Parliamentary Papers, Nide 76

H.M. Stationery Office, 1894
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Sivu 14 - The number of persons for which buoyant apparatus is certified shall be the number, (i) ascertained by dividing the number of pounds of iron which it is capable of supporting in fresh water by 32...
Sivu 13 - ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENTS FOR BOATS OF SECTION (A) AND SECTION (B). — In order to be properly equipped, each boat of Sections (A) and (B) in addition to being provided with all the requisites laid down in Rule...
Sivu 11 - At least four approved life-buoys shall be carried. NOTE. — A discretion may be exercised by the Board of Trade to relieve steam launches, steamers plying in narrow waters, and ferry boats, from the operation of the whole or part of Rule (a.) of this Class. DIVISION (E).— CLASS 2.
Sivu 14 - The number of persons that any approved life-raft for use at sea shall be deemed to be capable of carrying shall be determined with reference to each separate pattern approved by the Board of Trade ; provided always, that for every person so carried there shall be at least...
Sivu 8 - Act. (a) Ships of Division (B), Class 1, shall carry boats in accordance with the table, and such boats shall be as far as practicable placed under davits, with proper appliances for getting them into the water. All boats not placed under davits are to be so carried that they can be readily got into the water.
Sivu 13 - With two plugs for each plug-hole attached with lanyards or chains, and one set and a half of thole pins or crutches attached to the boat by sound lanyards.
Sivu 15 - If, however, in any case this rule be found impracticable, a discretion may then be exercised by the Board of Trade. In cases where a small vessel is unable to carry more than, one boat, a discretion may be exercised by the Board of Trade ; but whenever one boat only is carried, there must be proper provision to enable it to be placed readily in the water on either side of the ship.
Sivu 116 - Subject to the provisions contained in the Fifth Part of this Act, it shall be lawful for every pilotage authority, by bye-law made with the consent of Her Majesty in Council, from time to time to do all or any of the following things within its districts ; (that is to say), 1. To determine the qualifications to be required from persons applying to be licensed as Pilots...
Sivu 12 - Rule (2), at least 1 cubic foot of strong and serviceable inclosed air-tight compartments, so constructed that water cannot find its way into them. In the case of metal boats an addition will have to be made to the cubic capacity of the air-tight .compartments, so as to give them buoyancy equal to that of the wooden boat. Section (B). — A boat of this section shall be a...

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