Sivut kuvina

CHARLES A. BUCKBEE, Conway, Mass., ) AUGUSTUS H. TROW, Solon, N. Y., Oct. 5.

Oct. 11. S. L. Bulis, South Rutland, Jeff. Co., HENRY L. VAN METER, Philadelphia, N. Y., Sept. 21.

Pa., Sept. 23. ELIJAH Collings, West Union, S.C., LORIN WADE, Freetown, Cort. Co., May 20.

N. Y., Sept. 5. GEORGE DARROW, Greenport, L. I., Amos WEBSTER, Newton Upper Falls, N. Y., Aug. 30.

Mass., Nov. 15. ARTHUR DAY, Peach Orchard, Tomp- JAMES M. WINN, Wolf Creek, Holmes kins Co., N. Y., Oct. 25.

Co., O., Oct. 19.
JAMES DELEACH, Liberty, Pickens Co.,



Clatsop Plains, Oregon, March 19.
E. S. Dulin, Baltimore, Md., Aug. 31. Unity chh., Tenn. April.
WILL IAM F. Erwin, Davis Prairie, Wiscasset, Me., 2d chh., June 8.
III., May 21.

Caldwell, Essex Co., N. J., June 29.
B. B. Gibbs, Ithaca, N. Y., Aug. 29. Blue Ridge, Jackson Co., Mo., July 10.
EPHRAIM HOYTE, Coventry, N. Y., Fairview, Iowa, Aug. 17.
Oct. 18.

Fork of Big Sandy River, Kan. Co., N. LEONARD Ilsley, South New Berlin,

C., Aug. 26.
N. Y., Sept. 7.

Near Helena, Phillips Co., Ark.
FREDERIC 'W, INGMIRE, Albany, N. Oxford, N. C., Sept. 2.
Y., Oct. 8.

Rockford, Surry Co., N. C., Sept... LYMAN P. JEWETT, Boston, Oct. 6. East Bethlehem, Washington Co., Pa., GEORGE JAMES JOANSON, Trenton Sept. 6.

Falls, Oneida Co., N. Y., Aug. 30. Cherry, Sullivan Co., Pa., Sept. 12. SOLOMON B. JOHNSON, Bedford, Cuya- Patrick Co., Va., Sept. 18. hoga Co., O., Oct. 11.

Danville, Liv. Co., N. Y., Sept. 6.
P. W. JONES, Nine Mile Prairie, Perry Capon Bridge, Hampshire Co., Va.,
Co., III., Oct.

Sept. 23.
DANIEL T. LOCKWOOD, Great Bend, Bristol, Bucks Co., Pa., Sept. 99.
Susq. Co., Pa., Oct. 5.

Renault Grant, III., Sept.
ROBERT T. MIDDLEDITCH, Lyons Philippi, Va.
Farms, N. J., Sept. 7.

New York, N. Y., 30th Street. William W. Murphy, Liberty, Sulli- Sumpler Dist., s. C., Oct. 7. van Co., N. Y., Sept. 20.

Roberts Chapel, N. C., Oct. 15.
L. NORMÁNDE AU, Montreal, Canada. Terra Salis, Tenn., Oci. 15.
A. R. PALMER, Marcellus, N. Y.
I. S. PARKER, Hernando, Miss.
David E. Peck, Clifton Park, N. Y.,

Sept. 6.

Catlin, Chem. Co., N. Y., June 28. REUBEN PERSONS, jr., Georgetown, Brandt, Erie Co., N. Y., Aug. 10. Mad. Co., N. Y., Aug. 22.

St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 13. Augustus Price, Springville, Wyan-Cassville, N. Y., Sept. 3. dott Co., O., July 29.

Wilkesbarre, Pa., Sept. 13. Lorenzo D. Royce, Thomaston, Me., Columbus, O.,

(colored,) Sept. 24. Oct. 17.

Utica, N. Y., Broad Street, Sept. 28.
SAMUEL J. SMITH, Philadelphia, Pa., Marcellus, N. Y.
Sept. 23.

Oxford, N. C.
Isaac SOUTH WORTH, East Cameron, Waterford, Con., Oct. 12.
Steub. Co., N. Y., July 19.

Terra Salis, Tenn., Oct. 15. FRANCIS SPEAR, Clarksville, Alleg. Danvers, New Mills, Mass., Oct. 18. Co., N. Y., Oct. 4.

Southbridge, Mass., Oct. 25. ANSON H. STEARNS, Heath, Mass., Hope Chapel, New York, N. Y., Oct. 26. Oct. 11.

Coleraine, Mass., Nov. 1. STEVENSON, Lake Co., Ark. lowa City, Iowa, Nov. 2. NIMROD SULLIVAN, West Union, S. Mariner's Chapel, New York, N. Y., C., May 20.

Nov. 5. GEORGE THOMASON,Georgetown, Ran- Lewiston, Me., Nov. 8. dolph Co., III.

