Sixth Sense: Everyday Experiences and what They Reveal

Read How You Want, 2011 - 284 sivua
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Everyone has a sixth sense, but most of us don't use it.Learn all about this latent talent, along with great tips on how to develop your own sixth sense to help you make better decisions.Find out about out-of-body experience and deja-vu, and how to work with your premonitions. If you glimpse the future, does this mean you can change your destiny? Where does fate come into play? Why are animals often able to sense things the rest of us find hard to pick up? Discover why some places are haunted and others are not. What causes poltergeists and how can you move them on? Where do lost souls go? What are doppelgangers, and are they cause for concern? And why does spirit activity often takes place at night? These topics and more are covered in mesmerising detail.A remarkable collection of real life stories from everyday people and what they reveal about our sixth sense.

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Sue Bishop is a trainer and consultant. She is the author of several training sourcebooks.

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