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presence of the Lord. We were favoured, three men came. They attended the sertoo, with a visit from brother Lacey, at the vices and sat beside our people. It was, time. I would give you an account of truly, a delightful sight to behold these rude these interesting services did I not feel uncultivated people, clothed, as it were, id persuaded it has been furnished by one of their right minds, and sitting under the the three brethren present. Next, I may sound of the gospel. They left us evidently refer to Juggernaut, the nephew of Deenoo. pleased with what they had seen and bundoo. He has joined the church, and heard. The following day another company both as it regards piety and talents, is fitted came. To these Mr. Wilkinson showed his to succeed his relative as our boys' school- books, and what else he thought would master, and (during Mr. Wilkinson's jour- interest them. They were much pleased neys this cold season), he has several times with the picture and history of the native preached, with acceptance, in the chapel. chief in • Williams's Missionary Enter. He appears a very zealous young man, and prises.' After noticing all that struck them we trust will prove useful in this neigh. in the house and school, and having bourhood, where we so much need labourers. received instruction from Mr. Wilkinson, We have, also, much pleasure in witnessing and also from the native assistants, they the conduct of a youth, named Tama, who returned to their home, but gave us reason bas lived in our family for several years, to hope we should sea them again. On the whom we have seen rise to manhood, and as, day following, when Mr. Wilkinson and we trust, to the far nobler state of an heir to Mr. Buckley had left home on another eternal life. He is now thought suitable missionary journey, a third party came to for being engaged in the work. He has

As all our native assistants were commenced as a scripture reader to the from home with the itinerant force, I dipeople, but has evidently preaching talent rected Luke, who was with me, to read to of no ordinary description. With regard to these people. The portion of scripture was our young men, great care is necessary, the tenth chapter of John; and when it was lest we open the way for satan to destroy told them that by continuing to offer their them by self-confidence and importance. petty sacrifices of goats, bullocks, &c., Several of vur boys, too, seem concerned instead of trusting to the great sacrifice of about their souls. We trust this is the Christ, they would be accounted as thieves • Lord's doing,' and that he will carry on and robbers, their attention was arrested, the good work. Six appear to be anxious and they seemed anxious for more instrucinquirers; three of these are Khund boys. tion. They stayed most of the day, and Should they become truly converted, I appeared well pleased with their visit. I fancy I can see in one and another a native may here mention, that the lad I have repreacher. We very much want an increase ferred to, Luke, is now a candidate for bapof native agency. In connection with the tism; he is an interesting lad, and, we pleasing evidences I must mention the trust, will be useful in the mission. death of one of the little girls from Mrs. We feel, my dear sir, that we have much Buckley's school. She was attacked with cause for gratitude. «The Lord hath done cholera on the last day of the year, and great things for us.' In our time of need, shortly after the dawn of new-year's day, and that a season of sore trial and distress, was a corpse. It pleased the Lord to make when we were reduced to one solitary native use of this sudden death to the awakening preacher, three were raised up from among of these dear boys. I might mention the our own people ; so that, instead of one, we encon raging state of the church, and that have now four who assist in the good work. we are pleased to see several heathen attend I trust these gracious manifestations bare the services in the chapel. Some sit round strengthened our confidence in God, and the door, pot venturing inside ; others do have greatly encouraged us in our work. come in. The chapel is so situated that We feel, too, that our dear brother Buckley those passing by can hear, and many balt baving given himself to foreign labour, is and listen for a time to the words of eternal no small cause for rejoicing. O that many life. A few weeks since, Mr. Wilkinson, more, as suitable, would follow bis example! Mr. and Mrs. Buckley, risited some Khund Since he has been out in the country, he villages situated in the jungles, at the foot has made his first effort to speak to the of a range of hills west of Berhampore. people in a way of preaching. Mr. Wilkin. They found them a very interesting, friendly son writes, ‘Brother B. has made a begin. people, entirely distinct and dissimilar from ning,- who can tell what the Lord will the hindoos, having no caste, shastres, accomplish by him before his last effort is brahmins, or temples. They seemed pleased made !" to receive instruction. Many of the men Our iittle daughter, now a year old, is in promised they would come to Berhampore good health, and becoming very interesting. to see how we lired, and what our religion With very kind regards to your family, was : and on the Sunday after the visit

Believe me, yours faithfully,


LETTER FROM RAM CHUNDER. approached the ordinance of the last supper. (To Mr. W. Stevenson, Treasurer.)

