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up the native christians in their most holy about 15, in the Berhampore Asylum, a faith.

member of the church in that place. I could tell you many more things that interested me, but I fear being tedious, and

Berhampore, Nov. 18, 1844 think this is quite long enough for a tent MY VERY DEAR Miss STEVENSON,letter. I am getting accustomed to a tent The things that you sent by Mr. Buckley life, and at present like it as well as I ex. are indeed beautiful. On the sea they were pected. It has inconveniences and priva- not at all injured, we received them all in tions.

excellent order, and were very much delighted How important to feel for these unhappy with the sight of them, and to me it seemed idolaters, as sinners before God, and exposed as if we had known each other, We did not to his everlasting displeasure ! It is only receive all these things because we are wor. as we do this that we shall labour steadily thy, but because of the mercy of Christ and perseveringly for their good. If my through his servants they were sent to us; heart does not deceive me, I do, to some therefore he is worthy to be praised. Beextent, thus feel for them; but I wish to lieving in Jesus with our whole hearts, we feel much more strongly. May I ever be shall, after death, meet Him and all our willing and desirous to spend and be spent English christian friends in heaven. This for their souls; not counting my life dear is my earnest hope ; and if we should all to myself, so that I may testify the gospel meet there, and stand at the right hand of of the grace of God. Your affection for me, Christ, how great will be our joy! Then and love to the cause to which I have freely who shall be able to destroy our happiness? and cheerfully given myself, constrain you, Christ himself has said, that, putting the I know, to pray that this may be the case. proud far away, he will shew mercy to the Continue your supplications, and fail not to humble; those who bow to him, even these urge on all dear friends the importance of shall enter heaven. How many righteous remembering us at a throne of grace ; people, from various countries, even from will our hearts be strong, so shall we pros- the four quarters of the globe, will be there; per in all that we do.

and if my sisters in the school are the fol. • Think of me in that hour of prayer,

lowers of Christ, they also will unite with When thy soul's ascending;

them; and then, with one voice, what a

beautiful song shall we sing! Then our And I will meet thy spirit there, Both heavenward tending.'

Saviour, the Lamb, shall be in our midst,

and to us an eternal crown shall be given. I hope we shall have a reinforcement If a king were to give to his servant a when brother. Stubbins returns; and that crown, how delighted would he be. If he they will be men of the right stamp, willing would be so pleased with this perishable to endare harduess, as good soldiers of Jesus thing, how much more delighted shall we Christ; that they will possess fervent piety, be with an imperishable one, given to us by holy zeal, good common sense, self-denying our Heavenly Father. Our prayer is, that and systematic babits; and that all their Satan may, in no wise, rob us of this hope, prayers, lears, studies, and public labours aud that we, waiting and being strong in will be for the salvation of the heathen. the strength of Christ, who is our shield and Believe me,

our sword, may not fear, for God is with us. Your affectionate brother in Christ. You may bave heard, from our teachers and JOAN BUCKLEY. from letters, that our country-people, the

Khunds, taking children, murder many,

that they may have plentiful crops. It was LETTER FROM A KAUND GIRL. their intention to have sacrificed me, when MY DEAR SIR,-In reply to letters accompa

I was a little child of about seven years old.

Just then a christian Collector came and pying the articles which were sent by some Nottingham friends to the Berhampore Native Asy

rescued me, and brought me to Setram pella. lum, I received a letter from Kali, one of the

There I commenced reading Telinga. This girls in the school.

Sahib intended to build a chapel, but he Mrs. Stubbins has kindly

died of cholera. He was seized at night, sent a translation, with a request that I would send a copy of it to you for insertion in the Re.

and died next day at five o'clock.

