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quired to be paid, without fail, in a few SIR,—Will you, or some of your able months. We hope to be able to realize correspondents, favour the querist, and your among ourselves about £50; but as there numerous readers, with a plain and scrip. will still be a great deficiency, we are laid tural reply to tho following queries ? under the absolute necessity of making ap. 1. When the punishment of death was plication to those churches who have not threatened against our first parents, if they assisted us heretofore. We humbly trust should disobey their Maker by eating of the that this appeal will not be in vain; as we tree of the knowledge of good and evil, aro anxious to avoid the loss of our chapel, (Gen. ii. 17.) are we to understand that the and the total overthrow of the cause of term death was designed to extend to the Christ among us. We are exerting ourselves whole man, both body and soul, or to the to the utmost of our ability, and could we body only? see any means, besides the method stated,

2. Are we to understand the terms die, of extricating ourselves, we should gladly dead, destroy, destroyed, destruction, burned adopt it. Dear brethren, we trust you will

up, &c., when applied with respect to the help us in this our last struggle; and that God, who regards what is done unto his

future punishment of the wicked, in their cause as done unto himself, will reward

common acceptation; or if not, in what

sense are we to understand them! W, H. your liberality. In behalf of the church, W. J. GARRATT.

EDITOR's Note.-It is not customary, QUERIES.

we believe, in our churches, to receive memSIR,– Would it not be well if some ex

bers by the imposition of hands. A few, perienced friends would give their opinions

however, practise it.—The mode adopted by in the Repository as to the best and most uniting to take our periodical, is worthy of

some poor friends at D., of a number eligible mode of proceeding in the election imitation. The dispute of Mr. W. with the of Deacons. It occurs but seldom in any church, and should be done with caution ference to which the church belongs. It is

trustees, would be best adjusted by the Con, and deliberation. There must be a best undesirable to publish ex parte statements in method of proceeding. If communications in the G. B. R., should elicit this, it might

our columns. oblige many, as well as A FRIEND.


TAE LINCOLNSHIRE CONFERENCE was tations, he preached and administered the held at Fleet, Dec. 19, 1844. Brother Pent- Lord's-supper to the few General Baptist ney, of Stamford, preached in the morning, friends there. They are very anxious to keep from Ps. cxxvi. 6. A Home Missionary together, and obtain a suitable minister. Meeting was held in the evening. Thirty- Resolved, That brethren Yates and Pike en. one persons were reported as having been deavour to procure a suitable supply for Fenbaptized since the last Conference:-at Bos. Stanton: The name of one brother was ton, 6; March, 4; Norwich, 5; Pinchbeck, 5; mentioned, and the Secretary of the ConferStamford, 9; St. Giles', 2.

ence was desired to correspond with him. Mr. Burdett declined the office of Secre. It was mentioned that, as Mr. Paul, who tary, on account of other engagements. Bro- has the management of the General Bap. ther Yates was therefore requested to tako tist Property at St. Ives and Fenstanton, that office for the next three years.

has left that neighbourhood, it would The Treasurer of the Widows' Fund pre. probably be a matter of convenience to him, rented his report, from which it appeared if some one appointed by this Conference that the balance now remaining in hand is were to undertake the duties of his office. £4. 45. 4d. Resolved, That this balance be Resolved accordingly, that this Conference equally divided among the churches at Fleet, being anxious if possible, to maintain the Bourne, and Spalding, in whose name a small interest at Fenstanton, respectfully subscription has been paid annually to the request Mr. Paul to resign his stewardship General Widows' Fund in London, since into the hands of Mr. John Smith, of March. 1840, and that they be requested to make The Baptist Irish Society. The Secre. up the sum of £2. each, and remit to the tary was requested to communicate with society in London as before.

Mr. Trestrail at 33, Moor-gate street, Fenstanton.-A letter was read from bro. London ; stating that several of the Genether Lyon, of Chatteris, stating that, on the ral Baptist Churches in this neighbour8th inst., in compliance with earnest solici- hood would be able to receive him as a


deputation from the above society, about meeting for approval, and it was unani. the month of February, and recommending mously sanctioned :him to make his own arrangements with Easter.' Whitsuntide. Autumn. Christmas. those churches.

