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and beside all this, she frequently had to by day," and though at times during her contend with the pinching hand of poverty, affliction her mind was somewhat beclouded and even in affliction was often destitute of with doubts and fears respecting her interest the common necessaries of life. In the in the Saviour, yet these gloomy seasons midst of all these severu and complicated were but few and transient, for her hope was difficulties and trials her faith failed not, and “built upon the same foundation, the apos. she might often be heard praising the Lord tles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being for his special goodness toward her, and for the chief corner stone;" and in him alone the farours she received from his hands. she trusted for life and eternal salvation. She was remarkably patient, and though Thus our dear sister, baving “served her for some time her dear children seemed to generation, fell on sleep," and entered into be all that bound her to earth, yet the Lord the rest which remaineth for the people of in mercy so weaned her even from them, God, November 21st, 1842, aged forty-three that she willingly resigned them into his years. Subsequently, her funeral sermon bands, and could say, “ It is the Lord, let was preached in the General Baptist chapel, him do what seemeth him good.” She Fleckney, by Mr. J. Hawley, of Leicester, often manifested a strong “desire to depart from the following words, chosen by herself and be with Christ;" but even this was during her affliction, "This is my comfort mingled with resigpation to her heavenly in my affliction, for thy word hath quick. Father's will: thus as her "outward man ened me," Psalm cxix. 50. decayed, her inner man was renewed day Fleckney.



THE YORKSHIRE CONFERENCE assem. tion by the Churches. Mr. W. Crabtree bled at Halifax, June 6th, 1843. Mr. was appointed secretary, and Mr. Lawrence John Midgley, of Shore, opened the public Ingham treasurer, to carry this plan into worship in the morning by singing and effective operation. It is requested, that prayer, and Mr. Thos. Gill, of Burnley, the collections from all the Churches be preached, from Isa. xliv. 5, “I am the paid to the treasurer before the next WhitLord's."

suntide Conference, when the first year will Mr. R. Ingham gave an encouraging expire. report of the Church at Prospect Place, The secretary read the report received Bradford. They will collect for the Home from the Church at Leeds, and Mr. Tudni. Mission at their earliest convenience, and cliffe communicated additional information. desire a continued interest in the prayers of The Conference unanimously adopted the the Churches.

infant General Baptist Church at Leeds as It was unanimously recommended by the a Home Missionary station. Mr. Jas. Conference, that the Churches raise, by Hodgson, of Stubbing House, was apsubscriptions and collections, one shilling pointed treasurer for it, and all the Churcbes per member, every year, for the Home in the Yorkshire district are requested to Mission fund. Mr. W. Butler read the collect for this station as soon as possible. report of homo missionary proceedings and It was recommended to the Church at success during the past year. This report Queenshead, and their minister, Mr. Hardy, was approved and adopted. Mr. W. Butler, to take under their fostering superintendence as secretary, and Mr. W. Foster, as trea. our friends who reside at Dunholme. surer for the Home Mission, received a The statistics of the Churches are as vote of thanks for their services the past follows:-At Leeds they have four capdi. year, and they were desired to continue in dates for baptism, and the congregations inoffice the year ensuing.

The Church at Prospect Place, The plan published in the Repository by Bradford, have received eighteen by bap. Mr. W. Crabtree, was revised by a com. tism. There is no apparent change at mittee, and sanctioned by the Conference. Allerton. At Clayton they have ten can. The money raised is to be exclusively ap. didates for baptism, thirty inquirers, and plied to the reduction of debts on the the congregations are improved. They chapels, and not on Sunday schools. Every hare baptized four at Queenshead, and they Church is to raise the same amount re. have several inquirers. There is no visible ceived from the sund, at the expiration of change at Halifax, Birchcliffe, Shore, and the foliowing year; if not, it cannot receive Lineholme. At Burnley they are im. the benefit of this fund till it comply with proving their chapel to accommodate more this specific condition. In this amended hearers. They have recently purchased form it was again recommended for adop. the two cottages adjoining the chapel.


They have baptized sixteen since the last ary meeting was held, when Mr. C. Bate Conference, they have many coming for. presiding, the audience was addressed by ward, and their congregations are increased. Messrs. Hesketh, Smith, Prestwich, Hague, The next Conference to be at Lineholme, Pedley, &c.

T. SMITA, Sec. and, by the special request of the Church

ANNIVERSARIES. there, to be held Sep. 28th, 1843. Mr. W. Butler to preach.

PORTSE.-The annual services for the

liquidation of the debt on Clarence-street THE CAESHIRE AND LANCASHIRE CON. chapel, were held on Sunday, June 4, and FERENCE assembled at Oak street, Man. continued on the Monday evening follow. chester, April 14, 1843; Mr. Geo. Hesketh ing. The congregation was favoured on being in the chair, when the following reso. these occasions with the valuable services of lutions were adopted :

the Rev. Jabez Burns (Baptist Minister, 1. That we recommend the brethren at London,) and it is gratifying to state, that Jersey street, Manchester, to apply to the although the weather was unfavourable, and next Association to be received and inserted the attendance somewhat thinner than it in the list of the General Baptist Churches. might have been in consequence of the

2. That the brethren at Oak street, celebrated Dr. Bunting preaching at the receive the sum of £5 from the Home Mis. same time in another part of the town, the sion, as soon as its funds will admit. sum of thirty pounds was contributed to.