I now began to collect information-infor

mation about the natural and moral characBELOVED FRIEND IN CARIST.-1, Ram ter of God, about the character of Jesus Chunder, and my wife, and my children, Christ, the Saviour, and his work. I found give you the affectionata salutations of our great delight in these glorious discoveries; I christian regards. These salutations must commenced regular habits of prayer, and be considered, also, as including your lady communion with God; and found increasing sahib, and the members of the family; like. light, and strength, and comfort. I have wise the beloved church of which you are now lost the fear of hell, and the dread of members. Beloved brother, through the the consequences of sin, and, in their place, divine blessing, we are well in health at through the Holy Spirit, I have peace and present. The testimonies of your christian hope. My mind is daily delighted in the affection I have obtained, by the kind bands worship and service of God, and becomes of my beloved brother and spiritual father, increasingly rigilant. I hare learned to Lacey sahib, accompanied by your excellent despise the world; to think meanly of my epistle. The letter I have caused to be read body, and its pleasures; and trust I am more to me, and I have understood all its con- and more conformed to the lovely character tents. I am delighted with these kind pre- of the Lord Jesus ; fitting for the inherisents, but more delighted with the love they tance of the saints in light. manisest. I am filled with joy. I make My wife and children, moreover, have you many thanks for them all, and they turned from the ways of sin, and are united will contribute to my help and comfort in in the church of Christ. my work, when out in the country preaching Beloved brother, you have spent your the gospel. But, beloved friend, you hare property to send us the invaluable treasure sent me greater marks of love before this of the gospel, and are still spending it to supperiod, even the brethren who came to preach port that gospel here. We upite in warmest unto us the everlasting gospel. This was love to you, and rejoice greatly in your what my forefathers obtained not grace to lore. We are bound in many obligations to bear; this gospel is the great light; it is the you, and are not able to discharge them. conveyer of eternal life. The good I have The world is against me, and I am formed obtained by this, I cannot express; but I to fight; but I use those weapons which are shall try to tell you a little about it.

not carnal;' and by them I conquer. I First, by bearing the gospel, my con. bave been hitherto sustained, and am per. science was quickened into life, my under- suaded I shall be sustained in the end. I standing being filled with light. I then have here no resting place; but I seek one clearly saw and deeply felt the depravity of which is above. God is an ocean of mercy, my heart, and the danger of my state. and will at last give me a crown of salva. Many sins that I had committed, and had tion. I am very firmly established in this long forgotten, were recalled to my remem. confidence of hope. brance by my conscience, and I was con. Thirdly, I do not hide the truth which I strained to cry out, “Guilty! guilty! On have found, but reveal it to my countrymen; account of this sorrowful state of mind, I and, by the divine blessing, a number of was immersed in tears, and spent months in poor, lost idolaters, have obtained salvation, mental agony. I trembled to think of the and are now formed into a church in the hell of God's wrath-a hell which would midst of Orissa. burn for ever! I was greatly afraid. But, Though several are preachers, yet the that I had forsaken the God of my life, field is very wide and full, and comparaseemed to add poignancy to my sorrow, tively few can hear the word which gives and I could neither sleep by night nor at. life. O do what you can to send more tend to my business by day. I had no labourers.. We do what we can; and the appetite for my food, and took no pleasure effect of the ministry is to bring the gods in aught on earth. I constantly thought, I into discredit; and they are discredited may be called into eternity to day; and then where the ministry is; but only a few can hell is my portion. This was my esperi. hear. My language, I hope, is, O Lord, ence. Secondly, the book and the ministry let thy kingdom come.' I am sure, that not which revealed my disease, revealed also my I, but the grace of God which is in me, has remedy. God discovered unto me the glo. enabled me to labour hitherto; but now I rious remedy he himself had prepared; and am growing into age, and cannot do so that remedy was Jesus Christ, slain upon much. the cross wood. This I saw, and I wanted At the present time, some are turning to no other. In that cross I reposed my con. God, and are seeking admission into his fidence. I was soon after baptized by the church; but we are greatly concerned that hands of my spiritual father, the padre so many are posting down to eternal misery. Lacey, and was admitted to the church, and We might rouse them by the power of perpresent.