1845 Shore Queenshead Allerton Hep. Slack An interesting conversation took place on

1846 Halifax Bradford Lineholm Birchescl.

1847 Leeds the question

Burnley Clayton Hep.Slaek .-'Is there any Scriptural 1848 Shore Queenshead Allerton Bircbesel. warrant for the suspension of disorderly 1849 Bradford Halifax Lineholm Hep. Slack church-members ? To be resumed.

1850 Leeds Burnley Clayton Birchescl The Norfolk Branch Conference. The It was recommended by the meeting, that following report of the first half-yearly Ovendon be adopted as a new Home Mismeeting was received, and ordered to be

sionary station, and that a dwelling-house printed with our own minutes.

"At a

be taken, in which to carry on public formeeting of the ministers and representatives ship; and that the churches at Queenshead of the General Baptist churches in Norfolk, and Halifax take the superintendence of it. held in the Priory yard chapel, Norwich, The statistics of the churches are as fol. Oct. 25, 1814, brother J. Yates, of Fleet, lows:- At Leeds, the congregations increase, in the chair, it was resolved,-1. That we the Sunday school is prosperous, and they form ourselves into a Branch Conference, to have one candidate for baptism. At Bradbe called a branch of the Lincolnshire Con. ford, four bave been baptized, and the conference. 2. That Brother Scott, of Nor. gregations are without apparent alteration. wich, be the Secretary. 3. That brother J. The burch at Allerton have received fire Wherry be the Treasurer. 4. Verbal Re

by baptism. At Clayton, two have been ports were given of the state of the churches,

baptized, several more are in a hopeful &c., by brethren from Castleacre, and its state, and the congregations and Sunday. several branches, also from Magdalen, Nor. school have improved. The church at wich, and Yarmouth; which were on the Queenahead has received seven by baptism, whole, encouraging. 5. The friends at

and there are a few more who excite the Norwich being desirous to know the opinion hopes of the more active part of the church. of their brethren from distant places, relative At Halifax they have baptized three. No to their occupancy of Tombland Chapel,- additions have been made to the church at after considerable attention had been given Birchescliff : but they expect to have a bapto the subject, it was moved by brother

tism in a short time. The congregations Wherry, and seconded by brother North,

are encouraging at Heptonstall Slack, the " That this Conference congratulates the church is peaceable, and they have eight friends in Priory.yard, on their occupancy of candidates for baptism. Discipline has been Tombland Chapel, and hopes it will greatly carried on to a painful extent at Live holm. tend to the advancement of the Redeemer's They have baptized one, and admitted to

6. The Smallborough case being fellowship one or two besides. The church mentioned, brother Scott was requested to at Shore has invited Mr. Robertshaw to be. persevere in his efforts to bring that business

come their minister; their congregations are to a satisfactory conclusion. 7. That the

good, and their church peaceable. The next meeting of this branch conference be

prospects at Burnley are very encouraging. held at Stow Bridge, on the last Thursday The next Conference to be held at Queens. before the full moon in April, 1845; and head, on Easter Tuesday, March 25, 1845, that brother Scott be requested to preach. Mr. William Butler to preach. 8. That a report of this meeting be sent to

JAMES HODGSON, Secretary. the Lincolnshire Conference. 9. That some of the Lincolnshire brethren be requested to THE WARWICKSHIRE CONFERENCE asattend and render assistance at Stow. Bridge.' sembled at Wolverhampton on Tuesday,

The next Lincolnshire Conference to be January 14, 1845. Mr. Knight, of Wolrey, at Bourne, on Thursday, March 20, 1845; introduced the services of the day by reading brother Simons, of Pinchbeck, to preach. the Scriptures and prayer; and Mr. Lewitt, T. Yates, Secretary. of Coventry, preached on the Present Posi

tion and Duty of Dissenters, from Matt. xvi. THE YORKSHIRE CONFERENCE was held last clause of verse 3. at Birchcliffe, Dec. 25, 1844. Mr. William In the afternoon, at half past two, the Butler opened the public worship in the brethren met for business.

Mr. Shore premorning, by reading the Scriptures, and sided, and Mr. G. White, of Birmingham, prayer, and Mr. R. Ingham preached from opened the meeting with prayer.

