Landslides and Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions: Proceedings of the International Conference on Landslides and Climate Change, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, UK, 21–24 May 2007

Robin McInnes, Jenny Jakeways, Helen Fairbank, Emma Mathie
CRC Press, 10.5.2007 - 514 sivua
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Understanding the relationship between landslides and climate change is crucially important in planning a proactive approach to hazard and risk management. Advances in geohazard modelling and prediction enable us to be better prepared for the impacts of climate change, but there is still a need for effective risk management and informed planning policy to improve the safety and sustainability of communities at risk. The increasing frequency of extreme weather events has highlighted our vulnerability to the impact of climate change, and has resulted in enormous human and economic loss. This book presents the Proceedings of the International Conference on ‘Landslides and Climate Change – Challenges and Solutions’, which was held in Ventnor, Isle of Wight, UK in May 2007. The volume considers the practical experiences of hazard management, risk governance and response to climate change, and will be of interest to engineers, planners, practitioners, regional and local authorities, academics and politicians.


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Session 2 Facing the challenge landslides and other natural hazards and climate change
Advances in hazard modelling and prediction short and longterm
Session 4 Experience of landslide hazard and risk management and better practices for the future
Session 5 Isle of Wight case studies
Session 6 Responding to climate change impacts at the coast
Session 7 Safer societies and sustainable communities
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