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ty 126.

Divine Decrees, by Prof. E. Pond James Murdock, D. D., noticed

History and Plan of Education, by Moffatt, Robert, Missionary Labors
H.J. Smith, noticed 243.

and Scenes in Southern Africa
Humphrey, Old, Addresses, noticed 486.

Moral and Lilerary Influence of
Humphrey, Old, Thoughts for the Novels, by Prof. E. D. Sanborn
Thoughtful 490.


Mormonism in all Ages, review of,

by Prof. S. M. Siurievant 169. Its
Jephthah's Vow, Exposition of, by claims to notice 110. Popular er.

Rev. Xenophon Belis 143. In- rors now prevalent 111. Successful
port of this vow : Marginal read. attempt at religionis imposture and
ing the true one : Nature of sin- irieresting event 112." Nalure of
gular vows 144. Context favors the evidence on which the Scrip-
This reading 145. The fact of de- lures are to be received'as the word
volements to celibacy 147. Char- of God 113. The word testimony
acter of Jephthah favors this inter- ambiguous 114. Facts of Chris.
pretation : Providence of God in tianity rest not on mere human
ihe case also 148.

testimony 115. Apostles not on
Johnston's Sacred Seal, noticed 241. the same footing with pretenders
Jones, Charles C., Religious Instruc- 119. Dr. Paley makes a false issue

tion of Negroes of the United with the skepric 122. Religion of
Siales 481.

some consisis in a high glow of
Julia of Baia, noticed 246.

excitement 124. True philosophy

of present state of religious socie-
Leviticus, Notes on, noticed 241. Murdock, James, D. D., Sketches of
Life, Character and Works of John Modern Philosophy 483.

Wesley, by Prof. S. G. Brown 388.
Literary Intelligence 251.

Lost Sisler, noticed 242.

Negroes, Religious Instruction of,
Lucilla, noticed 247.

by C. C. Jones, noticed 481.

New Englander, noticed 493.

Noehden's German Grammar, by B.
Manhood, or Scenes of the past, by Sears, D. D., noticed 246.

Wm. Plumer. jr., noticed 483. Novels, Moral and Literary Influ-
Marlin, Rev.B. N., Examination of ence of, by Prof. E. D Sanborn

Prof. Tappan's review of Ed. 362. Romance 365. The drama :
wards on ihe Will 33.

Novel : Richardson's Pamela 366.
Mason, Ebenezer Porter, Life and Fielding, his works demoralizing

Writings of, reviewed by Rev. 367. Sinollet, vulgar and licen.
W. B. Sprague, D. D., 164. Too tious 368. Novels defended I, as
many trashy biographies: objec- works of art 370; 2, as inculcating
tions to the frequency of them virtue and preventing crime 372.
164. Mason's parentage and birih- Immoral tendency of Bulwer's
place 166. Residence at Nan. Novels 374 Dickens the popular
incket 167. School at Ellington favorite 375; a heartless free-
168. His college lise 169. Joins thinker 376. 3. As an agreeable
the expedition for exploring the way of ioculcating truih 377.
disputed territory between Maine More infidelity than troch 378.
and Canada 170. Departs for the 4. As valuable illustrations of Na-
Souih 171. Prospects for eternity tional manners 378. 5. As leach-
172. Intellectual character 173. ers of history 379. Not 10 be
Dangers of intellectual prodigies trusted 380.

6. As helps to the

acquisition of a good style 380.
Modern Philosophy, Skelches of, by Style not the object with novel
readers 381. 7. As affording history 255. Uncertainty of it
pleasure and increasing happiness 256. Character of the Early Ro-
383. 8. As a relief from severe mans 258. Good morals cultivated
employments 384. Those who 259. Conjugal fidelity 260. Ob-
need relaxation from severe study ligations of an oath 261. Source
seldom read novels 384. The of the Roman virtues 264. Notin
evils of novel reading affect prin- diffusion of knowledge 265. But
cipally the young 387.

in the institutions of Numa 266.

