missionaries. The progress of In June, five missionaries from Macao events are dereloping other openings and took up their residences at Amoy; viz, facilities. Are the Churches prepared and Rer. Mr. Abeel, of the American Board; willing to occupy till the Master comes ? Rev. Mr. Boone and wife, of the American Let us look beyond the causes of the preEpiscopal Board; Rev. Mr. McBride and sent dreadful and warlike position of affairs wife, of the American Presbyterian Board; in China, and regard the results and con. and Dr. Cummings, of Georgia, not con. sequences as they bear upon the advance. nected with any society. Dr. Lockhart, of ment of the kingdom and will of heaven, the London Society, will likely soon join and let us make unceasing prayers unto Mr. Milne, at Chasan. Dr. Hobson, of God, that the gross darkness and moral tbe same society, is still engaged in medic death which have for so many ages envelopcal practice and christian teaching at Ma- ed this great land, may be dispelled by the

Miss Aldersy, an intelligent English glorious rising of the Sun of righteousness, missionary lady, who supports herself, has and China become enlightened, and christrecently arrived at Macao from Java, and ianized, and sanctified, and saved. is anxious to proceed to some station north

Believe me, in the Lord Jesus, ward. Rev. Mr. Lowrie, of the American

Faithfully yours, Presbyterian Board, who visited China in

J. LEWIS SAUCK. the latter part of May, proceeded immedi. ately to Singapore, but with the expectation LETTER TO MRS. STUBBINS FROM of returning to China.

ONE OF THE SCHOLARS IN THE We all feel the want of more fellow-labor. BERHAMPORE SCHOOL. ers. Circumstances are such that it seems The following will be read with interest by almost absolutely necessary for me soon to many friends of the Mission.


My very dear Manıma,—To you in great places by the Rev. J. Edwards, of Nottinglove I send this chit. Through the mercy ham, on Lord's day, March 12. An ani. of God, we in this place are quite well, and mated public meeting was held at Doning. hope to hear that you are so too; that Papa ton, on Monday evening, when addresses may be quite well, yea fully restored to were delivered by Revs. J. J. Owen, M. health, I fervently pray to the Lord. To Jidion, (Wesleyan,) Edwards, (Indepen. see you my mind longs with great desire, dent,) Josiah Pike, Amos Smith, H. Hun. but should I never see you in time, yet if ter, J. Goadby, J. Edwards, and the Sec. we possess faith in Christ, we shall be per. retary. It was announced at this meeting mitted in eternity to behold the righteous. that a friend in Donington had given £20 I still remember the good and excellent for the furnishing of the Binding room in instruction you gave when here; in not re- Cuttack, in consequence of reading the garding the whole of it I am guilty ; this letter of Mr. W. Brooks. Several of the guilt forgive, and pray for me, for I do not above brethren, with Mr. Wilders, of Keg. forget to pray for you. I am exceedingly worth, attended the meeting at Sawley, on sorry that you have left us and gone to a the following evening. Collections and distance, and I feel very anxious that subscriptions, near £30. through the goodness of God you may re. turn to make known to the people in this

TICKNALL AND HARTSHORN.- A sersinful place the word of God, that their mon was preached at Hartshorn, and false worship may be destroyed, and that another at Ticknall, by Mr. Stanion, of they may believe in Jesus Christ, and thus Melbourne, on Sunday, Feb. 12th, 1843; be prepared for the enjoyment of eternal and on the following Monday evening a bliss. May satan's kingdom in all countries very interesting missionary meeting was be weakened, and the kingdom of Christ held in the Wesleyan chapel, Ticknall. A increase. Our dear Mamma, Miss Chohba large and attentive congregation was pre(Derry) gives us good instruction; hearing sent; the following ministers addressed the your letter to her my mind became much meeting :-Rev. J. G. Pike, the secretary; delighted. Every Sabbath Pooroosootum J. Gawthorne, (Independent); Josiah Pike, preaches to us the word of God, and therein of Derby; J. Bond, (Wesleyan) of Ashby; my faith is increased. I am weak, but pray J. Klubt, (Independent); R. Stadion and J. that I may become strong in the Lord, so Wood, of Melbourne. Collections at Ticknall that my faith in him may be established, and Hartshorn, £5. 12s. 70. J. B. and I may be counted worthy to be numbered with his true servants. Oh, my dear of the Mission, were delivered at St. Mary's