The reMatt. xiii. 38.

ports from the churches were of a pleasing In compliance with the request of a for- character; thirty-six had been baptized, and mer conference, Messrs. Hollinrake, Butler, there are now thirty-eight candidates. and Hodgson revised and arranged the fu. It was resolved, 1. That this conference ture conferences, to the end of 1850. The is unable to afford any assistance to the following was accordingly presented to the friends at Nunoaton. 2. That we cannot



entertain the

from the persons morning, Feb. Oth, by our esteemed minister, meeting in Chapel House Street, Deritend, Mr. Lewitt; and at tho Lord's-supper in Birmingham. 3. The next conference to the afternoon, the newly-baptized were rebe at Coventry, on the second Tuesday in ceived into fellowship with us. The at. May, Mr. Chapman of Longford, to preach tendance on both occasions, as well as in

A meeting for the revival of religion was the evening, was exceedingly good; the serheld in the evening, when suitable addresses vices, of a highly-interesting character. were delivered by brethren Shore, White,

STALEY BRIDGE.-Jan. 26th, seven perKnight, Chamberlain, Cheatle, and Lewitt. The services of the day were well attended,

sons were baptized. Some of these were

from the Sabbath-school. Mr, Butler and all were delighted with the prospects of preached, and received them into fellowship, the cause at Wolverhampton.

Feb. 9th. F. CHAMBERLAIN, Sec. THE NEXT LONDON CONFERENCE will Six persons were baptized in connection

BIRMINGHAM, Chapel House Street. be lield at Ænon chapel, on Tuesday, with this Church, on Sunday February 2nd, March 25th, 1845, at two o'clock in the 1845, by Mr. Roe of Heneage Street. afternoon. The churches belonging to the Conference, not able to send representatives,

ANNIVERSARIES. are particularly requested to send a letter SEVENOAKS.-On Lord's-day, June 19th, containing their report, before the day of the three sermons were preached in the General Conference, addressed to the secretary, 12, Baptist chapel, Sevenoaks, by the Rev. F. Marlbro' Place, Walworth, London.

Smith, of Halifax, in behalf of the Sabbath

school connected with that place of worship. BAPTISMS.

The collections were satisfactory. BeEston.-On Lord's day, Jan. 9, four

ORDINATION, persons were baptized. The Rev. H. Hun. ter preached from Acts x. 47; and Mr. G. SEVENOAKS.—The Rev. F. Smith having Frettingham, the senior deacon, administered accepted a cordial and unanimous invitation the sacred rite. In the afternoon, Mr. Hun. to the pastorate of the General Baptist ter delivered a very solemn and affectionate church, Sevenoaks, his recognition took address at the Lord's table, and received place on Tuesday, Jan. 21st, on which occathe newly-baptized into church fellowship. sion a public tea.meeting was held, when In the evening Mr. H. preached from Jere. about 110 persons sat down to tea, after miah xxxi. 23.

which the congregation was addressed by

the Rev. Joseph Chamberlain, (Independent) CASTLE DONINGTON.- Lord's-day, Jan.

on the character and constitution of a chris26, eight persons were baptized at Castle

tian church; by Mr. Smith, whose call and Donington. A sermon was preached on the

acceptance of it was unanimously confirmed occasion by Mr. Owen, pastor of the church, by a show of hands; and then by the Rev. from the formula of baptism, ' Baptizing J. Burns, in an admirable and impressive them in the name of the father, and of the discourse, embracing the mutual duties and son, and of the Holy Ghost.' One of the responsibilities of christian ministers and candidatos had for several years been a local christian churches. The whole of the propreacher among the Methodist New Connec- ceedings were deeply solemn and interesting. tion. In the afternoon the baptized were received into the church. It was a time of re- STALEY BRIDGE. An unanimous invitafreshing from the presence of the Lord. tion has been given to Mr. Sutcliffe, to as

Coventry.—The ordinance of believers' sume the pastoral office over the General baptism was administered in the General

Baptist church in this place. His labours Baptist chapel, Coventry, on Lord's-day

have been greatly blessed.


[blocks in formation]

DEPARTURE OF MISSIONARIES. nating services are proposed to be of Mr.

