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Rev. A. Hanson (Gold Coast), and — Mil- gression upon Tabiti, it stated that in the som, Esq. (Lyons); the Earl of Chichester, islands were the gospel had been introdueed and Rev. Dr. Steinkopff.

in later years, and which had hitherto been

preserved from the evils of popery, the rich CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. reward already realised had been abundant,

THE forty-third annual meeting of this and the prospects of extended success were society was held on Monday morning at most cheering. In the island of Tapna, Exeter hall, the Earl of Chichester in the the spot on which the enterprising Williams chair, supported by the Lord Bishops of planted the christian standard on the day Winchester, Norwich, and Chester, the very before his martyrdom, two missionary bre. Reverend the Dean of Salisbury, the Hon. thren from England were now stationed. and Rev, the Dean of St. Patrick's, Viscount In South Africa the desert had begun to Sandon, M.P., Mr.J.C. Colquhoun, M.P., blossom as the rose. The stations north of and a large number of gentlemen. The the colony had been visited with gracious Earl of Chichester briefly addressed the manifestations of divine mercy. Madameeting in support of the objects of the in- gascar still remains under the cloud of that stitution, the forty. third anniversary of dark and mysterious dispensation which which they had met to celebrate; he looked deprived the people of their teachers, and upon it as an ornament to the church and exposed them to the cruel vengeance of a blessing to maakind. The Rev. R. their inveterate and powerful enemies. Five Davies, M.A., read the report; it stated additional martyrdoms had taken place that the income during the past year had during the year. The directors had sent exceeded £115,000, á sum unprecedented in forth during the past year, to various parts the history of this or any other religious of the world, missionaries with their famisociety. The Lord Bishops of Barbadoes lies, amounting (exclusive of children) to and Guiana had become vice-presidents, 23 individuals. The total amount of receipts and the King of Prussia a member of the during the past year had been £78,450 society. His Majesty had presented the 18s. 8d.; the expenditure, £85,442 5s. society with a donation of £100, and had The speakers at this meeting were, the become an annual subscriber of £25. In Revds. Dr. Chapman, A. Tidman, E. BickNew Zealand, Eastern and Western Africa, ersteth, J. J. Freeman, W. Bunting, James Greece, India, and elsewhere, the missions Parsons, Joseph Angus, J. B. Condit, J. were encouraging, and the call for mission. Sherman, A. F. La Croix; C. Hindley, aries was more urgent than ever. In à Esq., M.P. short time the society would turn its atten. The following was one of the resolutions : tion to China, towards a mission in which “ That this meeting hereby records its country an individual, who wished to be solemn protest against the violent and un. unknown, had presented the munificent sum just proceedings on the part of France, by of £6000. Upon the motion of the Lord which the Queen of Tahiti and the native Bishop of Winchester, seconded by the government have been deprived of inde. venerable Archdeacon of Derby, the report pendence. It reprobates, -as it deploreswas agreed to. A variety of resolations the forcible establishment of popery among were subsequently adopted, in the course of an unwilling but defenceless people, and it which Lord Sandon, M.P., the Reverend presents to the missionaries and churches Augustus Hanson, government chaplain at in the island the assurance of its deep sym. the Gold Coast, the Hon. and very Rer. the pathy and fervent prayer under this severe Dean of St. Patrick's, the Rev. J. J. irial of their faith and constancy." Neithecht, Mr. J.C. Colquhoun, M.P., and An Adjourned Meeting was held in the the Rev. F. Close, addressed the meeting. evening at Finsbury Chapel, wbich was ad.

dressed by F. Smith, Esy., Rerds. J. J. LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY.

Freeman, S Thody, J. Alexander, S. Hay. The forty-ninth anniversary of this insti. wood, W. Buyers, J. Arundel, G. Christie. tution was held at Exeter hall, on Thurs. G. Gogerly. day, the Ilth iost. The weather was propitious; and, at an early hour, the large

WESLEYAN MISSIONARY SOCIETY. hall was occupied by a highly respectable The annual meeting of this society was audience. At a quarter to ten, Sir George held May 1. The chair was successively Grey, Bart. chairman, entered the hall, and occupied by J. P. Plumptre, Esq., M. P., was loudly cheered.

and Thomas Farmer, sq. The Rev. A. Tidcan read an abstract of The report was read by the Rov. E. Hoole, the report, which commenced by poticing and the Rer. Jobn Beecham. It began by the society's proceedings in the South Sea stating that the committee deemed it expe. islands. After referring to the French ag dient as in former years, to call the atten