DERBY.-The annual sermons on behalf Mother, the few lines I have written are true, not in mere words, but with my heart Gate chapel, on Lord's-day, March 19th, I have written this. All the children send by the Rev. T. Stevenson, of Leicester. On love to you, and Papa, and dear Harriet,

the following evening the public meeting with many kisses. Forgive the errors of was held, and was well attended. Mr. G. this note. From

Stevenson presided. Appropriate addresses Your affectionate child,

were delivered by Revs. Messrs. Gawthorne KALI.

(Independent), Poile (P. Baptist), Simons,

Pike, Goadby, J. J. Owen, and T. StevenBAZAAR AT ASSOCIATION.

The report announced, that the Ju. DEAR SIR, -As the depressed state of

venile Missionary Societies (boys and girls) trade does not allow us to leave any effort total collections and subscriptions amounted

had realized handsome contributions. The on behalf of the funds of our Mission untried, that has in former times been pro.

to upwards of £85. ductive of pecuniary assistance, we beg LEICESTER.—The Annual Missionary leare, through your medium, to inform our Sermons were preached in three chapels friends in the Connexion at large, that we Friar Lane, Archdeacon Lane, and Dorer intend opening a bazaar at the ensuing As. Street, on Lord's day, Feb. 26, by Revds. sociation in aid of that institution.

J. Simmons, M. A., of Olney; E. StevenArticles, both of a useful and ornamental son, of Loughborough; and two of the redescription, will therefore be gratefully re- sident ministers. The united Public Meetceived by Mrs. Stevenson, and Miss Owen, ing was held at Friar Lane chapel, which High-street.

was crowded, on the following Monday Loughborough, March 21st.

evening. Mr. Wm. Stevenson presided.

Resolutions were moved or seconded by MISSIONARY ANNIVERSARIES.

Revds. J. Simmons, S. Wigg, J. G. Pike, CASTLE DONINGTON AND SAWLEY.-- and J. Goadby. The total amount of con. Appropriate sermons were delivered in these tributions for the year was about £90.


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VERILY, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do, because I go unto my Father.” There can be no doubt, that this comprehensive and gracious declaration of our Saviour principally refers to the triumphs of his Gospel. It was requisite for him to ascend to his throne, and present before the Father the incense of his merits prior to the communication of the Spirit. “It is expedient for you that I go away, for if I go not away the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart I will send him unto you.” The descent of the Spirit was to be immediately accompanied with unequivocal demonstrations of our Lord's sublime asseveration to which we have referred. This is abundantly evident from the following passages :—“When He is come He will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment. He will guide you into all truth, for he shall not speak of himself, but whatsoever he shall hear that shall he speak, and he will shew you things to come. He shall glorify me, for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you. The disci. ples were to tarry at Jerusalem, until, by the fulfilment of these promises, they were efficiently qualified for their momentous duties. To this injunction they strictly adhered. They had witnessed the glories of their ascending Saviour; they had seen him making the clouds his chariot, and riding on the wings of the wind; they had been encouraged and strengthened by angelic visitants, and doubtless, to some extent, their anticipations relative to the advancement of their nation to a state of political power and glory, had been constrained to give way before the overwhelming mass of evidence thus furnished that Messiah's kingdom is not of this world. See them now waiting, in acts of earnest devotion, for their spiritual guide, instructor and comforter. Though not yet fully confirmed in the stupendous designs of redeeming grace, nor able but partially to enter into the grand import of the declaration, “and I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me;" still they were empowered to place implicit confidence in the assurances of their Lord, and wait for a complete disclosure of the mysteries of his will.

When the fiftieth day after the resurrection arrived, it is recorded, that VOL. 5.- N.S.


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