3. That the brethren at Stoke have a wards the important object, in addition to grant of the same sum on similar condi. the more noble sum of one hundred pounds tions, to assist them in their financial diffi. ten shillings and eight-pence, raised since culties.

the last anniversary, chiefly by a weekly 4. That, as the reports from Stoke upon.

subscription then commenced, and very Trent have been so very encouraging, we zealously and efficiently carried out, by the cordially comply with our brethren's re. young ladies belonging to the chapel; so quest, in recommending their case to the that the clear proceeds of the last year for attention of the Midland Conference, and the removal of the chapel debt considerably also to the Association, in order to assist exceed £130. The friends of the chapel them if they possibly can, in the erection also beg to acknowledge the following sums of a suitable place of worship.

as given at the public meeting on Monday 5. That brother R. Pedley be recom- night, namely, Mr. John Purchase, £1, mended to collect for the liquidation of the Mr. James Warren, £5., Mr. J. Monk, £5., debt on the General Baptist chapel at Con. besides several smaller sums. The subscrip. gleton.

tion list is yet open, and any other contri. 6. That brethen Pedley, Hague, Hesbutions from friends who might not have keth, Lindley, Smith, Prestwich, and Hil. been able to attend on the Sabbath, if for. ton, constitute the Home Missionary Com. warded to the minister or one of the dea. mittee until the next Conference.

cons, will be thankfully acknowledged.7. That individuals in the respective Hampshire Telegraph. Churches, encourage contributions for the WENDOVER.-On Thursday, June 1st, Home Mission, and that they either bring we held our anniversary services, and had, or send them to the Treasurer every six on the whole, an interesting, and we trust months.

profitable day. The weather was somewhat 8. That every Charch in this Confer. unfavourable, but the attendance was largo ence send petitions to the House of Com. and encouraging. The friends, for the bemons, protesting against the objectionable nefit of the fund, provided dinner and tea clauses in the Education Bill.

in the chapel at their own expense, and 9. That a petition also be sent from were favoured with the attendance, at the this Conference, expressing its disapproba. former, of about 50, at the latter, of about tion of this Bill, as obviously tending to in- 140 persons. Brethren Underwood, of fringe on the civil and religious liberties of Praed Street, London, and Ayrton, of Ches. the people. To be signed by the Chair- ham, kindly occupied the pulpit for us on man and Secretary.

the occasion. Other brethren were also 10. That the next Conference be held at present, and took part in the devotional exStalybridge, on the second Thursday in ercises. The amount realized by collections October, and that brother J. Lindley, of was quite equal to our expectations. In re. Macclesfield, preach on that occasion. ewing the goodness of God to us through

At this Conference brother E. Stenson, past years, we find much reason for thank. of Congleton, read and prayed, and brother fulness and encouragement. · The Lord R. Pedley preached from Job xxxiii. 24. hath done great things for us, whereof we In the evening an animating Home Mission, are glad.”

Baptists in this place. In the morning, BAPTISMS.

after an address to a large and deeply in. FLECKNEY.- On Monday evening, May terested congregation, by the pastor, on the 29th, 1843, the ordinance of believers' bap- authority, perpetuity, mode, subjects, and lism was administered to six persons, one design of baptism, nine persons were immale and five females, from the General mersed in the baptistry in the name of Baptist congregation at Smeeton, by Mr. the Sacred Three; most of them young S. Hull, of Leicester, in the baptistry in persons, and three of them teachers in the front of the General Baptist chapel, Fleck Sabbath-school; and what made it especially ney, which was lept for the purpose. A interesting to the pastor, two of his own numerous and respectable congregation then children, of the respective ages of seventeen Assembled in the adjoining chapel. The and fourteen, were amongst the number. Rev. J. Buckley, of Market Harborough, In the afternoon the right hand of fellow. opened the service with reading the Scrip. ship was given to the newly. baptized, and tures and prayer, and the Rev. J. Goadby, "for them the public prayer was made." of J.eicester, preached an excellent and ap. The ordinance of the Lord's supper was propriate discourse, from Matt. xxviii. 19, administered before the congregation, and 20, and administered the ordinance of the many felt how sweet it is to hold intercourse Lord's-supper. Truly it was good to be with “ kindred minds." there. At the conclusion of the service

“Our souls by love together knit, Mr. J. Beales, of Leicester, who, many Cemented, mixed in one, years ago, laboured in the word and doc. One heart, one mind, one soul, one voice, trine at Fleckney and Smeeton, gave a