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tion of the members and friends of the so stract of the report. It briefly referred to ciety, in the first place, to the financial the operations of the society and its auxili. statement, premising that it was necessarily aries in China, Java, Burmah, Assam, India, made up only to the close of 1842, whereas Ceylon, Australasia, New Zealand, South in reporting the state and prospects of the Sea Islands, West and South Africa, Spanish missions, the committee availed themselves America, West Indies, New Providence, the of the most recent information. The gross United States of America, British North income received for 1842, from all sources, America, Newfoundland, Labrador, France, was 98,2531. 128. 8d., being a decrease of in. Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, come, as compared with 1841, of 3,4341. 98. Italy, Hungary, Carintha, Lower Saxony,

The gross expenditure of 1812 was Wirtemberg, Iceland, Denmark, Russia, 100,6631. 138. 9d., being and increase of the Mediterranean, and adjacent countries. oxpenditore, as compared with 1841, of In noticing the home proceedings, the com. 1,9091. 68.; and leaving a deficiency in the mitee expressed their regret at the retireyear 1842 of 2,4101. Is. Id. To meet this ment of Mr. John Davis, the Society's su. deficiency, there was the surplus of income perintendent, the duties of which office he over expenditure in 1841, 2,9331, 14s. 7d. discharged for nearly twenty-four years, in By this addition of the surplus of 184) to a faithful and conscientious manner. The the real income of 1842, the deficiency of following grants of publications were re1842 was wholly liquidated, and a surplus ported :-For Sabbath-day circulation, sol. yet remains, towards the expenditure of diers, sailors, and riverman; Home Mis. 1843, amounting to 5231. 13. 6d.

sionary, District Visiting, City and Town After a very lengthened detail of the Missions, Christian Instruction, and other operations and prospects of the society in kindred societies; British emigrants, prison. various parts of the world, it presented the ers, hospitals, workhouses, railway work. following general summary :

men, fairs, races, foreigners in England, Principal or central mission stations,

special occasions, public executions, convict called circuits, occupied by the so

ships, and other important objects, amountciety, in the various parts of the

ing to 1,677,936. Grants to Soctland, world enumerated in the preceding

Wales, and Ireland, 302,557. The value report

265 Missionaries and assistant mission.

of the foregoing grants is £2,668 184. 106 aries, including supernumeraries,

libraries have been granted during the year and others who have for a time re.

to schools, destitute districts, and union turned, or are returning, home.... 360 houses ; also a grant of books value £60, at Catechists, interpreters, school teach. ers, &c.. wholly employed at the ex.

half-price, has been made to form libraries pense of the society

590 for the police. The report further stated Sunday-school teachers and other

the proposals of the commitee for the forma. agents whose services are only occasional and gratuitous, upwards of 4,500

tion of factory libraries, and the issues of Full and accredited church members 93,680 cheap books, and their efforts to counteract Scholars,

60,396 those principles which are opposed to the Printing Presses.................... 7 Reformation. The new publications of the

The report concluded with an eloquent year were 218. Publications circulated and affecting appeal on behalf of Protestant amount to 16,469,551; making the total missions, in the new and trying circum. circulation of the society, in nearly 90 lan. stances in which they now seem likely to be guages, including the issues of foreign soci. placed by the efforts of Rome, aided by the eties assisted by the Parent Institution, to power of France.

amount to nearly 377,000,000. The total The meeting was addressed by the Rev. benevolent income of the year amounts to Drs. Hannah, Alder, Leifchild; by the Rev. £4,980 15s. 10d. ; special donations re. Messrs. Jacobs (Pah tah-se-gay), Morti. ceived for China, to 31st Marcb, £1,747 4s. mer, Smith, Newton, Boyce, Huston, Tur. 4d.; proceeds of sales, £43,064. 14s. 90. ner, Stinson, Reece, and Jackson; also by Gratuitous issues amount to £6,649 7s. 1d.; M.A. Campell, Esq., M. P.; C. Hindley, being £1,668 I 18. 3d. beyond the amount of Esq., M. P ; Captain Woodward; and Ř. benevolent contributions, without any charge Wilson, Esq.

or expenses whatever thereon. Legacies,

£999 199. Total receipts, £52,605 7s. 9d. RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY.