suasion and love, if they were sensible of Lord's-day, April 13. The public meeting their lost condition; but, far from this, the was held on Tuesday, April 15; Mr. H. Hal. gospel is foolishness unto them. Send us ford presided ; and Messrs. Rose, Goadby, and some more young ministers, that the four Hudson, advocated the cause of missions. parts of this land may see the light of the gospel, that the scriptures may be fulfilled,

Norwich.— April 8, a public missionary which say, • Light sprang up to those who

meeting was held; when Messrs. Hudson, sat in darkness.'

Scott, and others, were the speakers. I have no hope of seeing you, my beloved YARMOUTH, April 9. Messrs. Hudson, friend, in the body; but, if I finally obtain Shrewsbury, and Goss, conducted a public deliverance from this state of trial and meeting for the mission. wrestling, I shall see you in the place of CASTLE ACRE, April 10, public meeting; rest, and rejoice with you for ever. This is

Messrs. Brock, Daniel, Hudson, &c., pleaded from your attectionate brother,

the good cause. RAM CAUNDER JACHEK.

A: PETERBOROUGH an interesting meeting

was held on Monday evening, April 14; Mr. MISSIONARY ANNIVERSARIES.

Pike, Secretary, Mr. Hudson, &c., were During the past month missionary anniver. saries have been held in several of our At March, Mr. Stubbins preached on the churches in Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire,

Lord's day, April 13; and a public meeting Norfolk, &e. Press of matter prevents more

was held on Thursday, April 17; Messrs. than a brief notice.

Stubbins, Pike, Jones, &c., assisted. PINCHBECK.-A missionary meeting was

ISLEHAM.—Public meeting, April 18, atheld here, April 3rd. Mr. Hudson preached tended by Mr. Stubbins, Mr. Lee, &c., &c. in the afternoon, from 'Thy kingdom come.'

CHATTERIS.—Mr. W. Jarrom preached on The sermon was interesting and instructive.

Friday, April 18. The public meeting was held in the evening, when our bighly respected and estimable

BARROWDEN, Rutland.-Mr. T. Hudson friend, Mr. Butters, of Spalding, presided, preached April 17; and in the afternoon who briefly stated the object of the meeting;

a public meeting was held, when the sacred and addresses were delivered by Mr. Simons,

cause was advocated by Messrs. Orton, Rob. the minister of the place, and Messrs. Hoe, of ivson, (P.B.) Pentney, Goad by, and Hudson. Spalding, Hudson, and Stubbins. The spa. cious chapel was quite full, and the addresses,

SHANGHAE, London Missionary Society.which were very interesting, were listened to

Mr. Medhurst writes under date, Oct. 15, with marked pleasure and satisfaction. The

1814. • The opportunities for communicacollections amounted to £5.

P. B.

ting religious truth bave been fully equal to

our expectations. On our first arrival at the At Fleet, Mr. Stubbins preached, on city, such was the curiosity of the people to Lord's-day, April 6. The public meeting on see and hear foreigners, that they crowded Monday evening, April 7; Mr. Sanby presided, around us whenever we appeared abroad, and and the cause was advocated by brethren when we stopped to address them, the crowds Hudson, Burditt, Yates, Simpson, (Ind.) and became inconvenient : if it happened to be in Stubbins.

a street, the narrow way was soon stopped, LONG SUTTON.-Sermons on Lord's day and business impeded; or, if in a shop, the by Mr. Hudson. Public meeting on Tuesday people rushed in so unceremoniously, that evening: Dr. Simpson (Ind.) presided; and the shopkeeper soon found his goods to be in brethren Taylor, (Wesleyan) Yates, Goadby, danger. The temples appeared to be the Stubbins, Burditt, and Simpson, addressed quietest places, when no plays or ceremonies the assembly.

were going forward; and to these, when SUTTON ST. JAMES.—Mr. Hudson preached opened, we repaired, and discoursed at length. on the Lord's day morning, April 6; Mr.