'Tis beaven on earth begun." brief, but deeply affecting address, to the BILLESDON. – On Thursday evening, merobers of the Church, and those who June 8th, the solemn ordinance of baptism stayed to witness the administration of the was administered in this chapel. Our esordinance. Messrs. T. Stadion, T. Sutton, teemed pastor, the Rev. W. Willey, deJ. Riley, and J. Gray, of Leicester, took livered an excellent and impressive bappart in the exercises of the evening. At tismal discourse, from Deut. xxvi. 16-19, ihe close of the service a goodly number of to an attentive audience. He then, for the tracts were distributed. May the Lord add first time, baptized three persons, on a pro. unto us many more such "times of refresh. session of their faith in Jesus Christ. It ing from his presence.” G. COLTMAN. was a season of deep interest, and of much

KIRKBY.-On Lord's-day, May 21st, the spiritual enjoyment. May we experience ordinance of believers' baptism was admin. many more such, and may our dear pastor istered by the Rev. J. Wood, of Mansfield,

be encouraged in bis arduous undertaking to ten persons, five males and five females, by seeing the Lord thus bless his labours. and an appropriate sermon upon the Scrip. Truly, we can say, “The Lord baih done ture mode, subject, and design of that ordi great things for us, whereof we are glad." Dance, by the Rev. S. Taylor, of Duffield. BEESTON.- We desire to feel thankful Considering the inclemency of the morning to Almighty God for another addition to the assembly at the water side was rery the Church of Christ at this place. On numerous and attentive; it was remarked Sunday, May 21st, six young persons were that tbe behaviour surpassed any on a for. baptized at the General Baptist chapel, mer occasion. In tbe afternoon the newly Beoston, one male, and five females. Mr. baptized were received into Chureh fellow. G. Wright, of Castle Donington, preached ship with one who had formerly been a on the occasion, from Matt. xxviii. 18-20, member, making an addition of eleven to and afterwards baptized the candidates in our number, We have several more can. the name of the Sacred Three. In the didates, and a goodly number of hopeful evening the newly baptized were received inquirers. May these be sincere, and be into Church fellowship. The whole day brought lo enjoy the privileges of Church was one of joy. We anticipate very soon fellowship; and may tbe Great Head of the others will follow their example, as they Church bless us with peace and prosperity, have followed Christ, as we have more and grant unto us many more such happy candidales.

W. GANE. days. Mr. S. Taylor preached two sermons in Jane 4th, five persons put on the Lord

STALYBRIDGE.-On Lord's-day evening, behalf of the chapel funds on the same day, Jesus Christ by baptism, in the presence of it being nineteen years since he visited us on the like occasion. Thos. Ellis.

a considerable number of spectators. The

truth must prevail, and the Son of God CHATTERIS.—The first Lord's day in will reign in every family and hamlet, Nay was an interesting day to the General town and city, nation and einpire.

BROUGHTON.-On Lord's-day, June 4th The Right Hon. Baronet endeavoured to 1843, the ordinance of belierers' baptism cover his retreat by various declarations was administered in the General Baptist as to the purity of his motives, the support chapel, Broughton, Nottinghamshire; on he had from the clergy, &c. The bold which occasion our esteemed minister, Mr. effort of the government and the church, Stocks preached from Luke x. 28, after thus defeated, to curtail the religious liber. which Mr. H. Mantle delivered an address, ties of the people, and to introduce a pure and baptized eight candidates, five males spiritual despotism into this country, has and three females.

not only awakened the dissenters of this Macclesfield.-On Lord's day May land from their slumbers, but it has taught 7th, 1843, the ordinance of believers' bap them the very obvious truth, that civil and tism was administered to seven persons.

religious liberty can never be secure so long

as there is an established church. The HINCKLEY.-On Lord's day, May 28th? aristocracy, both Whig and Tory, by virtue the ordinance of baptisio was administered of their interest in church property, will to five persons, three males and two females. ever be predisposed to lend themselves to MISCELLANEOUS.

any scheme which may advance the arro. Rev. M. SHORE.-We regret to state, semi-popish priesthood.

gant and anti-christian domination of a that our esteemed pastor, Mr. Shore, has retroved from us. He preached bis fare Rev. WILLIAM PENTNEY.- The teswell sermon on the evening of the 11th timonials and doctrines of Mr. Puptney, inst., to a densely crowded congregation, formerly a Primitive Methodist minister in from Acts xx. 32. On Monday morning, the county of Norfolk, having been laid at seven o'clock, the friends held a special before the committee appointed by tho last prayer meeting, when they presented Mr. Association for the examination of ministers Shore with a new and beautiful edition of desiring to become united with our body, the Rev. W. Jay's morning and evening and being found entirely satisfactory, the exercises, in four volumes, as a memorial committee beg most cordially to recommend of their regard and love towards him. this estimable minister to any Church that

James Pratt.

may be in want of a minister. SIR JAMES GRAHAM'S EDUCATION BILL.

E. STEVENSON, Secretary. -On Thursday evening, June 15th, Sir N. B. Not being in the possession of James, in bis place in parliament, an. the address of brother Pentney, applications nounced his intention not to proceed with may be made to the Revds. T. Yates, Fleet; the Educational clauses of the Factories Bill. c. Pike, Wisbech; or T. Scott, of Norwich.

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