We were

all sent to his wife's sister, who lived at pository, as soon as you can find room for it, as

Chicakole. she does not know any other way of making

This lady and her husband

were both christians, and here we continued known the girl's request for wools, &c.

to learn Telinga. Afterwards, on account I remain,

of Stubbins Sahib's coming to Berhampore, Yours respectfully, we, with Pednisutum, went to him. Here ELIZABBTR STEVENSON.

we remained some months ; but, when the Sneinton, Feb. 4, 1845.

Sahib travelled in the country, there was no Translation of a letter from Kuli, a girl of lady to take care of us, and he sent us to

Cuttack, where we stayed more than a year. paid a visit to Canton, and was exceedingly When the Sahib was married, we returned struck with the opportunities for missionary to Berhampore, where we have remained labour which that populous city affords. I until this time. No sorrow or distress, am convinced that any amount of work can sickness * or difficulties, have we experi. be carried on in it with ordinary prudence. enced; but, through the mercy of God, we A Chinese merchant took a friend and myhave continued well and happy.

It is only

self one day an excursion, to visit some the mercy of God that can preserve us in celebrated flower-gardens. It happened to this world. My teacher and ourselves bave be the day for visitors, and the walks were thought that, if our dear Stubbins Sahib crowded. I sat down in a small portico at be spared to return to this place, a way a corner of one of the walks while the people might be opened for some one to go among passed along in files in front of it, each inthe Khunds; for in that country there is no dividual receiving a tract, and collecting light, no religion. Pray that the Holy Spi. every now and then into companies of from rit may be poured out upon that dark coun. thirty to fifty to hear it explained. In this try; that first a few of his servants may be way 500 tracts were distributed. It was an sent, and that, in due time, others may interesting fact to reflect, that 500 immortal follow. God will certainly hear the pray. beings had that morning, for the first time, ers of his faithful people. Should we not learned their duty to their Maker, and heard ask that the darkness may be removed, that of One who came from heaven to earth to light may be diffused, that the kingdom of seek and to save them. May the seed that Satan may be destroyed, that Christ's king. was thus sown be found after many days. dom may spread ? Now they love Satan, and know nothing of the excellency of Christ, nothing of heaven or hell. They perceive

MISSIONARY ANNIVERSARIES. not what a fearful place hell is, nor what a COVENTRY.-On Lord's-day, March 1lth, glorious place heaven is. Their mind is sermons were preached on behalf of our like a dark room; on this account they wan- Foreign Missions, by the Rerds. E. .H Delf, der in sin. Concerning ourselves. Do we (Independent) and William Jarrom. On the not love the Saviour ? On examining my following Tuesday evening, a very large and mind, I conclude it is so. Dear friends, I interesting missionary meeting was held in feel much love towards you ; not as a trav- the chapel, when the venerable and Rev. eller do I regard you, but like a person near J. Jerard (who accompanied Lord Macartwhom one lives continually.

ney's mission to China, fifty-two years ago) There is a lady here who will teach us to occupied the chair. Addresses were delivered knit shawls, and having learned, we shall by the chairman, the Revds. Thos. Collins, be able to earn something for the school and (Wesleyan); F. Franklin and F. Watts, the church: but, in this country, we cannot (Baptists); Doctor Hewlett and Hickman, buy any worsted to knit them. We should (Independents) and our highly esteemed all be very much obliged if you could send brethren, I. Stubbins, and T. H. Hudson. some red, green, yellow, white, and black Collections £8,78. worsted, some wooden pins, and a mesh + BIRMINGHAM.-The annual services, in for knitting as well as netting the shawls; support of the General Baptist Mission, were also some unruled copy-books, pencils, slates held at this place on Lord's day, March 9th, and slate-pencils, and a thimble with your and following Monday. On Lord's-day & own name on it.

sermon was preached by the Rev. T. H. Aud. Dear friend, be not angry with me for son in the morning; the Rev. I. Stubbins asking all these things: it is in submission addressed the children of the Sabbath-school I ask them.

in the afternoon, and preached in the evening. Dear friend, learn Oriya, and then you On Monday the public meeting was held; can write me a letter. All my schoolfellows Mr. Ewen in the chair. The annual report unite in loving salutations and thanks to of the auxiliary was read by the Rev. G. those kind friends who have sent presents. Cheatle, and suitable addresses delivered by I have a great desire to see you. Pray for- the Revds. W. Jarrom, T. Hudson, -- Daw. give the errors of this note from

son, T. Swann, I. Stubbins, F. ChamberYour affectionate

lain, and - Hooper. This meeting was KALI. very interesting, and exceedingly well at.

tended. Collections and subscriptions for the PREACHING IN CHINA.

year, £51, 3s.