The promiscuousness of these labours, how. Goadby on Wednesday afternoon, April 9;

ever, and the fear of trespassing, made us de. the public meeting being in the evening.

sirous of establishing a more stated and Brethren Taylor, Maddeys, Goadby, Stubbins,

permanent service, and for that purpose we and Yates, pleaded the missionary cause.

opened our own houses for preaching. It

has been remarked that the greatest part of WISBECH.-Sermons on Lord's day, April

the audience belongs to the respectable class 13, by Mr. Goadby. Public meeting on Mon

the community: one gentleman, who is day evening, Ap. 14: Messrs. J. C. Pike, entitled to wear a blue button, has attended Wigner, (P. B.) Holmes, (Indep ) Goadby, several times with his sons and nepbews, and and Stubbins, addressed the meeting. Col- asked to be furnished with copies of the ser. lections, &c, upwards of £57.

mons which had been preached during his WAITTLESEA.-Mr. Hudson preached on absence.

[blocks in formation]


The Baptist Irish Society, or rather Mrs. Cozens 'and friends though the medium of the Society, give £ío, and the parents of the children contribute about as much more, towards the support of a school at Conlig, which combines a sound scriptural with a good secular education, and is calculated to be a nursery to our church, and a blessing to the locality. From forty to fifty children now attend, and are making excellent progress ; and it is thought that nearly as many more would soon attend if a house large enough could be obtained. The place in which the school is conducted is a mere cabin, only fourteen feet by fifteen, which is already so crammed as to render it injurious to the health of both teacher and pupils, and greatly to retard their progress; and for this place an annual rent of £i ios is paid. We have given on our chapel premises a freehold site for a new school-house, and about £8, between money and work, has been promised by the poor people on the spot, but £30 more is still wanted. Believing that we have many Christian friends in Great Britain who long to see poor Ireland's moral condition bettered, which nothing but the gospel of Christ can effectually do, and to the advancement of which a sound scriptural education of the rising generation is an important auxiliary, I beg to submit the case to their benevolent and Christian consideration, believing that I shall not do so in vain. Our intention is, if our Christian friends enable us to do so, to build a house large enough to accommodate from eighty to a hundred children, which when once erected will be rent free. The smallest sum will be gratefully received by Rev. F. Trestrail, Mission House, 33, Moorgate-street, London, or by the writer,

D. MULHERN. Newtownards. County Down, April 10, 1845.

From the mass of facts communicated | few potatoes. This poor woman is now a by our agents during the past month, it regular tract distributor. is hard to select. The following are inte- About ten days ago another poor woman resting incidents from a letter of our came into my house. My woman got her to indefatigable reader Pat Brennan, sit down, and then began to ask her some

questions about the way she expected to go to Some time ago a beggar woman came into heaven. She replied that if she did good my house, and as is usual with my wife, she works, she was sure God would reward her. began to talk to her about the salvation of her My wise declared to her that no creature soul. The woman was very attentive while would go to heaven by their own good works, several portions of the scripture were read to and read several portions of scripture to her in Irish; and as she was leaving, some show how a poor sinner might have everlasttracts were put into her hand, which she was ing life. The woman was greatly surprised, told might be given to other persons. She and said she never heard the priest say that went away very thankful. In a few days she the people could be saved without any merit came back saying, she had very good success

of their own. She continued very attentive since she had got the little books. My wife while more scripture was read ; and on going tilked and read to her in Irish, about the love away said, “Mrs. B if you would not of God to poor sinners; and while speaking think it troublesome I would come in again of the death of Jesus the woman was in to-morrow to hear you read more of the tears. As she was going away, she had a few blessed book.” My wife told her she should more tracts, and I found she did not get past be very glad to see her every day; and she the next house without giving one away for a did come for several days, and no creature

2 L

could be more attentive than she was. I have , the part of the people, for religious instrucmentioned these things to show the willingness tion; in all quarters they are beginning to of the poor to hear the word of God, and it read the scriptures, and judge for themselves. left alone, to judge for themselves.

