Sivut kuvina

tions 87 ; of missionaries and assistants, 105; native preachers and assistants, 158 ; whole number of laborers, 263 ; churches 123, with 10,020 members, of whom 689 were baptized the last year ; and 44 schools with 1,472 pupils. These missions are distributed as follows: The Maulmain (Burman) mission, with 3 stations (including Rangoon), 7 missionaries and 7 female assistants, and 16 native preachers and assistants, reports 3 Burman churches and 1 English, to which 11 have been added by baptism ; whole number about 200; 3 schools with 160 pupils, including boarding and theological ; and 26,182 copies, or 6,566,450 pages of Scriptures, tracts, etc., printed. In the Maulmain (Karen) mission, with one station and twenty-one out-stations, are five missionaries and six female assistants; about thirty native preachers and assistants ; twenty or more churches, including those of Rangoon and Bassein, with 1,800 members, including 106 baptisms reported the past year, and two schools, one a theological school, containing sixty-five pupils, exclusive of schools temporarily taught. A revision of the Sgau Karen New Testament is in progress, with a parallel version into the Pgho Karen dialect; also the Sgau Karen Old Testament. The Peguan Testament has been completed. Tavoy mission, with two stations and thirteen or more out-stations, has four missionaries and four female assistants ; three schools, with eighty-four pupils, one for native preachers ; some of the churches and out-stations repeatedly visited, and thirty-seven added by baptism. The number of pages printed was 482,159. In the Arracan mission, Burmese department, with one missionary and ten native preachers and assistants, are two stations and two out-stations, with two churches, to which fifteen have been added by baptism ; whole number, 55;also, in the Karen department, with one station and five out-stations in Arracan, are two missionaries and one female assistant, with native preachers and assistants, including those in Burmah Proper. The number of Karen churches is thirty, with 3,523 members as last reported. A boarding-school of thirty pupils has been taught at Akyab, and a day-school of twelve. The Siam mission, Siamese department, has two missionaries, and three female assistants. The principal labor has been in the foundry and the printing department, or in Scripture and tract distribution. In the Chinese department, at the same station and one out-station, are two missionaries and two female assistants, and three native assistants, with a church of twenty-three members, one baptized the last year. 78,370 pages have been printed. In the China mission, the Hong-Kong station has been greatly blessed within the year. Religious meetings have been well attended. Eleven have been added to the church by baptism, of whom two are Chinese

women, making the number of native members twenty-five. A church was organized at Ningpo in October. In Assam mission are three stations, occupied by six missionaries and six female assistants, and two native helpers. The number of churches is three ; whole number of members more than fifty. There are three or four mission schools, including Nowgong Orphan Institution, and from twelve to sixteen. village schools. Number of pupils, 700? The printing department has been vigorously sustained. The book of Revelation in Assamese was in press at the last dates. The Teloogoo mission has one station, occupied by three native assistants, besides two missionaries, in this country. There are five schools, with about 150 pupils, connected with the station, and one native church. The Bassa mission in Liberia, with one station and two out-stations, a missionary and two female assistants, and four colored or native assistants, has received three native converts to its church by baptism ;-present number, twenty? The number of schools, one a boarding-school at Bexley, is three, with sixty or seventy pupils. Progress has been made in the preparation of a Bassa and English Dictionary, and the translation of some portions of the New Testament. In the mission to France are seven stations and ten out-stations, with twenty or more places of stated visitation; two missionaries and one female assistant, and ten native preachers and assistants. The number of churches is fifteen, with more than 200 members : twenty-three were baptized the past year, and twenty-six are candidates for baptism. The mission to Germany has fifteen native preachers, fourteen stations and twenty-four out-stations, with about thirty churches and more than 2,000 members ; of whom 316 were added by baptism within the past year. 430,000 religious tracts were circulated in 1847, and 6,880 copies of the Scriptures, with other evangelical works. In the Greek mission, there are two stations, two missionaries, and four female assistants. The school at Corfu numbers sixty pupils. The attendance at the Greek service in Corfu is twenty, and at the English about seventy. The Ojibwa mission has two stations and one out-station, two missionaries and one female assistant, and one native assistant. The mission-school numbers fifty pupils, and the two churches about fifty members. The Ottawa mission in Michigan has one missionary and one assistant, and a church of twenty-five members. The religious and educational interests are on the whole advancing, though with some embarrassments. The Tonawanda station was last reported with a church of thirty-nine members, under the charge of one missionary and one female assistant. In the Shawanoe mission there are three stations, three missionaries and five female assistants, three native assistants, and four churches, with about