Hudson, at Loughborough, March 26th ; At a recent committee meeting held in Mr. Jarrom, at Wisbech, in April; Mr. Stoney Street vestry--it was determined, that Bailey, at Broad Street, Nottingham, May the two missionary students go to Orissa 20th; Mr. Millar, at Heptonstall Slack, with brother Stubbins, who is expected to May 13th; and the farewell service of Mr. sail by the Wellesley' in June. It is also Stubbins, at Dover Street, Leicester, June 3. expected that brethren Jarrom and Hudson, We shall give further particulars in our next. will set out for China in April. The desig

me. *




and confute the erroneous doctrines of REV. W. PICKERING.

idolaters; so as in some good measure to

feel myself blameless in my work. Yet [We promised these letters last month. Our sometimes I feel my sinful nature working readers will be pleased with the spirit they within me; it is like a thief lurking about to breathe, and will not be offended by the insertion steal, or a toad, or other evil and unclean of the note of the venerable minister to whom reptile, haunting dark and secret places. they were addressed.-Ed.]

Yet I hope and believe these depraved pro

pensities are daily growing weaker and Sneinton, Jan. 19th, 1845. DEAR BROTHER GOADBY,–With this

weaker, by the grace of the Saviour, anto

whose feet I have filed for refage and salrayou will receive two letters from Gunga

tion. They are ashamed to come forth to Dhor to myself; one before he had received

day.light, though heretofore they walked some little matters of wearing apparel from

forth in the day-time, without even a reil to I will thank you if you will insert them in the Repository as soon as possible.

cover their deformity. I feel the obligation

of love to serve my Saviour; I think myself They appear to me to be very excellent, honoured in professing and serving him. and show in what school he has been trained.

And were it not so, I am convinced that beI am but poorly, and am waiting for my

sides Him there is no Sariour; He is my Lord. The Lord bless and preserve you. sacrifice for sin. He is the substitate for If you can, put them in the next.

its punishment. He is my teacher, my I am, dear brother,

priest, and my king. He is my sovereign, Yours affectionately, the Son of the Blessed. About his divine W. PICKBRING.

character I have no doubts, and my peace To the Rev. W. Pickering.

and satisfaction are complete. I hare de

termined to live and die proclaiming His LETTER I.

gospel; and my daily work is to pray for GREATLY


the Holy Spirit to succeed my labours. In FATHER,-1, Gunga Dhor, an Oriya native some good measure I have obtained that christian, present to you my most affection. Holy Spirit, and do not hide or bury his ate salutation. I have been informed that gifts; but, on the contrary, trade with thema you think upon me with affectionate interest. before all men, that I may increase my I have heard of you from the brethren,

Lord's talents, and at last be approred of and my mind is oppressed with veneration him. In my work I frequently meet with for you, and its foundation is love; and I opposition and persecution ; but I hold my. am told that you love me. This is a great self ready to suffer and die, if such should mystery, as we have never seen one another;

be the will of my Lord. I have committed but it is a mystery which the religion of myself to his service, and shall pursue it; Christ can solve. O what a happy family and I am perfectly careless, as I am unin. will heaven contain! and how large will it formed, as to how long he will spare my be! My venerable and beloved father, I

life in his vineyard. I wait his will, to have been kept in my christian course since

suffer and enjoy as his will may be. My the year 1828, the year of my baptism, and

earnest prayer is, that I may, in my last union with the church of Christ. God, hour, resemble the five wise virgins, who whom my forefathers knew not, I have

entered with the bridegroom in to the mar. known; and being made acquainted with riage supper. sin, which is the breaking of his command. I need not ask you to pray for me, as, ments, and which exposed me to the condem. since I am the object of your affectionate pation of eternal death, both body and soul,

and spiritual interest, you will do that. I have found the good hope of pardon and Pray that I may perserere to the end. eternal life through the Saviour. To that

When that end shall have passed, and this Saviour be eternal blessing! This is the body, composed of five elements, shall bare language of my heart. The word of God, mixed with its origivals, may I be tavoured which is sent forth to many, has entered

to meet, in a better state than this, with my into my heart, and has scattered the dark

venerated friend, and rest my head with his ness which brooded upou my mind. It has

on Jesus' bosom. Had I seen you in this removed my guilt; has spread sweet peace

world, it would have been only as a dream; in my soul. I have, in some good measure,

but, in the world to come, our interview will been enabled to understand its glorious

be everlasting. I would say more. I woul mysteries; and its entrance has given me talk about your long life, and your bright light. And not only so, but He has called prospects; your possession of so many me to preach the gospel to my fellow-men, promises of a faithful God; but then I am

an ignorant brother -a brother just turned * Contained in the missionary box sent from

from idolatry-while you are proficient in Nottingham.

beavenly knowledge, and rich in esperi


ence, and I can only put my hand upon my SPECIAL CONFERENCE, NOVEMmouth when I would address you. And

BER 25, AND 26, 1844. what more can I say? Pardon the intrusion of this my unworthy epistle, and consider Present, brethren Lacey, Sutton, Brooks, and

Buckley. Prayer by brother Buckley. me, beloved and highly respected father, your unworthy brother in Christ,

I. We agree that this conference shall be Cuttack, Sep. 28th, 1844. GONGA DHOR. considered as our regular conference, there

being no probability of our being able to

meet again during the current conference (Acknowledging the gift of Mr. Pickering.) year.