In the village of D-I entered a cabin, and seeing a Testament lying on a shelf, I took it, and asked the woman if she was in

the habit of reading it. Yes, said she, and I Again, he supplies, in another letter, thank God for it. Why so, said I. Because instances of saving conversion to God.

said she, before I read that blessed book, I

thought it was through my own good works I I visited a poor woman a few days ago, who must get to heaven, and that none but the has been contined to her bed for a long time, priest could forgive my sins. But now I find by a lingering sickness. I read and prayed that sinners can do nothing good in the sizht with her. She told me she had no hope in of God, and that it is through Jesus Christ anything for salvation, but the blood and alone we are to hope for salvation. From righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ. I be many other persons with whom I conversed, lieved her, because I could perceive no reason and in other places, I bave had similar testiat all, to induce her to speak contrary to her monies of the influence and spread of the mind. I visited her mother regularly, for word; all tending to show that these are but several years before her death, and I have the the forebodings of more abundant blessings. testimony of several Christians, as well as In a former letter I mentioned M. Mekmy own, that she died rejoicing in Jesus. of Co- - a poor romanist, who was then This poor woman had an opportunity of hear- beginning to read the scriptures. This man ing me every time I visited her mother; and has been for weeks past confined to his bed the Lord has fastened the truth on her mind : from sickness, during which time he ceased when she was able, she always attended our not to show forth his faith in the Lord Jesus prayer.meetings.


During the last few days of his illness, his relations, seeing that his end was evidently

drawing near, became solicitous that he should The next example confirms the opi- have the priest to anoint him. But he mer nion expressed in the previous letter, all their solicitations with a direct negative, telland also exhibits the tact, courage, and ing them that his confidence was in his great zeal, of our readers in a striking manner. High Priest, his Lord and Saviour, who was It is supplied by Richard Moore, Fe- in heaven, and whom he hoped shortly to bruary 15.

meet there ; and that it was from him, and

from him alone, he expected pardon for his As I was passing through the market-place sins, and not from a fellow-creature. In this

I saw a large crowd at the end of the happy state of mind be persevered until be street ; and in the midst a young man singing finished his earthly career, to begin, I trust

, in praise of O'Connell. I went on to the

an eternity of happiness in heaven, witb that other end, and there I found another doing

Saviour in whom he trusted. the same.

I thought it was high time, as I perceived they all understood Trish, to say something in praise of my master ! I got We presume our readers will not be their attention by speaking of the shortness of tired of such facts, and therefore we add time and of a never ending eternity. They one or two more from Adam Johnson's all turned at once ; and not only they, but letter of the 13th February :the man that first gathered them heard me with great attention. Oh! that we were all more I feel happy in being able to inform you faithful and more active, in trying what good that the reading of the scriptures is still might be done in the name of Jesus.

making a tolerable progress in this part of the country. The invitations I receive from the people in every direction about me, and the

general resort I have at my house, in order to Our friends will see that the testimony hear the scriptures read, are indeed distinguisbon these points accumulates; and it is ing marks of the high esteem in which the remarkable how each communication word is held in this place. I went, according coincides with, and sustains the others. to promise, to a village about three miles from John MONAGHAN says Feb. 18th:

this place, and read a considerable part of the

day to several persons who had assembled for I have just returned from a journey in the that purpose, and not only did they hear me lower parts of the country, which has occu- attentively, but many of them made observapied me a fortnight. Through the whole of tions which appeared to me truly interesting. this district I have found a general desire, on One of them was particularly struck with


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