140 members, including twenty-three baptized the last year. The Cherokee mission has five stations and five out-stations, under the care of three missionaries and three female assistants, and five native preachers, with five churches and about 1,100 members, of whom 122 were baptized the last year. The school at Cherokee numbers forty-one. In the printing department, 587,700 pages were printed the last year, chiefly of portions of the Cherokee New Testament. The receipts of the treasury for the year ending March 31, 1848, from all sources, were $ 98,576 36; and the expenditures, $ 94,184 53. Of the receipts, $ 5,750 were grants from the American and Foreign Bible Society ; $ 1,400 from the American Tract Society; and $4,000 from the U. S. Government. Agencies have been prosecuted in the various sections of the home field, amounting in the aggregate to the services of eight individuals throughout the year. The circulation of the Magazine the past year has been 4,300 copies ; and of the Macedonian, including the Western edition, 21,000.

American Baptist Home Missionary Society.—The annual meeting was held in New York, May 11th, 1848. The total amount of receipts for the year ending April 1, 1848, is $ 26,136 57, of which $ 20,088 73 were in direct contributions, being $2,340 01 more than last year. The total amount disbursed for the same period is $21,347 90. The number of agents and missionaries employed during the year was 156, being fifteen more than last year. The whole number of States and Territories occupied, including Canada, was twenty. The missionaries have occupied statedly 558 stations and out-stations, and the ag. gregate amount of time bestowed by them is equal to that of one man for 104. years. They report the baptism of 694 persons, and the organization of thirty-five churches. Twelve houses of worship hare been completed, and thirty-eight commenced by the churches under their care ; and four churches, heretofore aided, require that aid no longer. Those churches have also contributed to the usual objects of Christian benevolence $2,262 72, being $745 more than last year; beside nearly $ 14,000 for the support of the gospel among themselves, and many thousands for the building of houses of worship for their own accommodation. Since the formation of the Society, 1,294 ministers of the gospel have been aided; who have jointly performed 1,0571 years of labor, baptized 16,600 persons, organized 628 churches and ordained 285 ministers.

The American Baptist Publication Society held its annual meeting at Philadelphia, Pa., April 26, 1848. Several new works were issued during the last year, and new editions of books previously published. About 60,000 volumes were circulated, and 50,000 tracts printed ; also

8,000 copies of the Baptist Almanac. Fourteen hundred stereotype plates were added. The Society has eighteen colporteurs, laboring in ten states ; three are Germans. Twelve ministers and ten Sunday schools have been aided with libraries. One hundred dollars were remitted to Rev. J. G. Oncken, for Hungary; and grants of books and tracts were made for Oregon, West Indies, Africa, France, Assam and China. Twenty-nine new life members have been added. The Building Fund amounts to $ 1,659, the interest of which defrays the rent in part.' The stock of books, tracts, and printed sheets, deducting one third the retail price is worth $7,394 60. The stereotype plates, etc., are worth $ 8,675 64. Total, $ 16,070. The library is steadily increasing.

American and Foreign Bible Society.The annual meeting was held in New York, May 12, 1848. The Society, after a long struggle, is now duly incorporated. The receipts into the treasury last year were $ 31,521 14 ; expenditures $34,421 92. The publications of the year at home amount to 17,018 Bibles, and 33,877 Testaments. Total, 50,895. The whole number hitherto published by the Society, at the Depository, is 262,734. The issues of the year have been 14,157 Bibles and 29,662 Testaments. Total, 43,819. The whole number of volumes of sacred Scripture, published at the expense of the Society in foreign lands, previously to May 1st, 1846, is 300,000. The number published at the Depository, is 262,734. Total of Scriptures published at the expense of the American and Foreign Bible Society, 562,734. The Society is stereotyping in Germany a portable German Testament, and is adding to its stock of stereotype plates at the Depository, a set for a nonpareil 12mo. Bible, and another for a duodecimo Reference Bible. It has Bibles and Testaments on hand, of every variety needed by auxiliaries. The French Testament is nearly printed ; the Italian is undergoing preparation for the press. The Society maintains six colporteurs in Germany, exclusively engaged in Scripture distribution. Rev. J. G. Oncken, under whose direction they act, writes :-“ Five thousand and forty copies of the word of God left the depot during the past year, and have been distributed in most parts of Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Elsace, Denmark, and Poland, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants, and Roman Catholics."


Ivory CLARKE, Missionary to Africa,

at Sea, April 24. NATHAN AMES, Jamaica, Vt., March Isaac DENTON, Clinton Co., Ky., Jan. 29, aged 63.