Bethesda, Caroline Co., Va., Nov. 16. R. G. TOLES, Cooperstown, Ots. Co., I Hebron, Spottsylvania, Va., Nov. 24.

N. Y., Oct. 19.



Christianity and the Social Relations,
Adam and Christ, Biblical Analogy be 572.
iween, 565.

Clerical Statistics, 501.
Admission to the early Churches, terms Colleges, Remarks on, 108.
of, 208.

Communion, Infant, 334.
Advantages of Religious Institutions,
155—physical, 156-intellectual, 158,

social, 161-pecuniary, 163—politi- Daniel Boone, Grave of, 402.
cal, 165.

Denominational Histories, 171.
Ahasuerus of Esther, Xerres, the, 380. Dispersion of Mankind, 511.
Anglo Saron Version of the Scriptures,

Apostolic Constitutions, 201.

Editions of the Greek Testament, 545.
Alonement, Jenkyn's theory of, 424–a | Education in China, 283.
Layman's theory of, 423-did the di- England, Pictorial History of, 63.
vine nature participate in it, 428.

Esther, Introduction to the Book of, 365,

-objections to it, 366_not a fiction,
Babel, Dispersion at, 511.

369-credibility of, 373—chronology

of, 377-contents, 379—design of, 392.
Bamboo, uses of in China, 279.

Expiatory Sufferings of Christ, 422.
Baptism in the early Churches, 209.

Rev. Dr. Beecher on, 609.
Benedict's History of the Baptists, 187. Fourierism stated and examined, 573.

Benevolent Societies, 315.
Bible, English Translations of, 234. Frankfort Cemetery, Ky., 405.

Anglo-Saxon Version, 234_Wic- Friends, Wagstaff's History of the, 181.
liff's, 236—Tyndal's, 239—Cov-
erdale's, 242—Matthewe's, 243—

Cranmer's and others', 243-Ro- Gibbon, 34.
man Catholic, 246_King James', Greek Testament, editions of the, 545,

Bengel, 553--Beza, 549_Compluten-
Bibliographical Notices, 470.

sian, 545_Curcellaeus, 550—Elzevir,
Blackstone's Commentaries, 228.

549—Erasmi,546-Bishop Fell's, 551,
Boone, Daniel, Grave of, 402.

Griesbach, 557-Hahn, 559-Dr. Har-
Brown, John, Anecdote of, 415.

wood, 556_Knapp, 559-Lachmann,

559—Matthaei, 556-Mill's, 551-

London Polyglott, 551–Robinson,
Canaanitish Wars, 345, executions on a 559—Scholz,559—R. Stephens, 548–
a large scale, 360.

Vaticanus, 546-Dr. Edw. Wells, 55.3
Canton, 276.

-Wetstein, 554 various readings of
Catechumenical System, 214.

accounted for, 560.
Cemeteries, Thoughts on Rural, 9.
Chalmers' Daily Scripture Readings,

412, Sketch of, 443.

Hawks, Dr., his History of Episcopacy,
China, Williams', 270.

Chinese Literature, 282, 292,

Hebrew Names, significance of, 511,
Christ, Manhood of, 475.


Histories, Denominational, 171.
Havernick's Introduction to Esther, 365.


Readings, various, in the N. T., 560.

Religion, Personal, essential to Minis-
Individualism, Principle of, 519.

terial Success, 1.
Infant Baptism, Neander on, 211. Religious Institutions, support of, 155.
Infant Communion, 334- coeval with Robbins' Edition of the Memorabilia,
infant baptism, 212-shown from an 116.
tiquity, 339.


Scotland, Sketches of, 433.
Jenkyn on Atonement, 422.

Sentimentalism, Religious, 535.
1 John 5 : 7, Genuineness of, 24. Shanghai, 274.
Judson, Dr., Missionary Character of, Sibylline Oracles, 81-analysis of, 101–

Christian Books, 91-Heathen Ora.

cles, 87-number of Sibyls, 81-quo-

tations from, 98.
Literary Examinations in China, 285. Stewart, Dugald, 32).

Intelligence, 151, 313,630. Sufferings of Christ, 422.
Notices, 136, 297, 448, 623.


Temporal Benefits of Religious Institut-
Manhood of Christ, 475.

Manutius, his edition of John, 545. Terms of Admission to the early
McCheyne, Life and Remains of, 581. Churches, 208.
Methodism, 185.

Text of the New Testament, History of
Middle Kingdom, the, 270.

the, 515.
Millennium, approach of, argued, 249. Torwood Castle, Taking of, 446.

Translations of the Bible into the Lan-

guages of Britain, 234.
Ningpo, description of, 274.

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Notices of Books, 136, 297, 448, 623.


Various Readings of the Scriptures,

Payson's Works, 41.
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Quarterly List, 154, 319, 473, 631.

Xenophon's Memorabilia, 116.
Xerces, the Ahasuerus of Esther, 390.



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