CRADELEY HEATH AND NETHEATON.- At Dr. Legge recently writes,— Last month I these places the cause of missions was advo.

cated by the Revds. T. Hudson, W, Jarrom, * Compared with what they would have had G. Cheatle, J. Davies, (P. B.) W. Shore, as heathens.

and F. Chamberlain. The attendance was The meshes have been promised. good. Collections £4 and upwards.-- F. C.


APRIL, 1845.


We make the following announcements with unmingled satisfaction, and are confident that our friends generally will be gratified in reading them.

Tue ANNUAL SREMON will be preached by the Rev. J. P. MURSELL, of Leicester, at FALCON SQUARE MEETING, (Dr. Bennett's) on Friday Evening, the 25th inst. Service to commence at half-past six.

The ANNUAL MEETING will be held at FINSBURY CHAPEL, on Tuesday Evening, the 29th inst. at half-past six. JAMES WHITEHORNE, Esq. has kindly consented to take the chair.

Several communications having, reached the Committee on the desirableness of giving the Society a more denominational and popular character, and extending the interest felt in its labours and success, they have, after much and anxious deliberation, unanimously passed the subjoined resolution, to which we beg to call the attention of our friends :

That the subscribers of the Society, and all Ministers friendly to its principles, be invited to meet the Committee on the morning of Monday, April 28th, at the Mission House, at 10 o'clock, to hear details of the proceedings of the past year, to consider whether any, and if any, what alterations may be made in the constitution of the Society, and the mode of electing the Committee.

We earnestly hope that our subscribers in London, and those residing in the country who may be in town at the time, and the pastors of our churches, who may be able, will make an effort to attend. The present critical state of the Society, and the accumulated pressure upon its funds, demand prompt and vigorous aid. If any of our brethren wish for information which may require a reference to documents belonging to previous years, they will be good enough to communicate with the Secretary a few days before.

We had not room for the whole of the to meet him at the house of one of those who interesting narrative of Pat. Gunning's were with him. I went there, and the place in our last. He had been speaking of an was so full that I could hardly get in. He encounter with a clever man, a romanist, proposed to discuss the doctrine of transubwho had been supported, for several stantiation, and quoted Matt. xxvi. 25. I weeks by the people living in the dis- referred him to verse 29, and then quoted trict, in order to overcome our reader. called bread

and wine three times, after the The first contest was not very decisive, blessing had been pronounced. He then rebut what follows will show, that clever as ferred to John vi. "I replied by quoting verse this man was, he had quite his match. 63, to show how foolish it was in him to think These friendly contests, though they may the other passage referred to the Lord's occasionally give rise to some acrimony Supper, and supported my argument against of expression, and excite bitter feelings, the literal interpretation of Christ's words, by are of great importance. They not only quoting many similar examples, where he indicate the rapid growth of a spirit speaks of giving, water when he means of inquiry, but they tend to encourage imparting instruction and truth, where he it, and give it a right direction. says that he is a door, &c. &c.; and that

they might as well believe the paschal lamb About ten days after, I received a challenge was transubstantiated into the destroying