Addresses in proposing and sustaining This society held its Forty-fourth anni. the resolutions, were delivered by the Rev. versary on Friday, May 5th. John Labou. Messrs. D. Wilson, J. Clayton, T.C. il. chere, Esq., presided, and the Rev. Dr. son, J. B. Condit, (Portland, America,) A. Hendersou offered prayer.

W. Hanson, H. Hughes, J. Angus, T. William Jones, Esq., the corresponding Mortimer, G. Smith, and the Rev. Dr. secretary and superintendent, read an ab. Krummacher.

BRITISH AND FOREIGN SCHOOL sidered and amended (cries of “no, no, not SOCIETY

amended "], or rather he would say it had

been altered [hear, hear]; and he had a Held its thirty-eighth anniversary on Mon. right to assume, that as it now stood, it em. day, May 8th. Lord John Russell presided. bodied the calm and mature determination Henry Dunn, Esq., read an abstract of the of government on the subject of general Report. It commenced by noticing the de- 'education. The whole bill was illiberal and cease of His Royal Highness the Duke of unjust. It was playing a game with the Sussex. It then stated the general pro. country with loaded dice. He would rather ceedings of the society. The new normal see the government come forward at once, schools were opened in June last, when in the manliness of an English spirit, with Lord John Russell presided. The female a direct and open measure to deprive the establishment is now approaching comple. dissenters of the right to educate their own tion. The amount raised is £17,087. The children. But by the altered bill the sum required to defray ailespenses, £21,500; teachers must all be members of the Church £4500 must, therefore, yet be provided. of England. The bill, as it now stood, The ladies' committee have raised £1045, was, in fact, worse than it was at first. It and the teachers of the society have pre. was essentially illiberal, too, as it regarded sented a donation of £250. During the the rate payers. It could not in this respect year 207 candidates have been in training work as honest Englishmen would wish it in the normal school; fifty-eight have been to work. What he deemed most afflictive recommended to boys' schools; sixty two to in the bill remained still unaltered-he girls' schools; thirteen have sailed for foreign meant its compulsory clauses. They had stations; have withdrawn; and been told by the noble lord who had pre. fifty-three are now on the list. Owing to ceded him, that on the question of compul. difficulties on the question of inspection, sory education the public mind was not only fifteen applications have been made to properly made up. His own mind was the committee of council. The aid granted fully made up on that subject. He de. is £1577. The schools thus aided will ac. nounced all compulsion (long and reiterated commodate 2504 children ; and the cost of cheering, with waving of hats and bandkerthe buildings will be £5573. Forty-fire chiefs). It degraded education, and was schools have also been established, which contrary to the genius and spirit of the have received no aid whatever from Govern. British constitution. The government bill ment. The resolutions of the committee was altogether compulsory, and its compul. on the Factories Education Bill, the foreign sory provisions were of a most hateful and operations, and financial affairs, were then abominable character. He was desirous noticed. The amount expended during the that all that should be said there upon tho year, for general purposes, was £6863 13s, subject should be said also in the house of 21.; the amount received, £6777 15s. 9d. Commons. It was alarming to him that Balance due to the treasurer on the expen. there seemed to be so little sympathy on diture of the year, £85 178 5d.

this question between the people's house The usual resolutions were moved and and the people themselves (cheers). He seconded by Earl Fitzwilliam, Lord Mont. would charge the noble chairman to repreeagle, the Rev. Drs. Reed and Alder, the sent them and their opinions in parliament Hon. and Rev. Baptist Noel, the Rev. [great cheering). The reverend gentleman Messrs. Green and Burnet, Colonel Fox, here intimated, that all who were in favour M. P., and J. Barton, J. Cheetham, and J. of Lord John Russell thus becoming their Beldam, Esqrs.

representative, should signify the same in At this meeting the Rev. Dr. Reed de. the usual way, when the vast audience si. livered an energetic speech :

multaneously rose up, and responded with “They were all met there at a great crisis, loud and reiterated cheers. He would ask on the important question of education, and his lordship to say, in his place in the house, not only so, but also at a crisis in the civil that they would not have the bill (renewed and religious liberty of the country. The cheering), that they wanted schools for all, proposed measure of the government, in without offending the consciences of any, reference to education in the factory dis. that they would not trust the interests of tricts, was designed to be experimental, and religion to any particular denomination should it be found to succeed there, would [cheers), especially to a church in whose become general throughout the country. It bosom such dangerous errors were now bad now been before the country for some springing up." weeks, and had been emphatically answered by 13,000 petitions (cheers.) In deference