Absence of image worship in his

system 267. Views of the Deity
O'Sullivan, Mortimer, D. D., Apos. 272. Religious feeling an element

lasy predicted by Paul, noticed of Roman character 274. Belief

in a moral government of a super-

human power 278. Future re-

wards and punishments 281. The
Perkins, Rev. Justin, Residence of religion of the Romans embraced

eight years in Persia, 480. : assing the elements of religion.
Persia, Residence of eight years in,
by Rev. Justin Perkins, noticed


Sacred Seal, noticed 241.
Piclorial History of France 244. Salem Belle, noticed 246.
Plumer, William, jr., Maphood, or Sanborn, Prof. E. D., Moral and
Scenes from the Past 483.

Literary influence of Novels 362.
Pond, Prof. E., Historical sketch Skinner, "Rev. Thomas H., D. D.,
of the doctrine of Divine decrees

Christ preaching to the Spirits in

Preacher's Model, Christ the, by Rev. Smith, Rev. A. D., Christ the Preach-
Asa D. Smith 149. Christ's min. er's model 149.
istry in some respects peculiar Smith, Prof. A., Character and The-
149. His preaching a model in ology of the Early Romans 253.
its spirituality 150. Ils simplicity Smith's Education, noticed 243.
153. In language and thought Smith's Universalism examined, no-
154. Importance of this attribute ticed 248.
155. The directness of Christ's Spain, the Bible in, by George Bor-
preaching 156. Ils symmetry 158. row, noticed 487.
Its affectionateness 161.

Spear, Rev. S. T., Review of Dr.
Puseyism, by Rev. Robert Ferguson, Edwards's Dissertation on Liberty
noticed 250.

and Necessity 214.
Puseyism Examined, by J. H. Merle Spirits in Prison, Christ Preaching
D'Aubigné, D. D., noticed 489. to the, by Rev. T. H. Skinner,

D. D., 470. In the context Peter

fortifies Christians against suffer-
Reed, Andrew, D. D., Advancement ings 471. Meaning of“ quickened

of Religion the Claim of the by the Spirit,” 471. True reading,
Times, noticed 485.

in the Spirit: Five significations
Religion, Advancement of, the Claim of this phrase 472 Christ quick-
of the Times, noticed 485.

ened as to his great work, the
Review of Dr. Edwards's Disserta. true sense 473. Paraphrase 474.

tion concerning Liberty and Ne. Relation of Christ's ministry
cessity 214, 297.

among the antediluvians to the
Life and Writings of Ebenezer subject in hand 475. Connection
Porter Mason 164.

of thought, in the Apostle's mind,
Prof. Tappan's review of Edwards between his being quickened in
on the Will 33.

the spirit after death, and his
Romans Errly, character and Theol. preaching to the anlediluvians

ogy of the, by Prof. Albert Smith 476. The flood of Noah associ-
253. Credibility of their early ated in his mind with the flood of

[blocks in formation]

gion : The Holy Club 389. Wes.
ley's parents 391 Dangers and
prodigies of his early life : super-
natural disturbances 392. Char-
ter House Scbool, Oxford 393.
J. and C Wesley embark for
Georgia : Moravians in company:
Peter Bohler 395. Wesley's visit
to the Moravians, Zinzendorf398.
Field-preaching 400. Kingswood
401. Wesley's enthusiasın 402.
Spread of the new measures 404.
His mother's death 407. Causes
of the spread of Methodism 407.
The class of people 408. Nature
of the doctrines 409. Characier
of the preachers 410. Wesley's
wise plan 413. System of itiner-
ating 415. Wesley's wife 416.
Separation of Wesley and While-
field 417. Separation from the
Established Church 419. His
assiduous labors 420. Fletcher
421. Wesley's death and funeral
Works of President Edwards, no-

ticed 488.
Williams, Rev. W.R, D, D , Public
cations of the American Tract
Society 343.

Universalism Examined, Renounced,

elc., noticed 248.

Venn's Complete Duty of Man, no-

ticed 240.

Wesley, John, Life, Characler and

Works of, by Prof. S. G. Brown
388. Declension of spiritual reli-

In Vol. VIII. p. 405 note, for coa read con.

Rèces read Pieces.
" 410 line 7" booths read broths.
Vol. IX. " 232 1. 2 fr. boll, sentiment read statement.


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