Palladium Emissions in the Environment: Analytical Methods, Environmental Assessment and Health Effects

Fathi Zereini, Friedrich Alt
Springer Science & Business Media, 23.2.2006 - 640 sivua
In 2004 an amount of 187 tons of palladium has been sold in world market. The main demands were automotive catalyst (58%), electronics (14%), jewellery (14%) and dental practises (13%). Especially, the increasing use of palladium in catalytic converters is a reason for substantial research in this field. Emission, environmental distribution and possible health effects of pla- num have been summarized detailed in two recent books “Emissionen von Platinmetallen: Analytik, Umwelt- und Gesundheitsrelevanz” and “Anth- pogenic Platinum Group Emissions – Their Impact on Man and Envir- ment” published by Springer in 1999 and 2000 (Zereini & Alt (Eds)). But there is a clear lack of information concerning palladium. It is very imp- tant to condense the present state of research findings from emission to potential health risks for the environment and humans. Very important is the chapter about analytical determination of pal- dium, which shows clearly the problems of several analytical techniques. Some data published during the last decade have to be re-evaluated because of insufficient analytical techniques. Also the finding that palladium c- pounds are relatively soluble and mobile in environmental settings is a great issue for further investigations. I think it is the right time for such a comprehensive book about palladium research and I am sure that readers with different scientific background like chemists, biologists, geologists medical doctors e.g. will benefit very much from reading this book.

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Sources of Palladium Emissions
Analytical Methods for Determination
Occurrence Chemical Behaviour and Fate
Zereini F Alt F Messerschmidt J Wiseman
Bioavailability and Biomonitoring
Health Risk Potential of Palladium 549
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