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Good for Evil, that all Men may know that! am Chril's Disciple. And finally, O Lord fince thou hast ordained the Day to labour in and the Night to take our Rest, as I prai thee for the Mercies of the Day, so I humb. beg the Continuance of thy gracious Protectic over me this Night. Let thy holy Ange pitch their Tents about my Bed, that being safely delivered from all Perils and Dange of this Night, and comfortably refreshed wi moderate Sleep, I may be enabled to dischar the Duties of my Calling, and faithfully persevere in Holiness and Pureness of Living all the Days of my Life, to thy Honour an Glory, through our only Mediator and AS vocate, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Our Father, &c.

When you lie down in your Bed. I I Will lay me down in Peace, and take a

Rest, for it is thou, Lord, only that make me to dwell in Safety; and into thy Hand I recommend my Spirit, my Soul and my Botky for thou haft redeemed me, O Lord, thou Gool of Truth.


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