angel, reading also 1 Cor. x. 3, 4. He then | been conversed with by myself and one of the flew out of the limits of Scripture, saying, deacons, we agreed that they should be that what holy mother church taught was received. May they be enabled by continuing sooner to be credited than the Scriptures. in well doing, to give evidence that they are Another, flourishing his stick, said I deserved among the called, chosen, and faithful ! to get my bead broke. The whole house was I continue to preach in New town; and then divided, some on his, and some on my some who never go any where else, constantly side. A young romanist of good character attend, and appear to hear with interest. I and education, then got up, and requested a have lately preached twice in the neighbourhearing. He went on to speak kindly of me, hood of Broad Mills to crowded congregations. and requesting them to pay attention to what I was there on last Wednesday, and preached I had said, and afterwards entering into con- in a private house, and after about one hunversation with me, we again searched the dred were admitted, which crammed the scriptures. We went on to baptism. By this place, many more who came had to go away time it was eleven o'clock. The young man without admission. I expect, God wiling, to said it was time to depart. He shook hands preach here on to-morrow fortnight again, in a with me, and we left.

large farmer's barn, which will hold two or three hundred, and it is thought it will be quite full.

The people appear very anxious to hear, and The following pleasing letter from our I hope good will be done. brother Mulhern, dated Feb. 4, affords proof both of his fidelity and success.

In W. Nyhan's journal, we find, I have been through divine mercy, enabled under date of Jan. 18, the following without interruption since my last, to continue

pleasing facts. my labours; and blessed be God, with some evidence that they are not quite in vain. The

On the morning of this day I had some congregation at Conlig continues much as interesting conversation with a young woman, usual, except that by the severity of a romanist, who lives on the quay. We talked the weather, at this season of the year, could be obtained. She listened with deep

about the way in which forgiveness of sins some of our friends, who live at a con: attention, and continues to go to the schoolsiderable distance, cannot attend so constantly as at other seasons. Our day-school is well room in Henry Street, to hear Mr. Watson. attended, and well conducted, and the children Another, who lives in the same place, who are aking excellent progress : our sincere was once an infidel, and though not much better thanks are due to Mrs. Cozens and her friends, now, also goes to the meeting, and seems for continued support. Our sabbath-school

inclined to continue his attendance in future. (though some of the poor children cannot so

There is a cluster of poor people in S. S. well attend during this cold season for want of Lane, who speak the Irish, and w whom I suitable clothing) goes on well, has already

have access at all times. I was received been useful, and promises, by the blessing of to-day, 30th, in a very friendly manner. I God, to continue to be so. Last week I bap-spoke to them, in their own tongue, about the tized five persons, and addressed a large way of salvation through Jesus Christ. I audience on the occasion, who listened atten. spent some considerable time, and then went tively. Two of the persons baptized, a young

on my way. woman of some sixteen or seventeen years of age, and an interesting lad of about sixteen, have been in our Sunday-school since its district, sends an extract from his journal,

PailIP WILLIAMS, a reader in the same commencement, and attribute their conversion under date of Feb. 10, which be has principally to this instrumentality: There are headed “the power of the gospel,” and two other young persons in the sabbath-school who will

, it is likely, soon be baptized and certainly, no title could be more approjoined to the church. Two of those baptized priate. last week, are a day-labourer and his wife, who A romanist, living in Cat Lane, named have been attending on the preaching of the CM, was, long ago, one of the most bitter gospel in our place for nearly the last two enemies to the bible that Cork could afford. years. Twelve months ago they both applied lo his opinion Protestants were no better than for baptism, but from the imperfection of their devils, and he believed they would all be Christian knowledge and experience, as re- damned. One day he was walking on the ported by the deputation from the church who coal quay, and in passing a book stall he put conversed with them, we concluded we would his eye on an Irish Testament. After looking not be justified in receiving them. We thought over it, he asked the price, and bought it for it likely that if their motives were not genuine, fourpence. He read it, and soon got an they would be offended by their rejection, and English one. The Lord has so blessed the leave off coming; but no, they continued to reading of it, that he not only now considers attend, and having lately applied again, and consistent protestants as good men, but is

becoming an advocate for the bible, which | evident, for he could converse freely on any two years ago, he would willingly have portion, and was able to quote with ease burned. More will soon be said of him. several passages to the point on which we