HOME MISSIONARY SOCIETY. to these petitions, the bill had been recon. This society held its Twenty-fourth Andi. versary, May 16, W. Alers Hankey, Esq. now sets in upon our country, on the best occupied the chair.

means for resisting Sir James Graham's The Rev. Dr. Matheson read the report, mischievous Education Bill, on the importfrom which it appeared that there were 150 ance of a cheap denominational magazine, principal stations under the care of the and on other measures connected with the society. There were eighty missionaries, progress of the denomination and the cause and seventy pastors preaching in villages; of Christ. There was an unusual feeling of making 150 agents, the largest number ever solemnity thrown over the assembly, by the connected with the society. The educational circumstance that, at the time of its sittings, department had been much improved. A the respected chairman's near connexion, determined and persecuting spirit was di- the Rev. Dr. Fletcher, a brother beloved by rected against the Home Missions in almost all, was lying in a state of almost hopeless every part of the country. In nearly every indisposition. When his former activity department of agency there had been an in the cause of Christ was called to mind, improvement, and an increase of numbers. the lesson on every heart was peculiarly Last year the number of schools was 204; impressive. they were now 210; the number of teachers, 1476, now 1700; the scholars 11,800, now

COLONIAL MISSIONARY SOCIETY, 13,000. There had been opened, during This Society held its seventh anniversary the year, 61 new places. The agents on May 13th. The chair was occupied by preached the Gospel in 655 towns, villages, Lord Morpeth, and after singing and prayer, and hamlets, to nearly 50,000, in the midst the Rev. A. Wells read the report, which of a population of nearly one million of gave a concise history of the society's labors souls. Last year the Bible classes amounted at its various stations in Canada, New Zea. to 84, containing 1,150 persons; this year land, and South Australia, during the past to 110, including 1,429 pupils. Upwards year. Such had been the depressed state of of 600 persons had been united in Church the colonies, that considerable aid had been fellowship, nearly all the fruits of mis. required by the missionaries from the parent sionary labour. Last year the net in society. There were, however, indications come of the society was £7,169; this year, of renewed prosperity in the colonies, and it £7,788; but the expenditure during the was therefore hoped that the demands during same period was £9,334.

the succeeding year being decreased, fresh The resolutions were moved and seconded scenes of usefulness might be occupied. by the Rev. Drs. Morison, Leifchild, and There had been a very serious decline in the Mathesop; by the Rev. Messrs. Stoughton, amounts of funds received; and had it not Stratten, Burnet, and Jackson; and by M. been for a legacy of £500, bequeathed by Fisher, Esq.

the late Mrs. James, of Birmingham, the

institution would have been £1000 in debt. CONGREGATIONAL UNION OF

The meeting was addressed by C. Hind. ENGLAND AND WALES.

ley, Esq., M. P.; the Rev. Dr. Vaaghan; The meetings of this union of pastors and the Rev. Messrs. Binney, Burnet, Adkins, Churches was held at Crosby.ball, Bishops. Freeman, Hill, and Smith (Sheffield); and gate, on Tuesday and Friday, the 9th and by the treasurer, J. R. Mills, Esq. 12th of May. The Rev. J. Reynolds, of Romsey, in the chair. The attendance, es.