22, aged 80.

JOAN C. GORDON, Culpepper, Va., , William H. ROBERTSON, Hebron, April 20, aged 68.

Ala. Thomas A. LeGrand, Appomattox Co., R. SHIRLEY, Ten Mile Creek, Hamil. Va., Feb. 14, aged 54.

ton Co., II., March 4. William Harris, East Schodack, J. Hyatt Smith, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Rens. Co., N. Y., March 11, aged 48.

April 26. Joseph Islands, North Fork, Creek ! J. B. TOMBES, Richmond, Va., May 12. Nation, March 8.

HENRY S. P. WARREN, New Haven, ABRAM JACKSON, Hinsdale, Mass., Vl., March 23. April 10, aged 70.

N. MILTON WOOD, Bloomfield, Me., Robert Low, East Livermore, Me.,

May 10.
Jan. 10, aged 88.
Joshua MILLETT, Wayne, Me., March
10, aged 45.

William PARKINSON, New York, Sadlick, Monroe Co., Ky., Oct.
N. Y., March 10, aged 74.

East Highland, Mich., Jan. 19. M. J. Post, Fairfield, Iowa.

Mount Vernon, Mich., Jan. 29. GEORGE N. Roe, Middlebury, Wyo. Springport, Mich., Jan.

Co., N. Y., April 18, aged 31. Troy Centre, Ind., Jan. JEDEDIAH W. SARGENT, New Eng. Benton, Ind.

land Village, Grafton, Mass., May 23. Woodruff, Brazos, Texas. GEORGE STACEY, Jefferson Co., III., Nantucket, Mass. (colored). March 12, aged 43.

Lansing, Mich., Feb. 5. ARZA STONE, Evans, Erie Co., N. Y., Westport, Oldham Co., Ky., Feb. 14. Nov. 8, aged 47.

Four Mile Prairie, Perry Co., II., ISRAEL Woodworth, Caton, Steub.

Feb. 19.
Co., N. Y., Feb. 5, aged 47.

Port Washington, Wis., Feb. 19.
Blackwoodtown, N. J., Feb. 23.

Lumberport, Harrison Co., Va, Feb.

New Lexington, Perry Co., 0.,

March 4. OLIVER E. AYERS, Boston, Mass., Humphreysville, Con., March 15. colored chh., May 26.

Schullsburgh, Lafayette Co., Wis., R. W. BUCKNER, Liberty, Caroline Co., March 18. Va., April 17.

Shady Grove, Henderson Co., Ky., JOHN J. CAREY, Mansfield, N. J., March 25. Feb. 18.

Pittsburg, Pa., Berean chh., March 26. LYMAN CHASE, Freeport, Me., March Lee, Me., March. 29.

Utica, N. Y., 2d Welsh chh., April 4. P. E. COLLINS, Selma, Ala., Jan. 16. Emerald Grove, Rock Co., Wis., CHARLES Cross, Palestine Grove,

April 5. Lee Co., III., April 5.

Cleveland, O., 2d chh., April 12. M. C. Curry, Big Creek, Ala., Jan. 9. Boston, Mass., 12th chh., (colored,) S. A. Davidson, Nashville, Tenn., April 21. March 19.

Winchendon, Mass., April 27. M. R. Fory, Newbern, N. C., Jan. 30. Boston, Mass., 2d colored chh., May 26.

Grimes, Boston, Mass., Wilkinson, (Pomfret Fact.) Con. April 24.

May 30. H. HAYNES, Preston Hollow, Alb.

. Co., N. Y., May 9. I. LONG ANACRE, Arbor, Halifax Co.,

Va., Jan. 11.

Adams, N. Y., Jan. 12.
J. W.OLNEY, Aurora, N. Y., March 26. Beloit, Wis., Feb. 17.
A. S. PATTON, Philadelphia, Pa., Sag Harbor, L. I., N. Y., Feb. 29.
March 2.

Haverstraw, N. Y., March 22. John Pettes, Harlaem, N. Y., March East Stoughton, Mass., March 29. 16.

Cincinnati, o., 1st chh., March.
GEORGE PLUMER, Beaver, Pa., March Meriden, Con., April 21.

Roxbury, Mass., 3d chh., May 4.
EDWARD W. PRAY, Mount Clemens, | Rockdale, Md., May 7.
Mich., Feb. I.

Frewsburg, Chaut. Co., N. Y., May 24. William PUTNAM, Batavia, N. Y., Wilkinson (Pomfret Fact.), Con., May

March 2.


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