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which follows from the lamentable fact, that the degradation of female chastity is, beyond all proportion, greater in Italy than it is at home.

I shall detain the reader with only a remark or two on the unhappy class of females in India, to whom the Doctor alludes as being devoted to indiscriminate intercourse, but whose morals in other respects, he says, are strictly guarded, and whose minds are not susceptible of that degree of depravity which prevails in Europe. It is with much reluctance, and no small degree of diffidence, that I feel it necessary to differ from one wliose shining talents have contributed so eminently to the public good. However, as I have reason to presume

, that he never was in India, he must have had his information from a second, who probably had his from a third, and who most likely felt himself authorized to take advantage of the traveller's privilege. Be this as it may, I am well assured that the purity he speaks of as there existing, is no where to be found, and that the behaviour of prostitutes in that country is marked by all the depravity of mind, and corruptness of manners, that can tend to imbrute the feeling, and fill the inind of the observer with the most sickening disgust.

But allowing the Doctor's notion of the subject to be correct, and admitting all the force of his political maxim, “Qui non vetat peccare cum possit, jubet," still, I think, it would be extremely difficult, and at, tended with the utmost danger, to apply them to practice *. If the positive commands of God, and the aw

The above observations were written during the voyage to New South Wales, when the Author was ignorant of the heavy loss sustained by the public in the death of that highly talented Magistrate.

ful denunciations of his wrath, can be violated and disregarded in one case, what is there to ensure obedience and respect to them in any other ? In the 13th chapter 4th verse of the Hebrews it is declared, “whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.” If the Legislature can grant a license to commit this crime with impunity, and thus far neither judges nor condemns, why may it not also, as moral principle alone is concerned, give one for cominitting murder, or any other deadly sin ? In short, what would there be then to deter from trampling on the Decalogue, or the Bible itself, provided the countenance of Government, upon some view of mere policy, could be obtained in the shape and denomination of a license ?

Having thus expressed an entire and unqualified disapprobation of any measure that could be construed into a public sanction of brothels, and their wretched inmates, it may be expected that I should myself substitute some efficient proposition on the subject. I I should indeed consider such a task a duty, and feel pleasure in its performance, as far as my competency might extend, were I not fully satisfied that there are many, very many, in the country, whose zeal and abilities more eminently qualify them for a disquisition so important, while their political influence is such as to give them a hope, to me not in prospect, of successfully advocating the cause of innocence, virtue, religion, and social happiness.


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Page 21, line 7 from bottom, for banisheh read banished

67, line 12 from bottom, for the many read them any
71, line 12 from top, for ra. M. read a.m. Same line for weathe read

weather 114, line 9 from top, for human heart, read human beast 241, line 7, for SORRELL read SORELL 296, line 14 from bottom, for th mmonness read the commonness 843, line 1, for ha read had

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