The life of Edward lord Herbert of Cherbury, written by himself [ed. by H. Walpole]. With a prefatory memoir


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Sivu 279 - I had no sooner spoken these words, but a loud, though yet gentle noise came from the heavens, (for it was like nothing on earth,) which did so comfort and cheer me, that I took my petition as granted, and that I had the sign demanded, whereupon also I resolved to print my book.
Sivu 74 - A good rider on a good horse is as much above himself and others as the world can make him.
Sivu xlviii - scape his own account, it shall not yours. You are Death's auditors, that both divide And sum whate'er that life inspir'd endures, Past a beginning; and through you we bide The doom of fate, whose unrecall'd decree You date, bring, execute; making what's new, 111; and good, old; for as we die in you, You die in time, time in eternity.
Sivu li - If men get name for some one virtue ; then, What man art thou, that art so many men, All-virtuous Herbert ! on whose every part Truth might spend all her voice, Fame all her art ? Whether thy learning they would take, or wit, Or valour, or thy judgment seasoning it, Thy standing upright to thyself, thy ends Like straight, thy piety to God, and friends...
Sivu xlvii - For if no use of sense remain When bodies once this life forsake, Or they could no delight partake, Why should they ever rise again?
Sivu 273 - Spaniard did intend finally to bestow her on the imperial house, he conceived that he did only entertain the treaty with England, because he might avert the king my master from treating in any other place, and particularly in France; howbeit, by the intelligence I received 'in Paris, which I am confident was very good, I am assured the Spaniard meant really at that time, though how the match was broken, I list not here to relate, it being a more perplexed and secret business than I am willing to...
Sivu 56 - I conceive it is a fine study, and worthy a gentleman, to be a good botanic, that so he may know the nature of all herbs and plants...
Sivu 105 - ... means into little islands, upon which he built a great strong castle, joined together with bridges, and sumptuously furnished with hangings of silk and gold, rare pictures, and statues ; all which buildings...
Sivu 46 - ... of logic, which, as it is usually practised, enables them for little more than to be excellent wranglers, which art, though it may be tolerable in a mercenary lawyer, I can by no means commend in a sober and well-governed gentleman.
Sivu 279 - Veritate, in my hand, and, kneeling on my knees, devoutly said these words: — ' ' O thou eternal God, Author of the light which now shines upon me, and Giver of all inward illuminations, I do beseech Thee, of Thy infinite goodness, to pardon a greater request than a sinner ought to make ; I am not satisfied enough whether I shall publish this book, De Veritate; if it be for Thy glory, I beseech Thee give me some sign from heaven ; if not, I shall suppress it.

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