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Br Doc 650

Feb. 26, 1890. Harvard College Library

Sumner Fund.


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N.B.—THE Figures at the beginning of the line, correspond with the at the foot of each Paper; and the Figures at the end of the line, refer to the MS. Paging of the Volumes arranged for The House of Commons.


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Merchant Shipping, 1893 :
186. Tables showing the Progress of British Merchant Shipping in 1893,

Lighthouses, &c. (I.ocal Inspections):
16. Reports to the Board of Trade by the Trinity House of Deptford Strond, the

Commissioners of Northern Lighthouses, and the Commissioners of Irish Lights, of their Inspection of Local Lighthouses, Buoys, and Beacons (in continuation of No. 128, 1893).

63 Mercantile Marine (Colour Tests): Ta 7490.] Report by the Assistant Secretary of the Marine Department to the Secretary

of the Board of Trade upon the Colour Tests used in the examination of Candidates for Masters’and Mates' Certificates of Competency, and others in the British Mercantile Marine, with Appendix (in continuation of [o. 7080]), 1893-94.

77 Floating Derelicts : [a 7668.] Report of a Joint Committee of the Admiralty and the Board of Trade

appointed to consider and report on the Memorials which have been received, and the Correspondence which has taken place on the subject of Floating Derelicts, with Minutes of Evidence and Appendices.


Loss of Life at Sea : 82. Return of the Loss of Life at Sea for the Years 1891 and 1892 (in continuation of No. 342, 1892).


Merchant Seamen's Fund: 214. Account of the Receipt and Expenditure under the Seamen's Fund Windingup Act, from 1st January to 31st December 1893.

253 Merchant Shipping (Life-saving Appliances): 23. Rules made by the Board of Trade under “The Merchant Shipping (Lifesaving Appliances) Act, 1888.”


Merchant Shipping Act (1876) (Vessels Detained): [c. 7491.] Return of all Ships ordered by the Board of Trade, or its Officers, to be

Provisionally Detained as unsafe, from 1st July 1893 to 30th June 1894, giving the Names of the Owners of those Ships which have been dismantled, broken up, or converted in hulks, &c. (in continuation of [c. 7082]), 1893-94.

VOL LXXVI.-1894.

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