2. In consequence of the facilities for To him who drinks at the fountain of God's

communication with England afforded by luce, who is zealous in the cause of the gospel, who is supported in his latter days European year scarcely now exists, and we

steam, the necessity for varying from the by the blooming hope of eternal life, even

therefore request that our conference year to my renerated brother in Christ, the

may be rendered conformable thereto, viz., Rev. W. Pickering, the native christian,

that it shall extend from January to DecemGunga Dhor, gives the salutation of chris.

ber, We request our secretary to arrange tian love.

our remittances accordingly for the year BELOVED BROTHER,—By the hand of next ensuing my beloved father in the gospel, the Padre Our past experience also induces the con. Lacey, I received your excellent epistle, and viction that we can generally most convealso the various gifts of your benevolence. niently meet for conference at the beginning Mary said to the angel, 'Behold the hand. instead of the close of the cold season; yet maid of the Lord;' so I say respecting your we must frequently be influenced by cir. benevolent wishes, May it be to me as you cumstances as to the precise time of meeting. desire. I am now advanced to the age of 3. We desire to express our gratitude to forty-eight, and have proclaimed the gospel our Heavenly Father for bringing our beseventeen years. I find, when I am preach. loved brother Buckley in safety to this land, ing the word of God, that strength and and pray that he may long be spared to boldness are imparted unto me of the Lord; become a very extensively devoted mis. so that my hearers are silenced and con. sionary in Orissa. futed. I am enabled to endure opposition We also beg to thank our Society for and persecution, and my daily wish and sending him out, and express our hope that prayer is, that the Lord would turn the we may regard him as the pledge and earhearts of the heathen, and give the foolish nest of the fulfilment of the resolution an understanding mind. As to myself, my adopted by the committee, Oct. 22nd, 1813, prayer is, that I may be delivered from sin; to send out five more missionaries to India. and what I pray for, I in some measure 4. Brother Buckley's sphere of labour, obtain ; for I feel my sinful propensities pro, tem. In the absence of any instrucgrowing weaker and weaker. I have not tions from home on this subject, we recombeen strong in body lately. A disease which mend brother Buckley to reside the next I have had for many years, weakens my conference year at Berhampore, leaving it frame; but in the work of the Lord my soul with Messrs. Lacey, (who is about to visit is abundantly willing and active. I trust that, Berbam pore) Wilkinson, and Buckley, to as long as I live, I shall be able daily to testify make any further arrangements as to divi. the gospel of the grace of God, and then die sion of labour they may deem necessary. as a conqueror, and at last receive a con. 5. In regard to the appropriation of the queror's crown. This is the prayer of my Midnapore chapel mones, we consider the tongue, and this is the prayer of my heart. insertion of our proposed distribution of it, And, my venerated brother, may God give in the last annual report, as sanctioning our you the strength and consolation which my proposal, and we therefore feel at liberty heart desires. May God the Father bless thus to dispose of it when obtained. you! may God the Son bless you! and may 6. Respecting brother J. Brooks, of Cal. God the Holy Spirit be your constant guide! cutta. As several intimations have been sent And my warmest prayers ascend to heaven for to brother Sutton from the Calcutta Baptist the beloved friends who compose the churches brethren that brother J. Brooks has offered of Christ in England, for by their labours I himself to their society, but will expect to hare obtained the essence of life. May my be on the funds of our society, pending an venerated father receive graciously this ex. answer from the Particular Baptist home pression of my love. Please present my committee, and that brother B. may prolove to every member of your family, and to bably draw upon our society through Mr. your acquaintance. My wife and children Norman, (Mr. Alexander's friend) in Calunite with me in these expressions of es. cutta, we give our opinion that as we have teem, and in the salatations.

not been consulted in any of the arrange

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