Touch Typing in Ten Lessons: A Home-study Course with Complete Instructions in the Fundamentals of Touch Typewriting and Introducing the Basic Combinations Method

Penguin, 1.4.1989 - 79 sivua
Do you need to learn how to type in a hurry? Or do you just need a refresher course to practice with and tone up your skills? This is the shortest typing course that covers all of the fundamental skills of touch typing. This classic handbook, which has literally taught more than a million people the basies of typing, can teach you to type too. Touch Typing in 10 Lessons starts by teaching you the basic combinations for fingering the keyboard, and then helps you master the entire alphabet. Once you've learned the alphabet, the book jumps right into capitals, punctuation, and numbers. Learning the keyboard is just the beginning. The book will teach you how to set up professional business letters and tricks to help you get the most out of your typewriter (or word processor). There are dozens of drills that will help you develop the accuracy and speed you need in school and at the office. Finally, there are practice tests that will help you get over fears concerning typing tests and that will build up your speed on the keyboard. Book jacket.

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Basic Diagonal Combinations
Typing the Alphabet
Numerals Punctuation and Special Characters
Paragraph Practice and Alphabetic Sentences
Skill and Speed Development Part 2
Tricks of the Trade
Word Processors

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Tietoja kirjailijasta (1989)

Ruth Ben'ary is the author of Touch Typing in Ten Lessons: The Famous Ben'ary Method--The Shortest Complete Home-Study Course in the Fundamentals of Touch Typing.

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