IRISH EVANGELICAL SOCIETY. pecially of ministers, was highly encourag. The twenty-ninth anniversary of this so. ing, and the spirit pervading the assembly ciety was held on Tuesday, May 9th. The was such as to indicate the cordiality and cbair was occapied during the evening by affection which obtain in the Congregational C. Hindley, Esq., M. P., and T. M. Coombs, body. Deputations from Scotland, Wales, Esq. Prayer was offered by the Rev. G. and America, were received by the union Rose. The Rev. G. Smith, one of the Se. with demonstrations of lively joy, and the cretaries, read the report. It gave a brief presence of the Rev. J. B. Condit, (the suc. account of the labours of the agents of the cessor of Dr. Payson) from Portland, in the society, and presented an encouraging view state of Maine, added greatly to the interest of the stations occupied by them. These of the assembly. The annual letter, on stations are found in different parts of the Christian Love, drawn up and read by Mr. country, some of them in districts in which Stratten, of Holl, was full of holy coupsels, the native Irish language is spoken. In richly illustrated by an appeal to the Word these latter the efforts of the missionaries of God. Much interesting matter was laid are especially acceptable. Especial referbefore the union, on the subject of British ence was made to the labours of the Rev. J. missions, on the necessity of taking vigorous Godkin, whose talents as a lecturer on Posteps for resisting the tide of Puseyism which pery and Puseyism are well known, and the effect of whose efforts are most gratifying trade, the auxlliary had not declined either and delightful. Crowds of listening auditors in its resources or usefulness, In Nottingare attracted, amongst whom are to be found hamshire the stations were for the most part Protestants of all denominations, and often healthy and vigorous. From the northern many Roman Catholics. The report al. auxiliary cheering accounts had been reluded to the great lack of books universally ceived. From Pembrokeshire, Rutlandfound, and the intention of the committee shire, Sussex, North Wilts, and East Somto attempt the sale of useful and religious erset, and from the West Riding of Yorkworks on a plan similar to that pursued by shire, the reports were, upon the whole, the colporteurs of France. The state of the highly satisfactory. The labours of Mr. funds was reported to be, upon the whole, Pulsford, the evangelist, had been greatly such as to demand the grateful acknowledg. blessed. The report concluded by pressing ments of the committee to their constituents, on each auxiliary the importance of setting and to awaken confidence and hope for the apart some one Sabbath in the year, most future. But still, as extensive fields of la- convenient to itself, for simultaneous Bapbour present themselves in every direction, tist Home Missionary collections through. a considerable augmentation of the amount out the district. contributed must be realized before the ef. From the treasurer's accounts, it appeared forts of the society will make that impres. that the total receipts of the year were £5270 sion on the great mass of people which is ls. 4d.; but the disbursements had so far so much to be desired. The report con. exceeded the receipts, as to leave a debt of cluded with a powerful appeal to the friends £526 17s. 9d. against the society. of evangelical truth for larger contributions, The speakers were Revs. Messrs. Barnes, to enable the committee, during the ensu. Elven, Frazer, J. Edwards, (Nottingham,) ing year, to carry out the more extensive Angus, Stovel, and Messrs. Robinson and operations contemplated.

Barker. The resolutions were moved and sustain. ed by the Rev. Messrs. Adkins, Blackburn, CHURCH OF SCOTLAND MISSIONS. Sherman, Burnet, Gawthorne, T. James, and Dr. Morison.

The tenth London anniversary was held,

April 27. W. Hamliton, Esq. presided, and BRITISH SOCIETY FOR THE PRU. after prayer had been offered by the Rev. Mr.

PAGATION OF THE GOSPEL Ferguson, the Rev. J. C. Burns made somo AMONG THE JEWS.

interesting statements as to the operation The first public meeting of this society

and success of the society, and addressess was held April 24th, J. D. Paul, Esq. in were delivered by the Rev. Messrs. Hamil. the chair. Prayer was offered by the Rev. ton, Redpath, Scott, (Sweden) Smith, J. A. Miller, and a report read by the Rev. (Greenock,) Cumming, Bunting, Burns, Dr. Henderson; after which resolutions were

Lorimer, and the Rev. Dr. Stewart. moved and seconded by the Rev. Drs. Bur. der, Stewart, and Cox, and by the Rev.

LONDON CITY MISSION. Messrs. Redpath, Blackburn, Scott, Archer,

The eighth anniversary of this society Hamilton, W. Bunting, Fergusson, and J. C. Burns; also by W. Hamilton, Esq.

was held May 4. The chair was occupied


The report stated that the population of the SOCIETY.

metropolis, within eight miles of St. Paul's

cathedral, amounted to 2,165,864 persons, The forty-sixth anniversary of this society for whom there were 350 churches and was held on Monday, April 24th. John chapels belongiag to the established church, Heard, Esq., in the chair. The Rev. S. J. providing sittings for 351,290 persons; and Davis, the Secretary, read an abstract of the 447 places of worship not connected with report. The accounts from the Berkshire the established church, providing accommo. auxiliary were encouraging. The Cam. dation for 250,228 persons; making a total bridgeshire auxiliary, in proportion to its of 601,518 sittings. The number of mission. means, had proved itself both vigourous aries employed by this society at the present and efficient. The accounts from Devon time is eighty.two. Since the last meeting, and Dorset were some of them highly in. through the instrumentality of their misteresting. In the Isle of Wight the pros. sionaries, 163 persons had become members pects were encouraging. In the Scilly and communicants of the church of Christ. Íslands the lessee had caused potices to quit The gross receipts for the year amounted to be served at the chapels. In Lancashire, to £6741. 58. 5d.; and the expenditure had notwithstaading the general depression of been £6092. 12s. 9d.

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