Read Luke xv. to four romanists, near the talked. *This interview gave me an oppor. barracks. One of them said, “I don't like tunity of showing the spiritual nature of the bible." I replied, " The devil don't like Christ's kingdom, and the way of salvation it either.” “I am no devil,” said she. One by his atonement. He went away uttering of the party said, “ You are no better if you thanks for what I said to him. dislike the bible.” This is the feeling of A few minutes afterwards I met with many romanists in these parts, and it is a another romanist, an aged man. He gave me great encouragement to persevere in our the fullest opportunity of setting forth the work. Let us endeavour to lift up the cross. gospel, as he seemed "deeply impressed with This captivates the sinner's heart. No mag- his lost condition as a sinner, and was denet is so powerful as a crucified Saviour. lighted to hear that God would not cast out This is filling our place of worship. It is the vilest sinner who believed on his dear drawing in romanists by its attractive power. Son. May he find mercy in the day of the Nothing will do real good to poor Ireland Lord. like the gospel.

Pat. BRENNAN, writing Jan. 20 says, JOAN Talbot, writing Jan. 31st, and we beg particular attention to the whose labours are spread over a wide statement, which is as interesting as it sphere, in the central rural districts, is affecting :confirms the notion, that this state of feeling is not confined to particular The day you left I had a meeting in K. localities, but is becoming general.

I met an old man there, whom I believe to

be a Christian. He came there about three We have cause to rejoice that the Spirit of months ago, and is supported by a poor man to God is scattering the rays of divine light teach his children. I heard three of them among the people. I consider that two years repeat seventeen chapters of the New Testaago I would meet with more black ignorance in ment. This reflects credit on both the parents ten families, than I would now find in the 170 and the teacher, as it was their own choice, families I have free access to. This makes my and they were under no obligation to learn journeying among the people very pleasant. the scriptures ; but they seemed to have a sense Instead of discussing disputed points, my work of its precious truth. They live in a very is now to show them the necessity of a change backward part of the country, and have no of heart, no matter to what sect we say we school nearer to them than Boyle. The poor belong to. I recommend them to tell the man who is teaching these children said that priests I said so, and this I have reason to he would be satisfied to stop and teach in that believe they do ; and they cannot deny the neighbourhood if he could get £4 a year! truth. Last market day one of the people on, that some rich Christian friend would asked a priest in the open street about his soul, give this amount, and thus enable this man to and of the need of the Spirit's influence to teach at least thirty children, who have no renew it. Some of the bystanders heard him other opportunity of learning, except to go to say, as he turned upon bis heel (rather heated

a country school where they would hear the to be sure), “ What, man, if you have not the most erroneous doctrines. I examined the Spirit of God, no one can do any thing for children he had taught, and their answers

from the scriptures would do credit to any

teacher that I know in the Society's service. Nor are these extracts from W. LORIMER's letter of the 1st March less striking and encouraging.

What can more clearly prove the

growing influence of our agency on the On my way from the house of a sick per- people than the continued occurrence of son whom I had been visiting, I met an in- such facts as these, stated by Adam telligent romanist, who requested me to stop; JOHNSON, dated Feb. 21st. and tell him the meaning of a few portions of scripture, especially the eighteenth chapter of The romanist mentioned in my last, to Ezekiel. He listened very attentively to all I whom I gave a bible and some tracts, came said, but particularly on this chapter, which to my house on the 6th instant for conversa. seemed to strike him with peculiar force. I tion. He had a good many passages marked do not recollect ever having seen him before, which he did not fully understand, and he but it was plain that he had both seen and stopped about four hours, all the time asking heard me often. He told me that he reads questions froin the sacred scriptures. On the word of God regularly. Indeed this was leaving he said he was sorry that he was


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