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Antered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1878.

BY P. O'SHEA, la tho Omce of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington

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THE FIFTH PROGRESSIVE · READER may be appropriately styled an Historical Reader. Scarcely a lesson in the book but possesses historical interest and value, not even excepting the poetical selections, many of which are admirably adapted for declamation. Every lesson in the book bears the stamp of excellence. They have been selected from authors of the highest merit, and, for the special purpose of reading lessons, combine every quality that can be desired. The style is pure and attractive, the subjects are interesting and instructive.

Among the authors from whom new selections have been made, are, Darras, Lingard, Sister Mary Francis Clare, Lacordaire, Archbishop Spalding, Longfellow Miles, Prescott, Bancroft, and others of distinguished ability and reputation.

The want of a Reader for the higher classes, of t}

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